Gadget Mindful Portable Administration Disclosure with Positioning.

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Cell phone Supported Attributes. Despite the fact that there are characterized cell phone capacities ... Test systems can be gadgets, PC projects, or frameworks that: ...
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Gadget Aware Mobile Service Discovery with Ranking Eyhab Al-Masri

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1 2 3 4 Architecture Click to add Title Click to add Title Click to include Title Contents

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Experimental Environment Server Database (registry) Simulators

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URL User Agent Header Info General Overview Server must have the capacity to handle asks for and sends reactions sessions 1. Recognize Requesting Device (Capabilities) i.e. Program, Markup Language, Image Capabilities 2. Find Mobile Page (.aspx) – use sessions 3. Perform seek handle and set up a fitting reaction message HTTP ask for reaction Server Internet Mobile Device

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Database Registry keeping in mind the end goal to mimic this revelation model, it is imperative to have a working database that contains at any rate: serviceName, serviceKey serviceDescription businessName Actual administration execution (i.e. WSDL)

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Database Registry We utilized to gather administrations 100 administrations were gathered Information was put away into a neighborhood database (*.mdb) Services were picked in light of usefulness

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Mobile Device Supported Attributes Although there are characterized cell phone capacities (i.e. CC/PP), administration suppliers have no chance to get of including prescribed gadget abilities (i.e. WSDL document, and so on… )

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Supported Device Attributes For every administration gathered (from or administrations table), create arbitrary gadget characteristics.

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Simulators can be gadgets, PC projects, or frameworks that: works or carries on like a given framework

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Mobile Device Profile/Capabilities keeping in mind the end goal to improve administration disclosure taking into account cell phone capacities, we require: Collect gadget abilities Process gadget abilities Perform administration coordinating Perform administration positioning

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Collect Device Capabilities Browser based: Collect data by means of program, Send gadget profile through HTTP ask for (client specialist) Native Create a customer application that handles accumulation of gadget profile disconnected

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Collect Device Capabilities Browser-Based Why? Less overhead, Can exploit server session articles to store gadget profile capacities (no space required on cell phone) Compatible through any program (HTML or WAP) No requirement for any customer applications to be introduced (less work and handling for customers)

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Collect Device Capabilities Store whole profile on server (utilizing session object) search,aspx positioned comes about Clients get to a page "detect.aspx" Identify gadget abilities

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Service Matching Look for administrations that match a given keyword(s) Prepare a rundown of administrations to be positioned

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Service Ranking Detect.aspx gathers gadget abilities and stores them in a session Search.aspx plays out a watchword coordinating for serviceName For each coordinating administration, recover administration abilities (from DB) Load gadget capacities from session For each coordinating administration, contrast recovered administration capacities and gadget capacities A scoring capacity is utilized to decide the "pertinence" of a coordinating administration

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Service Matching Example

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Demo Demonstration

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Microsoft Mobile Profile versus CC/PP Microsoft\'s rendition of CC/PP is Mobile Profile NumberOfSoftKeys Vendor Model Push-Accept (content + pictures) ScreenSizeChar (width+height) ScreenSize SupportsCSS URLRequestLength VoiceInputCapable ColorCapable Keyboard TextFormatBoldSupported NumberOfSoftkeys MobileDeviceManufacturer MobileDeviceModel PreferredRenderingMime PreferredImageMime ScreenCharactersWidth ScreenCharactersHeight ScreenPixelsHeight ScreenPixelsWidth SupportsCss MaximumHrefLength CanInitiateVoiceCall IsColor InputType SupportsBold

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Technologies JAVA ASP.NET VB.NET (Mobile Controls) IIS 6.0 Regular or WAP Browser

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1 2 3 It is crucial to incorporate gadget capacities into the administration coordinating procedure A positioning instrument can fundamentally enhance indexed lists and yield wanted or perfect administrations inside top results Device abilities can assume real part in improving administration revelation Conclusion

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