Garret Ray my leisure activities.

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Whoever beats the loyalists! Ice Hockey. Most loved groups. San Jose Sharks ... A couple super great groups. Alesana. The Beatles. Coheed and Cambria ...
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Garret Ray my pastimes GGR3

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My most loved games Football Favorite groups San Fransisco 49ers Indianapolis foal Whoever beats the loyalists! Ice Hockey Favorite groups San Jose Sharks Phoenix Coyotes New York Rangers

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Video Games Favorite amusements X-box 360 Call of obligation Play station versatile Monster seeker GameCube Super crush brothers skirmish NHL 2005 Nintendo 64 Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Star fox 64 Super N intendo Super Mario RPG NHL 1996

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Movies Some of my most loved films incorporate Lord of The Rings Star Wars Walk the line Starsky and Hutch Tommy Boy Grandma\'s Boy Super Troopers

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Hanging with companions Playing hacky sack Playing computer games Playing tricks Cribbage and card recreations PARTY!!

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Music A couple super great groups Alesana The Beatles Coheed and Cambria R.E.M Brand New From Autumn to Ashes The Devil Wears Prada Dream Theater

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