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Motion pictures/Popcorn machine. Sudoku astounds. Games and activity programs ... Excellent Movie Club. Next Steps. More parent engagement: Family Room (Parents, relatives...
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Gaspe – Perce Community Learning Center Mission Statement "The Community Learning Center advances the prosperity of the English talking group of Gaspe-Perce through an attention on long lasting learning and comprehensive joint effort of all phonetic and social accomplices"

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Proposed Message Statement "We trust that to augment understudy achievement, additional curricular exercises are the most astounding inspiration – it\'s what they recall most about their school days" Schools Partners CLC Community

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Objectives Student achievement Social prosperity Cultural improvement Community restoration

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Structure Executive Committee This center gathering, which comprises of, the English talking schools in our general vicinity, and our key group accomplice, Vision Gaspe Polyvalent Gaspe Elementary Belle Anse Elementary  Wakeham Adult Education CEGEP (English area) Vision Gaspe-Perce Now

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Structure Partnership Table This gathering comprises of accomplices from inside the group covering: Health and social administrations Cultural advancement Business and monetary establishments Community advancement Education (center gathering)

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Meeting the Needs Gaspe Poly Homework program… 20 – 30% of understudies utilizing this administration at the poly After-school mentoring Breakfast/nibble programs Movies/Popcorn machine Sudoku perplexes Sports and practice programs

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Meeting the Needs Arts & society Memberships and consistent visits to the Gaspe historical center A radical new world - utilization of video gathering system Guitar lessons for group administration Dance classes French second-dialect: Adults (conversational)

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Meeting the Needs Elementary schools (Gaspe & Belle Anse) Partners on the Executive Committee Duck settling boxes Readers theater Health week, diabetes information, pedometers Grade 6 introduction Sex instruction? Video gathering system WEBA

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Meeting the Needs Wakeham Adult Education Partner on the Executive Committee Family proficiency day, library accessibility Tours for understudies Proposed enrolling through VCN Student volunteers in the library

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Meeting the necessities CEGEP (English area) Gaspe Partner on the Executive Committee Student volunteers in the library Industrial upkeep - VCN Proposed selecting through VCN Discussing tasks to help secondary school/rudimentary understudies with Math and Science

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Community School: Model Wednesday School open from 8am – 9pm VCN room an important asset for Teachers understudies and the group. An assortment of exercises (gatherings, webpage visits, Tele-Health, practice and meeting room, motion pictures… ) French second-dialect course Dance class DAMIT program Homework and mentoring Guitar lessons Volunteering Extended library hours Classic Movie Club

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Next Steps More parent engagement: Family Room (Parents, relatives… ) Community administration Activities and courses Youth Center Website – Newsletter – Community timetable Sustainability Note: QAHP

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