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GEF IN TAJIKISTAN . Dr. Neimatullo SAFAROV CBD and CPB National Focal Point Republic of Tajikistan . GEF Focal Point . In February 2008 the Committee on Environmental Protection under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan was built up.
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GEF IN TAJIKISTAN Dr. Neimatullo SAFAROV CBD and CPB National Focal Point Republic of Tajikistan

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GEF Focal Point In February 2008 the Committee on Environmental Protection under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan was built up. Executive of the Committee, His Excellency Mr.Zikirov, is the GEF Political and Operational Focal Point. The contact individual in charge of the contact with the GEF is Dr. Safarov. Republic of Tajikistan , 734025, Dushanbe , 47 Shevchenko str., Tel .: +(992 37) 2215351, Fax : +(992 37) 2218978, E-mail :

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The accompanying powers were built up for more productive work with GEF : Ad Hoc Group on thought and accommodation of activities to the GEF Focal Point, National Biodiversity and Biosafety Center, National Center on the Implementation of the National Environmental Action Plan And others .

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The nearby association was set up with : United Nations Development Program (UNDP) World Bank (WB) United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) World wide Fund for Nature (WWF)

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23 GEF ventures has been executed or is as of now being actualized in Tajikistan : Biodiversity – 6 ventures Climate change – 3 ventures Land corruption – 6 ventures Ozone exhaustion layer – 3 ventures International waters – 1 venture Persistent natural toxins - 1 venture Multi-centered – 3 ventures GEF Projects in Tajikistan

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Activities executed with GEF money bolster Analysis and evaluation of the condition of the earth Legislation change Several ecological directions created and received by the Government. Multidimensional explores actualized to acquire upgraded data Technical assets Personnel Training Transport and specialized offices obtained. Office gear secured. Distinctive trainings and study visits were directed for the ranger service and agribusiness staff to upgrade capability and experience sharing. Data Database Enhancement of state budgetary distributions Data base made for wide scale use. Sites made. Expanded designations for exploration works, productions and instruction programs. Group association

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next Achievements picked up over the span of group inclusion and undertakings execution financed by GEF Improvement of political, authoritative and control administration ; Poverty mitigation and change of group occupations; Development and extension of national secured zones system ;

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Achievements picked up throughout group contribution and tasks usage subsidized by GEF Land corruption aversion and reasonable biological systems administration ; Reducing ecological weight and protection of delicate mountain biological communities and arable terrains ; Strengthening of neighborhood limit for preservation and utilization of normal assets ;

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Achievements picked up over the span of group contribution and ventures usage supported by GEF Public mindfulness raising regarding biodiversity preservation; Involvement of nearby groups and NGOs in basic leadership and natural exercises.

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The accompanying ecological projects and vital archives were produced: National Environmental Action Plan, Tajikistan National Reports on Biodiversity and Climate Change . National Environmental Hygiene Action Plan ;

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The accompanying natural projects and vital reports were created: National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan ; National Climate Change Mitigation Action Plan ; National Program to Combat Desertification ; National Program and Action Plan on Ozone-Depletion Substances Mitigation ;

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March 7-8 , 2007 , Istanbul, Turkey Sub-territorial workshop for Europe and Central Asia Focal Points Integration of GEF arrangement into NBSAP; Development of national GEF methodologies and distinguishing proof of needs; Knowledge and asset administration for experience trade and replication; Regional participation on worldwide ecological issues. Results Enhancement of information and experience exchange framework through correspondence; Development of projects inside actualized ventures concentrated on further utilization of data got while basic leadership on worldwide ecological issues.

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June 6-7 , 2007 , Berne, Switzerland GEF Council Meeting Analysis of past involvement with GEF ventures and prospects for redesigned upgraded strategies; Improvement of observing procedure in view of the yields achieved; National and provincial coordination. Results Preliminary dialogs on the issue of making of best checking framework through more extensive utilization of key GEF rules and standards.

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June 21 , 2007 , Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan IUCN Meeting Political and institutional base reinforcing for local participation; Widespread association of common society; Mobilization of assets and REAP usage. Results Development of controls for provincial collaboration fortifying; Preparation of introductory recommendations on REAP improvement

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29-30 October, 2007, Berne, Switzerland . GEF Constituency Meeting GEF Project cycle and redesigned topical regions procedures Country involvement in the GEF venture usage and the little allows program. Coordinated effort with the GEF organizations and need concerns Outcomes Discussion of nations needs identified with the GEF financing Discussion of motivation for next meeting and the arranged visit of Ms. Monique Barbut to Central Asia and Azerbaijan.

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National need ecological issues Mountain environments and biodiversity protection Biodiversity adjustment to environmental change Land Degradation Biosafety administrative administration Watercourses contamination Air contamination Greenhouse gas outflows and air contamination Waste administration, including modern and dangerous waste

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National Projects submitted to GEF Secretariat Tajikistan Agrobiodiversity and Adaptation Project; Support the Implementation of the National Biosafety Framework of the Republic of Tajikistan; Promotion of Community Forestry in Rural Areas; Promotion of the Energy Efficiency in Rural Areas of Tajikistan; Development of the District Heating in the City of Dushanbe.

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