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US Health Care Costs: $2 Trillion Dollars. . Human services Costs in 10 Years: $4 Trillion Dollars. 4. Helping so as to have a System that Lowers Costs People Healthy:. Extremely valuable. General Health. *Source: \"Burdened by medicinal services costs. US Businesses look for a shift.\" The Christian Science Monitor. February 13, 2007.
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General HEALTH FUNDING IN WISCONSIN PUBLIC HEALTH COUNCIL Dr. Sheri Johnson, State Health Officer Wisconsin Division of Public Health April 13, 2007

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US Health Care Costs: $2 Trillion Dollars

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Health Care Costs in 10 Years: $4 Trillion Dollars

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Having a System that Lowers Costs by Helping People be Healthy: Public Health PRICELESS

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*Source: "Burdened by social insurance costs. US Businesses look for a shift." The Christian Science Monitor. February 13, 2007

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Statewide LPHD Expenditures by Source of Funds *Source: 2004 Statewide Local Public Health Survey. Led by Division of Public Health.

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2005-07 Wisconsin Total Budget by State Agency (Total Budget = $26 billion)

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2005-07 DHFS Budget by Expenditure Type (Total Budget = $6.07 billion)

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2005-07 DHFS Total Budget by Division (Total Budget = $6.07 billion) ,

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Division of Public Health SFY 06 by Funding Source (Total Budget = $157 Million)

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Division of Public Health Allocation of GPR Funds

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Division of Public Health Allocation of Federal Funds

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Division of Public Health Allocation of Program Revenue & Other Funds

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Division of Public Health GPR Funding Trends $ 5.3 $ 4.6 $ 4.8* $5.3** $ 4.3 49.45 FTE 41.58 FTE 46.03 FTE 45.03 FTE 34.41 FTE *Bureau of Health Information and Policy added to DPH **Additional $554,400 GPR for Statewide Trauma System - all $ contracted to Partners

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Examples of Federal Grant Funding

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Public Health Preparedness Grant financing

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Public Health Preparedness Funding 2002-07

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Division of Public Health Grant Funding 107 Grants 101 Grants 86 Grants 86 Grants 69 Grants

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Public Health Return on Investment

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Obesity Epidemic in WI 22% Adults eating no less than 5 servings of natural products & vegetables every day 55% Adults meeting least action level  61% overweight or hefty *Source: Behaviorial Risk Factor Surveillance Survey, 2005. Habitats for Disease Control and Prevention

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Cost of Treating Obesity National cost = $77 billion every year Wisconsin\'s share = $1.4 billion every year *Source: "An Ounce of Prevention: What Can Policymakers Do About the Obesity Epidemic?" Wisconsin Public Health & Health Policy Institute. 2003

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Tobacco Use & Secondhand Smoke Every year in WI, more than 8,000 tobacco-related passings $2.16 billion in direct human services costs Significant lost profitability *Source: "2006 Burden of Tobacco Report." American Cancer Society

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Public Health is the Answer Programs and approaches to avoid and lessen the quantity of individuals who smoke cigarettes and utilize tobacco are the best approach to wipe out this weight. *Source: "2006 Burden of Tobacco Report." American Cancer Society

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Challenges Public Health Spending: WI low per capita: $79/person* Health Care Costs: USA high per capita: $7,498/person** *Source: "America\'s Health Rankings 2006." United Health Foundation **Source: Journal of Health Affairs. Distributed online 2/21/07

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Good News WI 10 th Healthiest State in Nation - 2006 Improvement from 13 th - 2005 *Source: "America\'s Health Rankings 2006." United Health Foundation

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Governor\'s Proposed 2007-09 Budget Highlights

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BadgerCarePlus (BC+) Provides access to moderate medicinal services for all kids notwithstanding all kids, extends qualification to other new populaces: Youth (matured 18 through 20) maturing out of child care Pregnant ladies from 185-300% government destitution level (FPL) Caretaker relatives up to 200% FPL Parents with kids in child care up to 200% FPL Farmers and other independently employed people up to 200% FPL, dependent upon devaluation counts

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BadgerCarePlus (proceeded with) Streamlines qualification Promotes avoidance and sound conduct Establishes benchmark get ready for lion\'s share of development populaces Budget nonpartisan: supported through more prominent utilization of oversaw care, authoritative reserve funds, and another co-pay and premium structure Requires elected endorsement Target usage date: Jan. 2008

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Public Health Smoking Prevention and Cessation: Increase tobacco impose by $1.25/pack Additional $20 million/year financing + current $10 million base = $30 million/year To expand smoking anticipation and discontinuance endeavors

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Public Health (proceeded with) MA Family Planning Waiver for Males Vital Records Automation Federally commanded Vital Record Fees are expanded: expense income used to store computerization, expanded kid mishandle and AODA aversion administrations, expanded household manhandle benefits, and give add\'l subsidizing to regions AIDS/HIV Program: Fully finances anticipated caseload in Drug Assistance Program Enroll qualified people from AIDS Drug Assistance Program to HIRSP, utilize reserve funds created to build financing to life mind administrations

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