Genocide and Lessons Learned:.

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Genocide. the intentional and deliberate devastation of a racial, political, or social groupExamples: Holocaust, Rwanda, Armenians, Bosnia, Sudan. . Death camp for Bosnian Muslims and Croats. Focuses for dialog. Unjustifiable to really think about genocides-encounters are differentPurpose of this presentation-take a gander at consistent themes among genocidal activities to forestall in the futuresee what, if a
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Genocide & Lessons Learned: The Holocaust and Rwanda

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Genocide the conscious and precise annihilation of a racial, political, or social gathering Examples: Holocaust, Rwanda, Armenians, Bosnia, Sudan Concentration Camp for Bosnian Muslims and Croats

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Points for dialog Unfair to really analyze genocides-encounters are distinctive Purpose of this presentation-take a gander at repeating themes among genocidal activities to anticipate later on see what, on the off chance that anything the world has gained from the Holocaust find out about the outrages that happened in Rwanda

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Nov. 1938-May 1945 April-July 1994 Comparing Rwanda and the Jewish Holocaust-YEARS

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Analyzing the years… What improvement do you find in the time that these genocides happened? What similitudes did you find in the photographs? What contrasts did you find in the photographs?

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Jews-men, ladies, kids, rehearsing and non-honing Jews (2% of European pop.) Tutsis-Rwandan tribe, men, ladies, kids (9% of pop.) Comparing Rwanda and the Jewish Holocaust-POPULATION

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Victim bunches… What likenesses did you find in the photographs? What do the two casualty bunches have in like manner? Any contrasts between the two casualty bunches?

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Antisemitism-existed for a long time. Jews were built up experts in Germany. Seen as religious and ethnic gathering (racial gathering by Nazis). Rwanda-Ethnic clash not new. For quite a long time, Tutsis had for the most part been the favored and governing class (forced by dominion) while Hutus were typically the common laborers. Looking at Rwanda and the Jewish Holocaust-HATRED

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Persecution… What about these casualty bunches brought on indignation inside their culprits? How did the scorn of Jews and Tutsis contrast?

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Nazi warriors, officers, regular people Shooting squads, gassing/crematoria Hutu villagers-neighbors, companions Firearms, blades, and an assortment of patio nursery actualizes Comparing Rwanda and the Jewish Holocaust-METHODS USED

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Methods… In both cases, the decision bunch/fanatics required the assistance of who to complete their genocide? What contrasts existed in the way these genocides were done?

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Approximately 6 million Jews, 11 million aggregate Approximately 800,000 Tutsis in 100 days Comparing Rwanda and the Jewish Holocaust-NUMBERS PERISHED

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Numbers… Remember, behind every number you read is a genuine individual with a genuine family and genuine trusts and dreams Mass graves utilized as a part of both cases How were the Nazis and Hutu radicals ready to complete these genocides so rapidly?

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Deportation Camps-Refugees

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Afterwards… What anticipated survivors after freedom or after they fled the nation? What condition were the camps in? What alternatives did survivors have for resettlement?

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President Bush: "It\'s the ideal opportunity for the U.S. to apologize and remember all previous genetic counseling casualties to convey a feeling of conclusion to this issue". President Clinton: "We come here today mostly in acknowledgment of the way that we in the United States and the world group did not do as much as we could have and ought to have done to attempt to point of confinement what occurred" in Rwanda. Looking at Rwanda and the Jewish Holocaust-U.S. Expressions of remorse

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Apologies… Are these statements of regret enough for the American inability to follow up in the interest of these casualties? Is there anything that the U.S. could say or do to make it right?

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