Georgia Execution Guidelines: A pioneer among incorporated arithmetic educational module adjusted to NCTM Models.

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(c) 2007 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.. 2. Why did Georgia require new standards?Who composed the new measures? How were they developed?How do the new measures vary from the QCC\'s?What is a task?How would I be able to discover more about GPS?. Review. (c) 2007 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.. 3.
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Georgia Performance Standards: A pioneer among coordinated arithmetic educational program adjusted to NCTM Standards Presented by: Laine Bradshaw Ph.D. understudy in the REMS program at UGA

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Overview Why did Georgia require new norms? Who composed the new gauges? How were they created? How do the new norms vary from the QCC\'s? What is an errand? In what manner would I be able to discover more about GPS? (c) 2007 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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Attitudes at the State Level As an educator, Superintendent Kathy Cox comprehends the endeavors of the new educational modules. Astounding authority from the Math Program Manager, Claire Pierce and Math Specialist, Janet Davis. Dedicated, hopeful, understudy and instructor centered. Claire Pierce (c) 2007 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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Georgia\'s Student Achievement in Math Percent Passing CRCT (5 th & 8 th ) or E-GHSGT (11 th ) (c) 2007 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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Georgia\'s Student Achievement in Mathematics (c) 2007 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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TOP 5 SCORES Finland: 544 South Korea: 542 Netherlands: 538 Japan: 534 Canada: 533 INTERNATIONAL AVERAGE: 500 UNITED STATES Average Score: 483 24 th out of 30 nations Well underneath International Average International Student Achievement in Mathematics Program for International Student Assessment (Mathematics) (c) 2007 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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Who composed the Standards? State and national pioneers in math instruction, instructors, advanced education staff. UGA Panel and Committee Members : Expert Advisory Panel: Dr. Kilpatrick High School Advisory Committee: Dr. Franklin, Dr. Findell, Dr. Kilpatrick K-12 Advisory Committee: Dr. Findell, Dr. Franklin, Dr. Kilpatrick, Dr. Mewborn (c) 2007 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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Georgia Performance Standards CONTENT: Numbers and Operations Measurement Geometry Data Analysis & Probability Algebra PROCESS: Connections Multiple Representations Communication Problem Solving Reasoning and Proof (c) 2007 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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Frameworks Include: Curriculum Maps – separated into units Concept Maps Unit data – Overview, Enduring Understandings, Essential Questions, Key Standards tended to, Related Standards, Concepts/Skills to keep up, Selected Terms and Symbols, Evidence of Learning, Strategies for instructing and learning, TASKS. Conceivable understudy arrangements with analysis. Guardian letters (c) 2007 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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What does a "task" resemble? (c) 2007 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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Characteristics of GPS Adopted qualities from Japanese educational modules : Fewer themes at every evaluation level . More thoroughness and profundity. Coordinated educational programs. Clear, engaged way to school science (c) 2007 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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Characteristics of GPS Balance between ideas, aptitudes, and critical thinking accentuating comprehension and importance. Four R\'s: Rigor Relevance Relationships Reasoning A stepping stool, not a winding. (c) 2007 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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A Ladder, Not a Spiral Another Climbing the Ladder Example: seventh – Define and work with total quality 8 th – Solve total worth conditions and imbalances Mathematics 1 – Examine the total quality capacity Mathematics 2 – Explore the total worth as a piecewise capacity (c) 2007 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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What does a measures based classroom resemble? (c) 2007 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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More and Less In a Standards-based Classroom MORE experiential, inductive, hands-on adapting MORE dynamic learning with all the chaperon clamor of understudies doing, talking, and teaming up MORE top to bottom investigation of a littler number of subjects MORE duty exchanged to understudies for their objective setting, record-continuing, observing, assessment, and scholarly work (c) 2007 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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Less More and In a Standards-based Classroom LESS entire class educator coordinated guideline LESS understudy latency, sitting, tuning in, and accepting LESS accentuation by instructors to cover vast measures of material LESS repetition remembrance of actualities and points of interest LESS concentrate on rivalry and grades (c) 2007 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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High School Course Chart (c) 2007 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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GPS Mathematics Rollout (c) 2007 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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Resources for you! Not everybody will be an exploration mathematician, but rather everybody should be an ingenious mathematician. Jere Confrey 1. K-12 Mathematics Curriculum Instructional Frameworks (Concept maps, undertakings, guardian letters, understudy work, discourse, and so on.) Training Materials Videos and Webcasts of Standards-based Classroom GPS Mathematics Toolkit 2. Books utilized as a part of preparing. 3. UGA educators who have had necessary impact of creating and actualizing the educational programs. (c) 2007 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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