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Development of the New German Cinema. 1965 Kuratorium Junger Deutscher Film. Youthful German ... less useful for New German Cinema (rewards past achievement) ...
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GERM 3560 New German Cinema

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Situation after the war Germany left totally destroyed Allied control of generation: West decartelisation (separate of UFA) East Centralisation - DEFA

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Trümmerfilme Influence of Italian Neorealism contemplative self investigation

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1950s Host of little creation organizations authorized: pursuing the same cash Hollywood reruns: by 1951 200 American movies every year No Stunde Null in German filmmaking: 40% of executives dynamic amid NS

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1950s Two Major Production Strands Heimatfilme Pornography

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Emergence of the New German Cinema 1961-"demise" of German silver screen no Federal film prize honored 1962 Oberhausen Manifesto Key issue German film must be supported. Must be about style not business achievement.

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Emergence of the New German Cinema 1965 Kuratorium Junger Deutscher Film Young German Film Alexander Kluge/Werner Herzog/Edgar Reitz Low spending plan Importance of Film Schools

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Emergence of the New German Cinema \'Opa-kino\' strikes back New film emergency 1971 Filmverlag der Autoren in set up Using Television and other open subsidizing Alexander Kluge/Wim Wenders/Edgar Reitz and Rainer Werner Fassbinder

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Effects of financing framework No compelling reason to raise capital on the open market More creative flexibility, yet likewise reliance on impulses of governments and prize juries Low generation values: capital can\'t be recovered in the cinema world

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Effects of subsidizing framework Changes to Filmförderunganstalt : less useful for New German Cinema (rewards past accomplishment) Since 1983: more business State prizes and territorial first-film sponsorships

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Autorenkino Filmmakers as "creators" "Sensibilist" silver screen Romanticism: national, silly, mystical Government strategy: filmmaking as Kultur ( Kultur and national character) Influence of movie producers in political and social civil arguments

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Television Alternative circulation system TV creation made necessary to different film appropriations charges Public administration capacity of TV: shape and substance of politcally-connected with movies Smaller preparations Team-working: ladies chiefs Less dependence on embellishments Cross-over amongst TV and filmmaking Later embraced in different nations (C4)

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Some Themes The impacts of the Nazi period on after war German culture The Student Movement and the legacy of 1968

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Some Themes Relationship to American society Wim Wender " s Kings of the Road " The Yanks have colonized our intuitive " .

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Esthetics \'Cutting edge\'? \'Hollywood Conventions\'?

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Reception Failure at Home/achievement abroad Who were the movies made for? Status of the producer? Relationship to the state? Relationship to TV? What kind of movies were these?

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