Getting Associated with NGS while Out and about….

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Getting Associated with NGS while Out and about… Donna V. Shaw, NGS Meeting "Out of the workplace… "
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Getting Connected to NGS while on the Road… Donna V. Shaw, NGS Convocation

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“Out of the office…” Because there are numerous clients who must work offsite (State Advisors, Teleworkers, Contractors, Employees who are on travel), it’s important to make numerous system administrations accessible from remote areas. Access to these administrations may be marginally more mind boggling, in light of security contemplations, however the clients will find that they have a significant part of the usefulness that they would have in the workplace.

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Available Remote Services Email Internet NGS Intranet (with a substantial record) Access to documents on Internal Servers, behind the NOAA TCN firewall (through ftp, telnet, and so on.)

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NOAA Dial-up Account With a NOAA Dialup account, likewise called a RAS (Remote Access Server) account, clients may get to their NOAA email or the Internet for nothing from any PC that has a modem and access to a phone line.

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NOAA Dial-up Account (proceeded) To ask for a record, and the 1-800 or neighborhood (301) telephone number, contact the NGS Help Desk. Your NOAA Dial-up login data (username and secret word) are the same as those you use to get to your NOAA email.

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NOAA Dial-up Account (proceeded) From Windows 2000 and XP machines-You can arrange the dialup session by right-tapping on the Desktop “My Network Places” symbol. At that point look down to and select “Properties”, and pick “Make (Create) New Connection”.

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What is a VPN? A V irtual P rivate N etwork is a framework which utilizes encryption and other security elements to permit private information interchanges over an open system, (for example, the Internet). This framework is included equipment and programming, that make a “tunnel” between approved, validated hosts and clients. When this “tunnel” is set up, all information that is sent crosswise over is shielded from different clients of people in general system framework.

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Why is the VPN fundamental? Most frameworks on NOAA’s system are currently situated behind a “firewall”. Host frameworks behind this security equipment have private addresses that can\'t be reached by outside web frameworks. NOAA alludes to this as the TCN (Trusted Campus Network)

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Systems You May Access by means of the VPN: UNIX Servers Windows Servers ngs-s-daedalus ngs-s-rsdlic future: (for NGS representatives) your home index on ngs-s-brunswick

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What You Need to Get Started Internet Access VPN Instructions VPN Software Account & Configuration Information

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Internet Access Methods NOAA Dial-up Account Your ISP (Internet Service Provider) dialup, DSL, link modem, remote/satellite Wireless “Hot Spots” Free Internet offered by most Hotels, Universities, and Government structures

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Wireless Internet You can perform an Internet pursuit to find puts that offer remote Internet availability.

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VPN Requirements for the Cisco VPN customer adaptation 4.6 The Cisco VPN Client underpins Windows 98, ME, NT 4.0, 2000, and XP; Linux (Intel); Solaris (UltraSparc 32-and 64-bit); and Mac OS X 10.2, 10.3, and 10.4. Windows PC Requirements: A solitary, Pentiumâ®-class processor. •   One of the accompanying working frameworks: –   Microsoft®Windows® 98, or Windows 98 (second version) –   Windows ME –   Windows NT 4.0 (with Service Pack 6, or higher) –   Windows 2000 –   Windows XP •   Microsoft TCP/IP introduced. (Affirm by means of Start > Settings > Control Panel > Network > Protocols or Configuration.) •  â 50 MB hard plate space. •   RAM: –  â 32 MB for Windows 98 –  â 64 MB for Windows NT and Windows ME –  â 64 MB for Windows 2000 (128 MB prescribed) –  â 128 MB for Windows XP (256 MB suggested)

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VPN Instructions

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“How do I get the VPN software?” Via email Have a CD sent by Fedex to your area NGS Help Desk can introduce it for you Onsite, from the system server

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Installing and Configuring the Cisco VPN Client

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Installing and Configuring the Cisco VPN Client

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“What am I ready to do then?” You will have the capacity to get to NGS servers correspondingly to the way you would in the event that you were nearby by IP address or hostname. Charge brief, telnet customer (Putty, and so forth.)

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NGS Wide Area Network .:tslidesep

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