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Getting Hip to Hep. What you need to know about hepatitis A, B and C. What is Hepatitis?. Hepatitis means inflammation of the liver – In Latin, “Hepa” means liver, “itis” means inflammation, just like Tonsilitis- inflammation of the TONSILS Appendicitis – inflammation of the APPENDIX
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Getting Hip to Hep What you have to think about hepatitis A, B and C

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What is Hepatitis? Hepatitis implies irritation of the liver – In Latin, "Hepa" implies liver, "itis" implies aggravation, much the same as Tonsilitis-irritation of the TONSILS Appendicitis – irritation of the APPENDIX Most basic sorts of hepatitis will be: Hepatitis A Virus (HAV) Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) Hepatitis C Virus (HCV)

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How would I know whether I have it? You could possibly have signs and side effects All popular hepatitis conditions can be analyzed utilizing a basic blood test

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Symptoms You may have: Tiredness Loss of hunger Fever Stomach-hurt Diarrhea Dark pee Light-shaded stools Jaundice (yellow skin and eyes) Not everybody has side effects.

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Few Hepatitis Definitions Acute hepatitis: recently contaminated Chronic (deep rooted) hepatitis: dependable disease

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Facts About Your Liver Largest inner organ Located on the right hand side under the rib confine 3 lbs Size of a football Has more than 500 fundamental capacities You can\'t live without your liver

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What does the liver do? It resembles a vacuum It wipes out toxic substances from your body It resembles a distribution center It stores vitamins and minerals It resembles a weight lifter It delivers only the perfect measure of amino acids to fabricate solid and sound muscles It resembles a corner store It keeps the body powered up with the simply the appropriate measure of glucose (sugar)

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What else does the liver do? It resembles a manufacturing plant It creates a vital digestive fluid called bile It resembles a Band-Aid It makes calculates that cause your blood to cluster when you drain It resembles a meter It directs hormones

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True or False If you expel a bit of your liver, it can become back? Genuine

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Liver Damage The liver can be harmed by hepatitis infections drugs, even over-the-counter solutions microscopic organisms parasites poisons like liquor Toxins can slaughter liver cells – the more poisons you take in, the more you harm your liver

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Healthy Liver versus Wiped out Liver This is a sound liver This is a wiped out, scarred liver (cirrhosis)

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Hepatitis A Virus Discovered in the 1940\'s Hepatitis An infection (HAV) is found in the stool (crap) HAV is spread by the fecal–oral course

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How is Hepatitis A Spread ? Individual to individual contact living with somebody who has hepatitis A having sexual contact with somebody who has hepatitis An in kid mind focuses (particularly focuses that have kids in diapers) where a kid or a worker has hepatitis An Eating sustenance sullied with hepatitis An infection Eating organic products, vegetables, or other nourishment that have gotten to be debased amid taking care of Eating crude shellfish collected from sewage-polluted water Drinking tainted water or gulping defiled ice

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Ways to Prevent HAV Infection Hepatitis A Vaccine Usually given as two shots sheltered and successful security will most likely keep going for no less than 20 years Can be given in blend with hepatitis B - TWINRIX

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Other Ways to Prevent HAV Infection Wash your hands Wear gloves in the event that you need to clean surfaces debased with stool (e.g., diaper evolving tables)

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Treatment There is no particular drug or pill for hepatitis A. Once completely recouped: You can\'t get hepatitis An again You are did not taint anymore and can\'t give the contamination to others

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Hepatitis B Virus First perceived in 1960s HBV is found in: the blood and body liquids (e.g., semen, vaginal liquids) of a tainted individual

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Hepatitis B Virus – Show me the numbers 100 times more irresistible than HIV About 5% of Americans have been contaminated About 1.25 million individuals living in the United States have constant (long lasting) HBV disease. Around 15%-25% of people with interminable HBV contamination may kick the bucket from either cirrhosis or liver disease. Roughly 90% of infants conceived with HBV will have it for a lifetime.

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How would it be able to spread? Sexual contact with a tainted individual without utilizing a condom Injection tranquilize utilize Sharing needles, syringes or "works" (e.g., water, cookers, cotton, spoons) when "shooting" drugs Tattoos and body puncturing Tattoo or body penetrating finished with instruments that may have another person\'s blood on them From a contaminated mother to her youngster during childbirth Sharing individual care things ,, for example, toothbrushes or razors with a tainted individual

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Question What is the one thing all of you have in like manner with regards to hepatitis B? All of you have been inoculated against hepatitis B

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Hepatitis B Vaccine Hepatitis B immunization is generally given as three shots over a 4-6 month term Combination antibody – hepatitis An and B together - TWINRIX Hepatitis antibodies are sheltered and powerful security will keep going for no less than 15 years Hepatitis B immunization is prescribed for: all babies all youngsters and teenagers grown-ups at expanded hazard

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Treatment There is no treatment for intense (new contamination) hepatitis B For perpetual (deep rooted) hepatitis B, antiviral drugs are accessible Medicines are viable in decreasing liver harm in around one-portion of patients Liver transplant Over time your liver may quit working, and you may require another liver from a contributor

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First distinguished in 1988 HCV is found in the blood of a tainted individual Most basic endless bloodborne infection More irresistible than HIV Has no antibody Can be transmitted in little measures of blood too little to be seen Symptoms are frequently gentle. Hepatitis C Virus Facts

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Hepatitis C – Show me the Numbers Over 4 million Americans have been tainted 8,000 - 10,000 Americans pass on from HCV-related ailment every year # 1 purpose behind liver transplantation in the United States Over 200,000 individuals living in NY have hepatitis C

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How is Hepatitis C Spread? Infusion tranquilize utilize Sharing needles, syringes or "works" (e.g., water, cookers, cotton, spoons) when "shooting" drugs Blood transfusion (particularly ones that happened before 1992; from that point forward the US has been checking the blood supply) Sex with a HCV-contaminated individual Sex with numerous individuals Sex without a condom Sex while you have a STD

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How else is Hepatitis C Spread? Sharing things (e.g., razors or toothbrushes) that may have blood on them Tattoos and body puncturing Tattoo or body penetrating finished with apparatuses that may have another person\'s blood on them Tattoos done while in jail or correctional facility From a HCV-tainted mother to her tyke during childbirth

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Question Name ONE well known individual Who has hepatitis C? Steven Tyler, Pam Anderson, Natalie Cole, Greg Allman, Naomi Judd

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Treatment There is no treatment for intense (new disease) hepatitis C For endless (deep rooted) hepatitis C antiviral medications are accessible Treatment may take the length of a year About portion of patients dispose of the infection Liver transplant Over time your liver may quit working and you may require another liver from a giver

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Hepatitis C –Rating the Risk Take your conduct "Sticky Card" and place it on the "Continuum of Risk" as either High Medium Low Medium High

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Stay Hepatitis free Good handwashing Don\'t share razors or toothbrushes Be cautious in the event that you are getting a tattoo or piercing Don\'t infuse medications or share needles or works If you are engaging in sexual relations, hone SAFE sex GET Vaccinated

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Stay Hepatitis Free You can\'t get hepatitis B or C from: Food and water Sharing eating utensils Kissing on the cheek Hugging or clasping hands You can\'t get hepatitis C from breastfeeding

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Surfing the Internet

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National Hepatitis Awareness Month - May

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Viral Hepatitis Poster Contest Open to all understudies in this class All notices ought to target youngsters Three classifications: General Hepatitis Awareness Hepatitis B Hepatitis C Posters will be judged by NYS Department of Health staff

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Viral Hepatitis Poster Contest (2) Prizes: Grand Prize - $100 money 2 nd Place - $50 money third Place - $25 money All blurbs will be shown at the Empire State Plaza (week of May 18) You should finish a Contest Release Form DEADLINE: April 21, 2009 Submit publication and agree frame to Mrs. Dwyer

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