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Essential Early Years Education (3-7 years) Primary Education (7-11 ... (inside of recent years) work involvement in a grade school/early years setting ...
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Getting into showing Karen Rickards Marketing Officer School of Education

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PGCE courses PGCE Primary PGCE Secondary PGCE Post-Compulsory Education and Training For more courses visit:

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PGCE Primary Choose between: Primary Early Years Education (3-7 years) Primary Education (7-11 years) Primary French (7-11 years) Primary Spanish (7-11 years)

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PGCE Primary passage necessities GCSEs in English, Maths & Double Science at C or above (or identical) Honors Degree (regularly 2:1) * c ontact Faculty for more information. Least of two weeks later (inside recent years) work involvement in an elementary school/early years setting Entry likewise subject to CRB, medicinal leeway and meeting

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PGCE Secondary Nine subjects: D&T Art & Design Mathematics History English Modern Languages Science: Biology Business Education Geography

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PGCE Secondary section necessities GCSEs in English & Maths at C or above (or proportionate) Honors Degree (regularly 2:2) with half in related subject Between one and seven days (inside recent years) work involvement in a state optional school Entry additionally subject to CRB, restorative freedom and meeting

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PGCE program One-year full time Very serious Block Professional Practice Professional Practice sorted out by School of Education placements group

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Applying for a PGCE Graduate Teacher Training Registry (GTTR): Tel: 0870 11 222 05 Good fortunes with your application.

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Join us at the: Postgraduate & Professional Open Evenings Tuesday 5 February 2008 Thursday 1 May 2008 16.00 – 20.00

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Any inquiries? Get in touch with me:

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