Getting to Nature as Biological Open Spots Viewpoints of Arranging the Nature Ecological Office in South Korea.

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Getting to Nature as Biological Open Spots Points of view of Arranging the Nature Ecological Office in South Korea Sohyun Park School of Outline, Arizona State College July 13-14, 2006 Global Meeting on Widespread Configuration and Visitability Ohio State College, Columbus Gracious
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Getting to Nature as Ecological Public Places Perspectives of Planning the Nature Environmental Facility in South Korea Sohyun Park School of Design, Arizona State University July 13-14, 2006 International Conference on Universal Design and Visitability Ohio State University, Columbus OH

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Public Place What is it’s definition? Which space can be called as Public Place? Is it about “ownership” or just “space sharing” ?

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Nature as Ecological Public Place What counteracts openness to nature?  Physical separation  Strict regulation and administration  Lack of fascination  Lack of thought on the social powerless Source: Google Image

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Planning Nature as Public Place Nature Environmental Facility Ecological parks Wetland focuses Nature learning focuses Self-maintaining settlement regions Purpose of NEF Conserve biodiversity in nearby biological communities Preserve biological and common scene Provide chance of nature experience and investigation

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Policy and Legislation for NEF NATURE ENVIRONMENT CONSERVATION ACT, procurement of Article 38: ‘Establishment and Operation of NEF’ (modified 2004) 1) Facility to moderate nature environment and keep any corruption 2) Facility to restore or restore harmed environment 3) Facility to utilize and watch nature environment 4) Facility to teach people in general with nature environment 5) Other office to save normal resources

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Nature Environmental Facility in South Korea

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Type of NEF Intensity of Conservation Objective Site Case More Conservational Type An Observation Education/Experience Type B Hands-on Experience Type C Less Conservational

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Site Selection Preservation Observation Planning Cultivation Information PER & EIA Water Entertainment Education Convenience Design Roads Management Construction Environment Infrastructure Environment Infrastructure Operation/Management Guidelines on NEF Guideline by procedural stages/sorts/by offices A sort (for protection) B sort (between A & C) C sort (for utilization)

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Is the foundation of NEF through all systems characteristic cordial? √ Do NEF blend with existing nearby ecological attributes? √ Do NEF improve state of regular trustworthiness before past condition? √ Are there security measures on mischances and debacles? √ Are all offices securely outlined and built? √ Are there any ranges which may be hazard to the impair and the youthful? √ Fundamental Guidelines NEF ought to have nature agreeableness in all level of sorts and technique stages. NEF Should guarantee security for clients. NEF ought to be practical for both human and nature.

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Site Feasibility Guidelines The criteria and guide of National Environmental Assessment ought to be utilized as a part of area suitability. For ranges not having NEA, the Ecological Index ought to be utilized. Land change proportion ought to be controlled by office sorts. The proportion of floor scope ought to be controlled by office sorts. Survey specific stipend in regions which has long been under multi-regulation. Consider the sentiment from master admonitory and inhabitants.

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Planning Guidelines Meet the reason and conveying limit of offices (sort, area, and size). Secure the soundness of territory, scene, and bio-assorted qualities. Arrangement for Restoration on harmed ranges. Study on nearby biological system at any rate for 1 year. Include Stakeholders in former & post arranging Control the presentation of office by sorts, if fundamental Make end-all strategy.

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PER and EIA Guidelines Review regardless of whether it’s object of EIA. Blend with surrounding environment. Team up with related bodies. Have thought on significant effect on environment Are moderation measures solid and implemental?

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Design Guidelines Use environment-accommodating structure, materials and framework Take profound thought on neighborhood natural surroundings and untamed life. Make it look common and law breaker, if making fake stream. Give the greater part of accommodation to the social feeble. Make fundamental configuration and execution drawings. Make reclamation plan.

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Construction Guidelines General Preparatory work Land change, seepage, transplantation, blundering, cutting, waste treatment, surface soil security, sowing, and so on. Material utilization Labor Channel and shroud trench Fence Porous space Mass of stones Remove fallen trees Plantation Small stream

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Operation Guidelines Education and operation Specify operational projects by different level of clients. Set up database framework with administration and operational information Develop investment programs for nearby inhabitants. Make association of environment instructors. Secure proper spending plan for reasonable operation. Site administration and Monitoring Manage vegetation natural surroundings by sorts and qualities. Use specialists and field laborers with biological learning. Perform manageable observing.

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Classification of Facility A B C A B C Observation focus Perch protection perception Artificial Nest Bird watching Eco-span Observatory hovel Fish stepping stool Observatory divider Habitats Trail data development Artificial biotop Visitor focus Farm Interpretation board Tree nursery Sign Picnic range amusement Artificial lake water Playground Brooklet Sports zone Wetland Camping ground training Pagola Outdoor address Bench Learning focus accommodation Lodgment Walking trails streets Shop Bicycle trails Restroom Greenway Parking parcel administration env-infra Sewage treatment Lighting Waste treatment Guard wall Rainfall treatment Hedge

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Potentiality of NEF Increase availability to nature Create space for individuals to convey Provide the social powerless chance of having great environment Make insightful utilization of area Restore harmed and debased regions

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