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The principal evaluation of the populace in Ghana was taken in 1891, and further censuses were taken in every tenth year until the arrangement was interfered with ...
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Introduction The Population Census is the absolute most vital wellspring of information on the populace and its qualities in the nation. It gives data on the size, development, structure and appropriation of whole populace, and for subpopulation; also for the geological territories, to the most reduced levels, i.e, for example, regions, towns and settlements, and local locations in the city ranges.

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History of evaluation taking Pre-freedom censuses The first enumeration of the populace in Ghana was taken in 1891, and further censuses were taken in every tenth year until the arrangement was hindered as an aftereffect of World War II however was continued in 1948.

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Chiefs were requested that complete the including which, understanding with local custom at the time, was finished by heads of families setting in a bowl or other container a cowry for every female or a grain of corn for every male individual from the family. The cowries and grains were tallied and the quantities of each imparted to the District Commissioner by the boss however this practice was bit by bit suspended in later years

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The 1931 evaluation was the first in which the whole populace was exclusively checked; either by enumerators who numbered and recorded town populace on a frame or by method for structures conveyed to family units in which the leader of the family or occupier embedded particulars of every person.

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An element of the 1931 statistics was that while on past events an impromptu empowering law had been authorized for every enumeration, on this event a clear mandate was instituted which was proposed to be perpetual. For the 1948 registration, a brief Census Office was shaped under the bearing of a Census Commissioner from which all structures and directions were disseminated and to which every finished frame were sent after gathering for organization.

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Pre-Independence Population of Ghana * Exclude information from the Trust Territories (Togoland)

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Post-Independence Censuses The 1960 Census was the first to be attempted since Ghana accomplished her Independence on March 6, 1957. It was additionally one of the main censuses taken in Africa as a component of the World Population Census declared by the United Nations.

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The 1960 Ghana Census has since been acclaimed as the main present day Census on the African landmass and excited intrigue in Africa as well as in a few different parts of the world. The second post-freedom enumeration was directed in 1970, with the desire that a decennial registration program would be kept up.

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The 1970 Population Census likewise had all the crucial elements of a present day populace enumeration, as set out in the "Standards and suggestions for the 1970 Population Censuses" issued by the United Nations. The third post-freedom enumeration was directed in 1984 (reference date – eleventh March) because of conditions outside the ability to control of the factual association.

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The 1984 statistics information were the first to be caught, handled and put away electronically. Information preparing of the registration data was attempted utilizing a Wang VS-80 Main-outline PC which was connected to small scale PCs. The forward registration which was required to have been directed in 1994 was re-booked to 2000 (reference date – 26th March).

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Post-Independence Population of Ghana

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2000 Population and Housing Census (PHC) The 2000 PHC was the first run through Ghana directed a Population and Housing enumeration as one operation and reactivated the upkeep of significant information gathering programs and gave information required as a premise for the plan and improvement of financial and populace approaches and programs.

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Census Preparatory Activities Two noteworthy exercises embraced at the arranging phase of the 2000 PHC were the readiness of statistics instruments and the trial evaluation. These instruments which incorporated the survey, direction manuals, code records, and identification structures were arranged and tried amid the trial evaluation.

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Main Census Field work took three weeks to finish with a reference day (26 th March, 2000) as the statistics night. The specification was finished by enumerators enlisted and prepared by Statistical administration. The statistics was an accepted include and every individual present Ghana, independent of nationality, was specified at the place he/she spent the registration night (26 March 2000). The information assembled amid the 2000 PHC was prepared electronically through the checking innovation.

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Availability of Data Access to enumeration information has typically been through the accompanying: distributed reports (printed) distributed reports (on tapes and CD-ROM) verbal scattering (squeeze briefings, media talks, preparation at authority gatherings). ask for

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