GHP 542: Field Course in Brazil January 6 .

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Contingent upon your nationality, you may require a visa to go to Brazil. ... Purchase tickets at the earliest opportunity as January is the mid year's crest season in Brazil ...
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GHP 542: Field Course in Brazil January 6 – 22, 2009 Mary Elizabeth Wilson, MD

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Objectives The course will concentrate on a few irresistible illnesses (e.g., schistosomiasis, leishmaniasis, leptospirosis, dengue, HIV/AIDS) that are available in Brazil The accentuation will be on the relationship between wellbeing, sickness and the financial and group components with regards to Brazil The course will help understudies who have or who build up an enthusiasm for follow-up exploration to set up fellowships and associations with neighborhood members

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Course Format Collaborative course 15 Harvard understudies, 15 Brazilian understudies Harvard and Brazilian staff and scientists Group ventures 5 distinct gatherings Mix of Harvard/Brazilian understudies, foundations 3 urban irresistible ailments, 2 rustic irresistible maladies Each gathering will give a presentation toward the end of the course

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Participating Institutions Harvard School of Public Health Professors Marcia Castro, John David, Sofia Gruskin, Mary E. Wilson (lead) Fiocruz-Bahia Federal exploration foundation under the Ministry of Health Federal University of Bahia – UFBA Santa Casa Medical School (São Paulo) DRCLAS Brazil Office, Harvard University (São Paulo)

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Week 1 – Salvador and Jiquiriç á Students will begin the course with a few addresses in Salvador Students will likewise visit human services offices had some expertise in irresistible illnesses, the state reference irresistible malady doctor\'s facility, and a poor urban group Students will go to the inside of Bahia for extra addresses and site visits in a country group

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Week 1 – Salvador and Jiquiriç á Salvador, Bahia Fiocruz Urban destinations Jiquiriçá & Itaquara, Bahia Rural locales

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Jiquiriç á Area

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Week 2: Group Projects Students will be relegated to one of five distinct gatherings Students with a solid inclination for a specific area or ailment ought to contact Professor Mary Wilson Some understudies will work in an endemic zone of schistosomiasis or leishmaniasis in the Jiquiriçá region Some understudies will chip away at HIV/AIDS, dengue fever, and leptospirosis in Salvador Students will look at a portion of the unanswered inquiries connected with the diligence of these irresistible ailments in Brazil and propose potential examination ventures Focus will be on the financial, social, social, demographic , and natural attributes connected with the sicknesses

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Travel logistics (1) Language Lectures will be in English The capacity to communicate in Portuguese, while attractive, is redundant. Information of Spanish is useful. Some interpretation will be accessible HSPH understudies will be combined with English talking members from Brazil Passport and Visa Depending on your nationality, you may require a visa to go to Brazil. Visas are required for U.S. nationals. Guidelines for acquiring a visa will be given by course teachers

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Travel logistics (2) Flights Most U.S. carriers fly to Brazil (Continental, American Airlines, United Airlines, Delta). Purchase tickets as quickly as time permits as January is the pinnacle of the mid year season in Brazil Additional data with respect to vaccinations, suggested dress, sun/bug assurance, PDA/web access, and so forth will be given to course members before takeoff

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Academic desires (1.25 credits – Pass/Fail) You will build up a task amid the field trip identified with the difficulties controlling one of five irresistible ailments in Brazil You and your partners will be gotten some information about the  involvement with your website and present conclusions to the nearby webpage and to the whole class toward the end of the course.

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Course Website Detailed data on the course, including nitty gritty life stories of HSPH and Brazilian Faculty, can be found on the course site. Visit the 2008 Course site for point by point understudy input from a year ago\'s course.

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Contact Information Professor Mary Wilson (HSPH personnel lead) E-mail: Jason Dyett (Program Director, DRCLAS Brazil Office) E-mail: Lorena Barberia (Program Associate, DRCLAS Brazil Office) E-mail : Amie Shei (2008 member; 2009 Research Assistant) E-mail:

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