Gilroy Aerobatic.

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National-Gymnastics is a National game, and the US has one of the most grounded national groups on the planet. ... Neighborhood In northern California there are more than 500 tumbling rec centers. ...
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Gilroy Gymnastics Steve Aube Alexandra Dillon Heidi Goettsch John Neibauer Megan Peterson

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Our Service To instruct aerobatic to offspring of any age: Girls Boys Kinder Gymnastics Cheerleaders Tumblers & Martial Arts Students Acknowledge Parents assume a major part in choosing what is ideal for their kids.

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Our Opportunity Gives youngsters the opportunity to get exercise, have a ton of fun, and learn order and coordination Train extraordinary competitors Grow rapidly Good for the group

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Business Evaluation Political-Government USA Gymnastics Regional Congress Microeconomic Success of the US Olympic Gymnastics group this previous year has helped vaulting develop as a game. Innovation Video Recording-Helps the kids learn and succeed. Socio-Demographic Has a terrible notoriety in view of dietary issues Educate people group about the game

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Proprietary Rights and Protection Join USA Gymnastics Organization File a "doing" business testament File for an invented name No requirement for a patent we won\'t have our own particular image Medical protection

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Industry SIC: Gymnasium: 7991 Gymnastics Instruction: 7999 NAICS: Gymnasium: 713940 Gymnastics Instruction: 611620 National-Gymnastics is a National game, and the US has one of the most grounded national groups on the planet. Local There are 5 states in our district for tumbling of these 5 Northern California is one of the best. Nearby In northern California there are more than 500 aerobatic exercise centers. In the more noteworthy San Jose territory there are no less than 100 exercise centers. In Gilroy where we need to open our rec center there are no different rec centers, the nearest ones are 30 miles away.

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Market Niche: Young kids and their folks Target Audience: young ladies and young men and their folks Competitors: Airborne Gymnastics: 3 rd in the Nation West Valley Gymnastics: Had 1996 Olympian Amy Chow as their tumbler. Tip top Gymnastics Academy: Up and coming rec center developing with top gymnasts every year.

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Management Team CEO: Alexandra Dillon-knows the business in and out and has administration experience. Executive of Operations/Activities: Carrie Lujan-majored in kid advancement additionally knows the business well. Chief of Marketing: Alexandra Dillon-has experience working in promoting for different rec centers

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Financials Net Income Year 1: - $101,794 Year 2: $8,459 Year 3: $9,591 Year 4: $55,764 Year 5: $56,785 The expansive increment is because of the increment in cost and classes offered Start with approx. $300,000 Break-even in year 2

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Deal Structure We will have an association between Alexandra Dillon and Carrie Lujan. We will get the greater part of our assets from Carrie Lujan\'s better half NFL football player Elliot Vallejo. No credits huge in addition to!

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No Exit Strategy We might want to proceed with this business It is an awesome open door for youthful youngsters We have boundless assets Our net salary is developing every year generously We are anticipating expanding the measure of our exercise center to oblige more understudies inside the following 3 years

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