GIS ventures 2010.

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GIS ventures 2010 Marc van Kreveld Two stages Issue investigation (stage 1  report 1) Writing study, figuring out Proclamation of criteria Reliance of criteria Measurement of the criteria Calculation plan (stage 2  report 2) Detail of info and yield
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GIS ventures 2010 Marc van Kreveld

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Two stages Problem examination (stage 1  report 1) Literature study, figuring out Statement of criteria Dependency of criteria Quantification of the criteria Algorithm configuration (stage 2  report 2) Specification of information and yield Algorithmic issue explanation Algorithm improvement Efficiency investigation

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Three gatherings Prepare the gatherings; consider it widely first Take the notes and figures of the thoughts you had until the Meeting I: May 6/7 Meeting II: May 19 Presentations 1: June 1 Meeting III: June 8/9 Meeting IV (select.): June 23/24 Presentations 2: June 29

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Evaluation Based on gatherings: activity, progress, thoughts Based on two hand-ins (June 4 and July 2) Based on presentations

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Topics Flow maps Label arrangement for islands Time-space maps Non-adjacent range cartograms Zoning, or political redistricting Relative positions of districts Touristy courses through nature Valleys and edges in mountain regions

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1. Stream maps

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2. Mark arrangement for islands

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3. Time-space maps

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4. Zoning, or political redistricting

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5. Relative positions of districts Is Norway closer to Sweden than to Finland? Should Austria be called South of Germany, East of Germany, or both? Level of closeness, south-ness?

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6. Touristical courses through nature Assume: new national stop needs street crosswise over Passes by little normal sights Has great perspectives of substantial common sights Connects a few focuses on limit of park sensibly

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7. Valleys and edges Linear components in mountain scenes: edges high and valleys low Some valleys are more conspicuous than others (same for edges) Only unmistakable ones would be demonstrated to on little scale maps Generally accepted methods to characterize and process noticeable quality?

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