GLGi: Broadband Video Content.

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GLGi: Broadband Video Content Greg Fawson President and Important Investigator X Media Research Gathering Part Account
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GLGi: Broadband Video Content Greg Fawson President and Principal Analyst X Media Research

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Council Member Biography Greg Fawson is the President and Principal Analyst at X Media Research, an innovation think-tank concentrating on rising shopper electronic stages and administrations. He has been in charge of the advancement of business sector insight administrations, propelling universal operations and production of various industry discussions and occasions. Greg has been an expert to semiconductor gadget makers and unique gear producers. He has likewise distributed various reports on processing, correspondences and purchaser hardware stage architectures and the related semiconductor gadget advances. He has taken a shot at tasks, for example, Telecom TV (IPTV), Portable Media Players, Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB-T, DVB-H, ISDB-T), and Video Codec’s. Mr. Fawson has likewise distributed reports on Mobile Digital TV Broadcast advances, for example, DVB-H, MediaFLO, DMB and ISDB-T. His most recent work incorporates investigation of the Digital TV market and the mix of DMA (Digital Media Adapter) usefulness.

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Topics How will broadband feature and the inalienable person to person communication angle sway conventional show/supporter TV administrations? What is the viewpoint for CE gadgets and gaming stages that convey broadband feature content? What do purchasers search for most from broadband feature and what are potential plans of action? In what manner will administrator conveyed CPE (client premises hardware) develop to exploit IP feature conveyance?

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About GLG Institute GLG Institute (GLGi SM ) is an expert association concentrated on teaching business and speculation experts through in-individual gatherings. It is intended to upset the expert instruction market by putting the force of programming under the control of the GLG group. GLGi has many Seminars overall every year. GLGi customers get two seats to all Seminars in all Practice Areas. GLGi’s site empowers customers to: Propose Seminar themes, motivation things and areas View and RSVP to planned and proposed Seminars Receive an every day instructions with new posts on your most loved tickers, branches of knowledge and from trusted Council Members Share Seminar subtle elements with associates or companions

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Gerson Lehrman Group Contacts John Aronsohn Vice President and TMT Global Research Head, Gerson Lehrman Group 850 Third Avenue, ninth Floor New York, NY 10022 212-984-3673 Aaron Liberman Managing Director, Sales and Marketing Gerson Lehrman Group 850 Third Avenue, ninth Floor New York, NY 10022 212-984-3684 Carly Pisarri Process Manager Gerson Lehrman Group 850 Third Avenue, ninth Floor New York, NY 10022 212-750-1435

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About X Media Research Industry investigator veteran with 10+ years experience Areas of center: Consumer Electronics IPTV Services Home Networking Technologies Operator Deployed Customer Premises Equipment

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Questions What iTV conveyance models are working? Sway on customary show/digital TV What is the standpoint for CE gadgets, for example, AppleTV , TiVO and Gaming stages that convey Internet Video content? By what method will administrator sent CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) develop to exploit IP feature conveyance? What organizations will advantage most from the Broadband Video blast? Is the Internet prepared for HD gushing?

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What is Internet Video? Feature conveyed over open Internet framework or through committed spilling feature servers Can be overseen or unmanaged feature substance Can be gushed or downloaded Internet Video is not IPTV Internet Video is conveyed to numerous gadgets, not simply the PC Internet Video is NOT just UGC (client created substance)

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Types of Internet Video Offerings Movie Streaming Cinemanow , MovieLink (now Blockbuster), Netflix Movie Download/Rental VUDU, Akimbo, Amazon Unbox Video Clips/UGC YouTube, Revver , Veoh Premium Content ABC, Fox, Hulu , NBC, HBO Web-Only Content and Channels Prom Queen, Lady Wasteland, NoGood.TV

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Internet Video Complexity Many Moving Parts – Everyone Has a Stake Content Owners Content Aggregators Internet Infrastructure Cable, DBS, Telco, ISP Operators Internet Video Device Manufacturers Advertisers

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Massive Changes Means Opportunity Emergence of advanced media and Internet TV places proprietors and merchants of feature at the epicenter of progress Despite changes, substance is as yet ruler New open doors exist for organizations that can give the right blend of premium, corner and long-tail substance to the TV Search and Discovery will be key

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Business Models Still Largely Experimental Mix of free, membership, rental, download to possess, publicizing bolstered. Some are demonstrated, some are not Each model is always showing signs of change and nothing is an unavoidable reality Just take a gander at AppleTV and NBC All paid substance pulled and moved to a publicizing model on

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User-produced substance is coming to TV Current TV MTV Flux

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Internet Video as a Business has been Negatively Impacted by: LOW Quality of Experience (QoE) HIGH Total Cost of Delivery (TCoD) NO adaptability to a huge number of synchronous viewers HIGH request and LOW accessibility of more than “snack” feature – Demand for long frame, “live,” and HD

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Consumer Expectations Increasing Improvements in spilling conveyance ABC, FOX, CW, and others now gushing long-shape feature with few negative occasions Larger feature sizes, higher quality encodes Online feature coming to development Real market Broadcasters perceived for moving web spilling from “interesting promoting experiment” to sane business Crowded space with merchants and integrators Recognized merging Consumers need TV-like experience as measured by responsive, quality feature Consumers need source and gadget interoperability Promise of way of life review conveyed through substitute advancements

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Phenomenal Growth Consumers are investing more energy online and observing more feature on the web. Has turned into a more acknowledged medium In 6 months from around 2 hours for every month to just about 3 hours In 2007 right around a billion a larger number of features were seen in November than in June Veoh develops from 2.5 million clients for each month at start of year to 21.5 million extraordinary by end of year. Development of more than 760% Pick any stat…it all focuses toward gigantic development of online feature substance and viewership

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Prediction #1 Internet TV/Broadband feature will advance far from PC-driven model. Feature to the TV is the place its at!

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Prediction #2 Internet feature won\'t slaughter show/satellite TV It will compel content proprietors and administrators to advance to new substances and grasp broadband feature

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Prediction #3 Non-PC gadgets will represent right around 20% of all Internet Video gets to by 2012 Networked Digital TVs, Game Consoles and Operator-sent STBs and Mobile Devices will lead the way

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Prediction #4 Standalone DMA/STBs like AppleTV and VUDU will remain corner players

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Prediction #5 Over 30% of spilling Internet feature activity will be at HD determination

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