GLGi: Triple Play Market Redesign.

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GLGi: Triple Play Market Update Council Member Biography
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GLGi: Triple Play Market Update

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Council Member Biography Joby Upton is the President of Upton Consulting, an organization giving counseling administrations to the telecom area. Mr. Upton is knowledgeable about wireline, remote and rising broadband administrations. He is proficient in items and administrations from AT&T, Verizon, Qwest, Windstream, Century Tel, Tellabs, Alcatel-Lucent, Dycom, Mastec, Vyyo, Time Warner, Comcast, Cablevision, Adtran, ADC, and Quanta Services. Mr. Upton is additionally educated in AT&T\'s U-verse/Homezone and FIOS broadband arrangements from Verizon and gear sellers connected with information transfers, information, remote, and video transmission frameworks. Beforehand, he was the General Manager-Supply Chain and Network at BellSouth/ATT. He has additionally held administration positions as a developing business sector (FTTX) master at Pirelli Fiber Cable Manufacturing.

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Table of Contents Update on how triple play administrations are playing out inside the arrangements of the different transporters Update on FTTX and the different Passive Optical Networks (PONs) with respect to contrasts in design and probability of accomplishment CATV upgrade on merchants, video transmission, and MPEG2, 4 pressure Fiber link hardware seller overhaul

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About GLG Institute GLG Institute (GLGi SM ) is an expert association concentrated on teaching business and speculation experts through in-individual gatherings. It is intended to upset the expert training market by putting the force of programming under the control of the GLG people group. GLGi has many Seminars worldwide every year. GLGi customers get two seats to all Seminars in all Practice Areas. GLGi\'s site empowers customers to: Propose Seminar points, motivation things and areas View and RSVP to booked and proposed Seminars Receive a day by day instructions with new posts on your most loved tickers, branches of knowledge and from trusted Council Members Share Seminar subtle elements with partners or companions

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Gerson Lehrman Group Contacts John Aronsohn Vice President Gerson Lehrman Group 850 Third Avenue, ninth Floor New York, NY 10022 212-984-3673 Christine Ruane Senior Product Manager Gerson Lehrman Group 850 Third Avenue, ninth Floor New York, NY 10022 212-984-8505

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US TRIPLE PLAY Where we are & where we are going Joseph Upton, Chief Operating Officer, SE Cable-X Holdings USA, LLC August 22-23, 2007

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Table of Contents US Broadband: Where are we today? (RVA 2007 REPORT) Broadband Connections by State (RVA 2007 REPORT) Major Factors Influencing Broadband Growth (RVA 2007 REPORT) FTTH Providers (RVA 2007 REPORT) TOP NA FTTH Service Providers (RVA 2007 Report) Greenfields versus Brownfields FTTH Consumer Perspective What would we be able to anticipate from Triple Player suppliers in the following couple of months? Conclusion Major Triple Play Providers Verizon (FIOS) AT&T U-Verse AT&T HomeZone COMCAST Time Warner Cox Communications CableVision Qwest Charter FTTX PON Architectures Video Transmission Internet Speeds RBOC/ILEC Equipment Vendors CATV Equipment Vendors Fiber Cable & Connectivity Equipment Vendors

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MAJOR TRIPLE PLAYERS Verizon (FIOS) AT&T (U-verse and Homezone) Comcast Time Warner Cablevision Cox Charter MUNI\'S AND DEVELOPERS

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VERIZON (FIOS) VZ FTTP: The Right Choice BUT Expensive RF Video Transmission today Over 1 Million Customers on it $23B to be spent by 2010 to pass 18M clients Issues with taking the FIOS and after that the Copper associations vanish ($15 DSL versus $30 FIOS information)

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AT&T U-VERSE T (ATT BLOG SITE) 51,000+ Customers so far $6-6.5B to be spent in 2007 to pass 18M Customers by yearend 7-26-07 Connecticut - US Federal Court Case is harming rollout speed AT&T offering a year of free DISH system on the off chance that you are in a U-Verse arranged zone IPTV measures\' issues are an issue

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AT&T HOMEZONE JAN 2007 - Won Frost & Sullivan honor for most creative item WIKIPEDIA: STD DEF 250GB hard drive, 2 TV yields, HDMI, 2 remotes with implicit consoles, ethernet, & 3 USB ports To be accessible in non-U-Verse territories to 80% of AT&T clients

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COMCAST CMCSA, CMCSK|754672987\ Dividing Nodes, DOCSIS modems, computerized exchanged video DirecTV claim on HD quality case 24.2M Customers 13.3M advanced link clients 12.1M Internet 3M Voice

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TIME WARNER TWX, HBO, Turner Broadcasting, Newline Cinema, TIMEINC, Warner Bros 96K Employees Programming and Content is huge 26M TWC clients, 13.6M video,6.6M fast information, 1.9M computerized telephone clients: Voice entrance 11% +3.2M Adelphia clients (.8M to Comcast) Bundled Sprint Wireless with all administrations Dividing Nodes, Improving Plant circumstance AOL offering free web access to moderate decay and stir

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COX COMMUNICATIONS INC CCI Customers, Analog & Digital (Lowest agitate) 2.2M Voice 3.5M Internet 3.6M Bundled "it\'s still the pack, child!" Joe Rooney, Chief Marketing Officer, Cox San Diego dispatch of HD On Demand motion pictures Selling non-gainful pieces, utilizing the cash to construct Triple Play Installing VYYO, DOCSIS Modems, building fiber

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CABLEVISION CVC|809455252 Passed 4.5M Customers, 3+M IN NYC served today Largest gathering in one area Offering 4 Lines of advanced voice 40 HD Channels (the most in this way) Beginning to burn through cash Rainbow Media gone to Comcast

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QWEST Q Located in 14 STATES, 40K Employees, 14M access lines VDSL video however not all over National Network: Ultra Longhaul, up to 40GB for business QWave Dark Fiber accessible Future is questionable

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CHARTER CHTR 5.7M clients in 29 states, 16.5K Employees, HQ in St Louis 1+M in the West US 1+M in the North Central US 2+M in the South US They don\'t tell what number of HD stations they have on the site, quite recently that they are awesome Selling nonprofitable properties and utilizing the cash to assemble better triple play at major headend urban areas Want a deal CATV Co?

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FTTX/PON ARCHITECTURES Fiber to the Node (FTTN) Fiber to the Curb (FTTC) Fiber to the Premise (FTTP) Active Point-to-Point BPON GPON (1.2, 2.4GBPS) GePON/EPON

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VIDEO TRANSMISSION Radio Frequency (RF) Verizon and CATV MSO\'S utilize the same design Internet Protocol (IPTV) is AT&T\'S structural decision MPEG2 pressure (18-20mbps) MPEG4 pressure (8-9mbps) Direct telecast satellite, DirecTV and DISH Network

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INTERNET SPEEDS DSL (1.5 to 50+mbps) Cable Modem (5 to 15+mbps) Upstream versus Downstream: Who is the best? What should be possible? What is the capacity of the real web spine?

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