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Gold Medal Olympic Champion.

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Jesse Owens Gold Medal Olympic Champion The Early Years Owens was born on September 12, 1913 in Oakville, Alabama. He was the tenth child born to sharecroppers, Harry and Mary Owens. As a child Owens was frail and sickly and suffered regularly from bronchitis and pneumonia.
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Jesse Owens Gold Medal Olympic Champion

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The Early Years Owens was conceived on September 12, 1913 in Oakville, Alabama. He was the tenth kid destined to tenant farmers, Harry and Mary Owens. As a kid Owens was fragile and wiped out and experienced frequently bronchitis and pneumonia.

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The Early Years At the age of seven, Owens moved to Cleveland with his guardians. There he functioned as a corner store chaperon with a specific end goal to help bolster his gang.

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High School Jesse Owens was an All-American competitor in secondary school. He broke his first world record at the youthful age of 15.

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College Life Owens went to Ohio State University from 1933-1936 and was their number one olympic style sports competitor. At a 1936 school meet in Michigan he broke three world records and tied one in only 45 minutes.

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Olympics At the 1936 summer Olympics, Owens won gold awards in these four occasions: 100 meter dash long hop 200 meter dash 400 meter hand-off

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Olympics Also at the 1936 summer Olympics, Owens set the Olympic record in the 200 meter with a period of 20.7 seconds, in the long bounce with a separation of 26 ¼ inches, and in the 400 meter transfer with a period of 39.8 seconds. His 400 meter transfer time additionally set a world record, and his 100 meter dash time of 10.3 seconds tied the world record. Owens is the first track star to win four gold awards in one Olympics.

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Achievements off the Track In the mid 1950’s Owens was the Sports Specialist of the State of Illinois 19 th Commission. In 1976, he was recompensed the Medal of Freedom amid a service at the White House. Owens constantly stayed legit and genuine, which expanded his notoriety with fans.

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Retirement After resigning from games, Owens got a vocation in advertising. Owens trusted that sports and rivalry could take care of racial and political issues. He voyaged generally giving discourses about clean living, reasonable play, and patriotism. Owens additionally worked in group administration, principally living up to expectations with the young. However Owens was a substantial smoker and kicked the bucket of lung tumor on March 31, 1980.

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