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Up-business home theater styling. Calm fan and Hard Disk. No muddled ... Quick Ethernet & connectors for other home system sorts. Scope of remote control alternatives ...
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The Home Digital Multimedia Network "The PC will be the spot where you store the data and truly the focal point of control" - Bill Gates CES 1/2001 Gordon Bell Microsoft Research Gbell@microsoft.com www.research.microsoft.com/~gbell

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The Home Digital Multimedia Network Vision: All advanced substance. IP on everything. All tuning in/survey stations will be computerized. In the 10+year, short-term, Digital Transformers change over IP to legacy simple gadgets. Today Digital Transformers = PCs!

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SATELLITE TERRESTRIAL DIGITAL CABLE DSL-TELCO The Connected Home Peripherals Digital photographs TV Gaming Screen gadgets Stereo

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X* Spkr Home Networks: PC-based administration DSL, and so on info Servers: Hold & convey sound, photographs, video Encode TV content Computers: Control, get content from web, servers Monitors: HDTV TV-sets: get encoded & CATV content C* = PC. X = advanced transformer. Home IP system C.srv X* Monitor Rec/AMP communicate TVset HDTV Tuner CATV Dist CATV Network

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Home media system with Digital Transformers…

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A Digital Transformer for Audio: Gateway\'s Connected Home Audio Player

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Existing Home Entertainment Centers

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The "Dark PC" otherwise known as DHEC: Digital Home Entertainment Center

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ACTIVY Media Center One H/W for different capacities Reduces the quantity of gadgets, remotes and wires around the TV

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PC Architected Entertainment Appliances Up-business sector home theater styling Quiet fan and Hard Disk No untidy wiring No floppy (and shroud give-away PC characteristics) Uncompromised video quality, (eg great de-intertwining) Premium TV collector modules (eg Premium Satellite) Hardware computerized pressure of simple TV DVI association with HD show (ideally 1024x768 or 1280x720) High quality downscaling TV-out for existing legacy TV Always accessible (through cutting edge influence administration) Incremental obtaining (1394 & USB modules) Recordable DVD, timeshifting HD, more TV recipient modules Expandability (1394 & USB module development walled in area) Fast Ethernet & connectors for other home system sorts Range of remote control alternatives (incorporate cursor control) BlueTooth: Basic remote, remote console, PocketPC/TabletPC Legacy gear control S/P-DIF, then 1394 dynamic speakers

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PC Architected Entertainment Appliance Provides an extensive variety of rich amusements in your front room nom de plume: Media Center assumed name: Media Server Single remote control Easy to utilize, simply pick an excitement Always on prepared to enliven PC design covered up inside running Whistler (But shopper need not know) Only does diversions, not general PC exercises Seamlessly blends TV and the Web Incremental acquiring model empowered, eg gadget straight Microsoft TV Technologies in Whistler gives broad upgraded TV abilities Range of 1394/USB beneficiary modules for premium TV Forms the entryway server for the video home system nom de plume: Gateway Server pseudonym: eHome Appliance Dave Marsh, Microsoft

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Utility/Media Ambiance (simply being there) Entertainment; & Education Communication at a separation Interaction Text Books >> ebooks; daily papers Fax >> email; talk Audio CDs, radio>> Ripped CDs, MP3, Internet Radio Internet Radio Telephone >> IP communication; voice visit Live performances>> Net jam sessions Visual Art, photos>> "television Screen savers"… workmanship, photographs, blurbs, video Web cams tele-places Audio/Visual MTV >>MTV (advanced) "revelation station" >> tele-learning Life-size videophone. Tele-gatherings & video chats Games>> neighborhood & bunch recreations , Web Table of Interactivity, Media, and Technolgy

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Content for future home amusement focus Content from nets and CyberAll TV content (ala TiVo) WWW (pages, mail, and so forth.) Personal Photos Art ("TV-set" screen savers) Personal recordings Internet radio and tore CD sound Virtual window (train ride, shows, MTV)

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Reading in bed on Plasma Panel

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Caneel Bay Vacation Jan. 1998 Gordon, Gwen, Brig, Pam, Fiona, Bob, Laura and Kolbe

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Talking Head Telepresentation with slides on 48" TV

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Train ride…

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Mitsubishi 42" TV set driven from a PC

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Cyber All, a 1 Tbyte, lifetime PC: Cyberizing everything… I\'ve composed , said , exhibited (incl. video), photographs of physical articles & a couple of things I\'ve perused, listened, seen

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"The PC will be the spot where you store the data and truly the focal point of control" Billg 1/7/2001 Cyberall is an "on-going" venture to "cyberize" all of individual bits! Memory review of books, CDs, correspondence, papers, photographs, video Photos of physical item accumulations Elimination of every single physical store & objects Content hotspot for media show: climate, stimulation, correspondence, collaboration Goal: to comprehend the 1 TByte PC: need, utility, cost, achievability and instruments.

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CyberAll Jan. 2000 180 .pdf .pst (500 MB) 3 310 .ppt .xls 140 120 .gif .doc 500 325 .jpg .doc 4100 4900 .jpg .tif 470 .xls 120 .pdf 210 .ppt 250 Music 6.0 GB 1.5K documents 150 CDs Working 2.0 GB 130 envelopes 1.9K records Archive 3.5 GB 340 organizers 12.3K records Books 25 MB 1K documents/book Video 2.6 GB 10 hours Low res 14 GB (by size) Files (by number)

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Imagine the "executioner application" for: The One Tbyte, Lifetime, PC CyberAll persuades me regarding a lifetime memory! Epaper is an extraordinary expansion to the vision! T he most critical Office™ expansion since HTML. Innovation to bolster the vision: Guarantee that information will live until the end of time! A solitary list that incorporates mail, discussions, web gets to, and books! Digital book… e-magazines achieve minimum amount! Communication and sound catch are required Photo & video "file serving" More meta-data … Office, photographs Lots of GUI to enhance convenience

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Tools, time, and cost Scanners: HP Digital Sender, level beds with ADF, HP photograph; quick one to come Photos: $1 or 0.5-5 min. Substantial notices: ~ 1-5 hr. Ancient rarities: ~ 10 min. counting photograph Scanning to TIF, PDF: <1 min/page OCR: for E-Paper or PDF: ~3 pages/min OCR: for altering 10 min/page! Books: checked at CMU ($100/book)

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Tools Acrobat*, Paperport* 6, Omnipage 10 Indexing Service & Enfish (indexer/look) Conversion of DEC 8" floppies "Copies" to decrease redundancies * Microsoft epaper can supplant these!

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Storing all we\'ve perused, listened, & seen Human information sorts /hr /day (/4yr) /lifetime read content, few pictures 200 K 2 - 10 M/G 60-300 G discourse content @120wpm 43 K 0.5 M/G 15 G discourse @1KBps 3.6 M 40 M/G 1.2 T stills w/voice @100KB 200 K 2 M/G 60 G video-like 50Kb/s POTS 22 M .25 G/T 25 T video 200Kb/s VHS-lite 90 M 1 G/T 100 T video 4.3Mb/s HDTV/DVD 1.8 G 20 G/T 1 P

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User Context/Timelines Personal (counting budgetary) Professional (business related) Archival Working Character of Cyber All Use

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User Context/Timelines Personal (atmosphere, diversion, fund) Professional (business related) Archival (recorded reference) Documents, photographs and photograph collections, music, video memory-help, excitement , therapeutic history, descendants Books, papers, reference reports memory-help and reference Working (every day use) Documents, email, photographs, CDs, video ambiance,entertainment correspondence , back and "work" Documents, email content for calling use to convey, and "work" Character of Cyber All Use

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Connecting PCs to collectors, TV sets and/or vast screens TANSTAAFL* for wiring, screens, PCs * There ain\'t no such thing as a free lunch! CAT5+ @100-10K Mbps is the best, fungible sound, communication, IP, and video net. CATV is still required, yet require not be with the right gadget! PC & HDTV screens supplant TV sets TV sets: unsuitable for skimming & mail… fixable Every survey or listening place requires a PC or "computerized transformer" for control and Digital to legacy simple (radio mouse gives area adaptability)

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Gordon\'s wiring storeroom for: 3 studies and 3 seeing/listening locales. DSL & Cable Modems: DSL 0.9 versus Cable .001 802.11b handset Siemens 2 line telephone handset Fax switcher for line sharing Sonicbox firewall 100 Mb Ethernet switch, patch board, and punchdown for 4 lines 20 min. chestnut out battery reinforcement House Alarm Not appeared: CATV appropriation Love power pigs

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Network Scheme Data-rate Advantage Disadvantage CAT5+ 4 Twisted pr. 1Gbps Separate wiring; ease; simple introduce. Telco good. "Fungible" wiring. New wiring. Helpful for sound and composite video. Failure to transmit CATV. CATV R6U Co-hatchet 1 GHz (150 6 MHz chs.) Exists for TV sets; could likewise serve IP all through the home RF simple; no advanced Telephone 2-4 Tel. pr. 10 Mbps Uses existing wiring Questionable information rate Power AC Power ? Utilizes existing wiring Unproven; wellbeing 1394 Distance, absence of conventions 802.11b Radio LAN 11 Gbps No wires Crowded range, speed 802.11a Radio LAN 50 Gbps " Bluetooth 1. Mbps " Short separation, speed Home RF 1 Mbps " Low speed Fiber 1394, SPDIF, and so forth. Speed. Introduce. aptitude; absence of home net hardware Wires and radio systems for in home

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Digital the distance! Try not to trouble with TV sets on the off chance that you need to use the screens for anything other than TV content Computer Hi Res. PC Monitor SVGA… and so on 5-10\' CATV Dist. Set top Cable

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Computer to Television Alternatives* Display Hi-res. screens with CATV/set-top info … we MUST supplant the TV set with a hey res. screen Television sets, yet lacking for searching, mail Source (PC to composite | S-video) Video card SVGA to composite output converter Portable with video ou

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