Government Aeronautics Organization Gauge Gathering Walk 17, 2005.

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Government Flying Organization Conjecture Gathering Walk 17, 2005 Air Taxi Service A new minimal effort, simple to utilize Private Plane Quality Suggestion for time touchy explorers low cost – never surpassing $6.00 per mile
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Government Aviation Administration Forecast Conference March 17, 2005

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Air Taxi Service A new ease, simple to utilize Private Jet Value Proposition for time delicate voyagers Very low cost – never surpassing $6.00 per mile Substantially speedier than booked air from littler, less swarmed, bother free air terminals “Car service” like availability High quality, professionally prepared faculty Private plane experience 225 air ship and more than 2000 airplane terminals Trips up to 500 Miles Accessible and predictable Easy, such as calling an auto administration

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Pogo Leadership Donald Burr - Chief Executive Officer and President Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of SBS International, a main supplier of planning programming to the aircraft business (as of late sold to Boeing) Founder and Chief Executive Officer of People Express Airlines President and Chief Operating Officer of Texas International Airlines, which procured and turned out to be a piece of Continental Airlines President of National Aviation, a shut end speculation organization represent considerable authority in avionics ventures including early-stage and redesigns Cameron Burr – Executive Vice President and Board Member Partner at The Burr Group and Director of Corporate Development of SBS International Hambrecht & Quist and PaineWebber where he had some expertise in convertible security financings David Leblanc – Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer Partner at The Burr Group and Chief Operating and Chief Financial Officer of SBS International Spent quite a long while working in the carrier business with First Equity Development and Air Canada Mike Bristow - Chief Operating Officer Co-organizer and head of operations at Vanguard Airlines, situated in Kansas City, MO. Commander for Continental Airlines General Manager for People Express Airlines with obligation regarding reservations, information transfers, PC operations, and stock control U. S. Aviation based armed forces - Deputy Director of the world’s biggest repair and redesign office for airplane landing apparatus Robert Crandall – Chairman of the Board*: Former Chairman and CEO of American Airlines Michael Hodge – Board Member: Managing Director Tiger Management LLC David Hurley – Board Member: Vice-Chairman of Privatair

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Relative Intercity Transit Market Growth SATS (Small Aircraft Transportation System) Jet Transports Jetliners Displace Propliners Speed DC-3 Propliners Displace Cars Assembly Line Model T Cars Displace Trains * Graph gave by Dr. Bruce Holmes, Director of NASA’s SATS program 1900 1910 1920 1930 1940 1950 1960 1970 1980 1990 2000 2010 2020 2030 NASA’s Small Aircraft Transportation System (SATS) project gives the setting Significant time investment funds can be acknowledged Transformation is happening Jet Air Taxi Commercial Air Service Prop Air Taxi Car Much of the obliged foundation is now set up

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Launch Market Northeast district, characterized as the region inside of 500 miles of New York City There are 1.3 million high-winning, continuous flying individuals here These people right now normal 38,800,000 local treks/year Approximately 25% of those excursions are under 500 miles, bringing about 9.7 million POGO-capable client trips a year POGO\'s aggregate client outing check before our second\'s over year of operations will be pretty nearly 92,000 POGO\'s 1 st year income gauges will be met by fulfilling under 1.0% of current request This speaks to under 260 clients for every day, or what might as well be called 2 B737/A320 flights every day, or the limit of under 1 B737/A320 air ship every day

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Brand Positioning Strategy For time-squeezed, High Performance people, Pogo is the progressive air taxi benefit that makes the advantages of “on your terms” private plane travel available, reasonable and advantageous to those whose lives most request it. Moderate Luxury for High Performance, “Mass Affluent” and Critical Business Tool for Small, Growing Business Entrepreneurs

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Pricing Strategy Simple and predictable valuing. Clients will be charged a most extreme of $6.00 per Mile per Airplane Significantly and reliably less expensive than other private plane options Yield administration practices to oversee interest Reduced estimating for off-top utilization Reduced evaluating on repositioning flight

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Operating Model – Key Strategies Operating System – Comprehensively Different Single flying machine sort: 75 Very Light Jets First light fly with low obtaining and direct working expense One bolster, upkeep, and preparing procedure Regional: 650 air terminals/500-mile flight sweep Best utilization of air ship working capacities Network effectiveness – diminished backhaul Facilities: Variable cost, no speculation Information Technology Maximize utilization of constant data in choice procedure Optimize system efficiencies and income opportunities Web-based flight solicitation, affirmation and income catch Marketing Very low costs, pay at time of booking Accessible – short satisfaction times with consistency and unwavering quality Personalized administration – data driven and client centered database combined with propelled administration suppliers Operations Customer bolster and flight dispatch Operations control focus with cross-useful operations groups: Customer interchanges Destination bolster prerequisites Flight task and observing Maintenance and Support Progressive air bearer armada administration framework Co-situate with VLJ OEM* Fixed value contract with VLJ OEM for parts and support People Recruit client administration arranged people Comprehensive enlisting, preparing, inspiration, and pay projects Pursue cross-usage way to deal with staffing * Whenever geologically fitting

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Information Technology Strategy Leading edge data innovation Optimization devices, for example, system administration, tail task and day of operation repair Customer relationship administration Integrated end-to-end programming suite that will profoundly mechanize and streamline the first\'s utilization light fly advancement in an on-interest environment Benefit from a “late-mover” position in the improvement of data innovation Integrated, Web-based, end-to-end programming arrangements that minimize cost while expanding system income and client administration POGO will utilize the most recent ongoing information social affair and choice emotionally supportive networks Customer solicitation assessment and satisfaction Flight dispatch Aircraft support Personnel bolster Regulatory consistence

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Pilot Strategy Pilots in our model are vital to wellbeing, administration conveyance (income) and expense control (fuel) – they are twofold utilized both constructive and antagonistic Safety 2 Pilots will be prepared to an air transporter standard and pilot-in-summon capability The pilot-in-order will be sort appraised and hold an ATP (Air Transport Pilot) authentication Single air ship sort grants institutionalized flight preparing and working methodology High levels ofâ service and profitability requires deliberate, steady initiative consideration An exceedingly engaged, taught selecting, preparing and inspiration program that accentuates security, administration conveyance, and proficiency Rigorously outline, create and utilization programs that are exhaustively receptive to key pilot measurements, for example, pay, calendar and appreciation Specific projects include: Comprehensive remuneration arrangement -   salaried base pay, benefit sharing, value, and different advantages Teamwork "Open-book" correspondence Cross-utilizationâ â â â â â 

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Market Opportunity Compelling worth recommendation: low estimated, efficient, on interest private plane travel Very extensive business sector potential No one serving this business sector Operating innovation right now accessible Highly gainful working model Current flying machine and motor generation gives lead time advantage Available Enabling Technologies Aircraft, motor and flying innovation Very in the first place, light fly Low procurement cost and DOC’s (Direct Operating Costs) Lighter, less complex flying machine, flying and motor has constructive upkeep and use advantages Advanced computerized all-glass cockpit Integrated data frameworks Optimization of income and working model CRM innovation New bolster innovation FAA NASA Leadership Team Experienced in distinguishing avionics development opportunities and conveying worth to speculators Experienced in air transporter operations Knowledgeable in the utilization and sending of driving edge innovation Financial Returns Powerful versatility drives quick development in income and net pay Operating income constructive inside of 12 months of start-up Projected to make them trust working mone

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