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Pre-Independence W. Africa. The Ministries of Information in most West African states get their cause from the British Ministry of Information. ...
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Drained, 2 . July . 2010 GOVERNMENT PR IN W.AFRICA Propaganda or Development Tool – The Case of Ghana Bledcom 2010

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PROPANDA - Definitions T he "conscious, precise endeavor to shape recognitions, control comprehensions, and direct conduct to accomplish a reaction that encourages the sought expectation of the advocate". (Jowett & O\'Donell, )

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Propaganda and/or Public Information Propaganda in its unique sense is impartial, and may likewise allude to utilizations which are for the most part held to be moderately favorable or harmless, for example, general wellbeing proposals, signs urging natives to partake in a statistics or decision, or messages urging persons to report wrongdoings to the police , among others. Bledcom 2010

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Is PR any Different ? It means to enhance open picture of associations, governments and people. It paints a positive side of the association so it can impact dispositions and feelings of target crowds. Bledcom 2010

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SAME TOOLS ? Customary apparatuses utilized as a part of Public Relations incorporate official statements, radio and TV jingles, media pack, leaflets, pamphlets and yearly reports. Progressively, organizations are using intuitive online networking, for example, web journals, Twitter and Facebook, as apparatuses in their PR crusades. Bledcom 2010

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Pre-Independence W. Africa The Ministries of Information in most West African states get their starting point from the British Ministry of Information. The Ministry of Information (MOI) of the United Kingdom, headed by the Minister of Information, was an administration division made toward the end of World War I and again amid World War II. It was the focal government office in charge of "exposure and purposeful publicity ". Bledcom 2010

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WEST AFRICA Today, popular government is a developing pattern in a large portion of West Africa. Occasions of precariousness in nations, for example, Guinea, Cote d\'Ivoire, Togo and Guinea Bissau, yet Liberia and Sierra Leone which went to war for a long time now have fairly chosen governments. Nigeria, Liberia, Gambia and Ghana are refered to here for reference. Bledcom 2010

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Common Objective of Ministry of Information to give the citizenry dependable and opportune data on government exercises, projects and activities. \'assume a key part of imparting government approaches and projects to the general population\'. Bledcom 2010

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Ghana presently gloats of nearly 150 private radio stations, 10 private TV channels, and around 40 private daily papers. This is notwithstanding one state-possessed radio and TV slot (Ghana Broadcasting Corporation) with countrywide transmission range and two freely claimed daily papers, the Daily Graphic and the Ghanaian Times . Bledcom 2010

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Ghana 2 The article positions of dominant part of the daily papers are hostile to government however a noteworthy extent likewise underpins the present Government Bledcom 2010

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Functions of Ministry of Information Issues government official statements, reacts to media and open reactions and remarks about government projects and arrangements ; Press Briefings MEET THE PRESS - Ministry offers the stage for different offices of government to "educate" the general population about their operations. Areas of the general population allude to these sessions as \'government publicity Bledcom 2010

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NEW ROLE OF MINISTRY ? The real move in the elements of the Ministry instead of the past and others in the district is the reference to \'open Government approach\' The open Government strategy has been directed by strengths of globalization, democratization and data innovation development. Bledcom 2010

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INFORMATION SERVICES DEPARTMENT Main Dept for "Purposeful publicity" To Create mindfulness about government arrangements, projects and exercises through an armada of silver screen vans. To evaluate input to Government projects To Support Ministries with PROS Bledcom 2010

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CHALLENGES Limited Government Resources/Budget Liberalization of Media Constitutional Guarantees for Press Freedom Declining Capacity of Govt PROs In Various Ministries/Agencies/Departments Existence of Spokespersons for Government at the Presidency Bledcom 2010

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PR & DEVELOPMENT ISSUES 65 % rustic populace require more instruction on wellbeing, mining, oil & gas, data innovation and farming issues Minister, Hon. John Tia Akologu, " the Ministry of Information has recognized the need to build up a lucid effort methodology for critical execution". Bledcom 2010

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FUTURE OF GOVERNMENT PR With responsibility to an Open Government arrangement, Government needs to discover more inventive and expert methods for achieving the substantial mass of individuals who have no entrance to all the accessible private exchange media. The Government\'s PR capacities as picture producer can be worked from a little Unit inside the Presidency. The ISD can be rebuilt as Office of Public Information. Bledcom 2010

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THANK YOU Contact : KOJO YANKAH, President, African University College of Communications, Accra, Ghana. Email: Website: Bledcom 2010

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