Governments Without Limits Serving Natives in an Advanced World.

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Governments Without Limits Serving Residents in an Advanced World Presentation to e-Administration Team June 6, 2001 Michelle d'Auray Boss Data Officer Legislature of Canada Taxpayer driven organizations in Canada - an outline The Legislature of Canada is a huge and complex association
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Governments Without Boundaries Serving Citizens in a Digital World Presentation to e-Governance Task Force June 6, 2001 Michelle d’Auray Chief Information Officer Government of Canada

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Government Services in Canada - an outline The Government of Canada is an expansive and complex association 126 elected offices and offices in charge of more than 1,600 projects and administrations All levels give benefits that touch the lives of Canadians once a day, for instance Federal - Income Security, Business Services, Passports Provincial - Health, Education, Permits (driver’s permit, chasing & angling) Municipa l - Water, Utilities, Libraries, Community Services

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The Government of Canada’s responsibility... “The Government will keep on progressing in the direction of putting its administrations on-line by 2004, to better unite with citizens.” Speech from the Throne January 30, 2001 “This objective sends a reasonable sign that we intend to ... outfit the capability of the Internet.” Prime Minister Jean Chrã©tien February 2, 2001 …to brilliant government

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Accessibility Service Canada Quality and Satisfaction Service Improvement In - Person Telephone Internet Enabling Platform Government On-Line Government On-Line underpins... …service conveyance change over all channels

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Better administration to Canadians - anyplace, at whatever time Giving Canadian organizations an upper hand Supporting open administration restoration Positioning Canada as a creative, on-line nation Government On-Line implies... …using innovation for the advantage of all Canadians

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Internet Use in Canada Government On-Line reacts to... Government and Internet 63% of Canadians (84.5% of youth) as of late utilized the Internet Canada Information Office, January 2001 Statistics Canada, 2000 Canadians invest the most energy in line on the planet (5.1 hours for every week) PricewaterhouseCoopers, Fall 2000 69% of SMEs and just about 100% of bigger ventures utilize the Internet CFIB, August 2000 In the most recent three months, 44% of Internet clients went by an administration site Canada Information Office, January 2001 72% of Canadians bolster the move to electronic government Ekos, Fall 2000 87% trust more noteworthy utilization of Internet/email will enhance access to government data and administrations Environics, January 2001 …growing Internet use in Canada

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We have to make it less demanding for Canadians... Canadians must visit more than one level of government to get administrations on-line 69% say knowing where to begin is the greatest test in getting taxpayer driven organizations 67% of Internet clients say they ought to have the capacity to apply for administrations from distinctive levels of government through one site 78% trust that the Internet will have a positive effect on the coordination of administrations between levels of government 72% trust the Internet will give Canadians a more noteworthy say in choice making …to access benefits paying little mind to locale

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Key variables for achievement: Jurisdictions are at diverse phases of e-government... Initiative Targets Governance Common base & measures Updated administrative and arrangement structure Communications & engagement Strategic venture ….but are all centered around normal needs

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A corporate methodology is crucial... Clear political and senior managerial accountabilities for vast targets Corporate co-appointment of government activity arrangement Departmental leads doled out to create far reaching business forms Departmental GOL prompts convey on departmental accountabilities Common structure and measurements and unified checking Consultation, cooperation and organizations with key partners Timely, straightforward, proactive correspondences …to guarantee achievement

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A sound administration approach with clear accountabilities... Panel of Ministers (Treasury Board) goes about as the administration board Responsible Minister to name External Advisory Committee of office heads gives oversight capacity CIO co-ordinates government arrangements, gives regular system & measurements and screens progress Department sets out responsible toward conveying through responsibility agrees (28 center offices) GOL prompts guarantee flat methodologies inside of divisions …will guarantee that GOL destinations are met

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Governments crosswise over Canada... …are moving toward e-government

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How would we arrange crosswise over locales? Through discussions like the Public Sector Chief Information Officer Council and the Public Sector Service Delivery Council, seize chances to cooperate crosswise over levels of government in Canada to: test imaginative administration conveyance alternatives manufacture normal answers for key arrangement issues (security, protection) offer encounters and best practices create basic estimation device for administration conveyance Establish joint sites to highlight best practices and lessons educated Participate in cross-jurisdictional/multi-sectoral occasions to encourage coordinated effort

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Common methodologies crosswise over wards - data sharing Connectedness Electronic trade Critical mass of administrations on-line Common business forms Common IM/IT Infrastructure Human assets Public/private area associations

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Interjurisdictional GOL activities/pilots under way Health Information Network Partnership between three levels of government, group affiliations, wellbeing associations Canada-Ontario Business Registration Authentication Pilot to test open key foundation Canada Customs and Revenue Agency Joint individual assessment forms (with 9 areas, 3 domains) Corporate salary charge (2 regions) Business enrollment (4 regions)

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Emerging GOL opportunities crosswise over Canadian locales Common business forms (i.e. lost wallet, change of location, business enlistment, business start-up) Information Management system Authentification structure (counting specialized interoperability) Critical data and foundation insurance Common estimation device for administration measures and benchmarking on-line progress Common toolboxs( (i.e. protection sway evaluation, best practices for ESD on shared site) On-line obtainment (open doors for shared administration)

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Emerging GOL opportunities universally Exchange of data and best practices Interjurisdictional interoperability Trilateral (Canada-US-Mexico) PKI gathering Private division (i.e. ITAC-ITAA) North America as geographic premise for cross-outskirt administration activities

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Governments Without Boundaries Serving Citizens in a Digital World Presentation to e-Governance Task Force June 6, 2001 Michelle d’Auray Chief Information Off

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