GPS/GIS Mapping.

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The understudies utilize their GPS units to locate each stacked waypoint in a rogaining style occasion and screen the guide screen to assert a
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GPS/GIS Mapping A workshop to build up the aptitudes required to develop maps in Arcmap. Exhibited by Neil Gray, Teacher-in-Charge, Columboola EEC, (EQ), August 2006.

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Sample Output – Arcmap of understudy field work for Dulacca SS.

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Components Garmin GPS and mapping programming (MapSource) DNR Garmin expansion programming GIS programming (Arcview 9)

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GPS Garmin GPS required for interface with the DNR augmentation Garmin MapSource programming required for control of field information Projection in either WGS 84 or GDA 94 Data gathered as either; focuses, lines or courses.

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Garmin GPS and Attachments

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Sample Screen - MapSource

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DNR Garmin Extension

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Map Creation Process Plan field activity and GPS overview process. Show understudies GPS use and essential review procedures. Gather field information utilizing GPS units. (This is just position information however it can be connected to any advanced information in a quality GIS.) Save information as focuses, tracks or courses. Gather other information simultaneously. (Advanced pictures, information lumberjack readings and so forth.) Remember that GPS information gathered is just recreational use precision and is valuable for recreational or school instructive purposes. In the event that information assembled is to be utilized as a part of fine detail applications at little scale, or showed as a layer on top of such exact information (rasters or satellite symbolism at 1:25000 scale or less), it might should be gathered or prepared utilizing more precise strategies than can be secured in this workshop. This is a result of the blunders inborn in this level of GPS administration, that is despite the fact that the unit expresses that it has a precision of give or take 4m, this is not by any stretch of the imagination genuine. Variables outside our ability to control, for example, clock blunders, SV heavenly body arrangement, barometrical elements and different wellsprings of impedance, and plain human mistake, would all be able to contrive to render your readings unusable if contrasted with exceptionally precise spatial information.

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Map Creation Process Connect GPS unit to PC, open MapSource and turn on GPS. Down burden information to MapSource and spare instantly.

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Data Down Loaded, Time to Manipulate by Deleting or Adding.

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All track indicates have been erased empower waypoints to be spared as an information set.

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Map Creation Handy Hints Remember to spare every time you have produced a useable information set. Guarantee that the document name is a guide highlight class, as it will wind up on the legend in your guide. Erase every single spared dat from the GPS before continuing further. This is on the grounds that the GPS is really utilized as a memory interface amongst MapSource and DNR Garmin. To erase information from the unit, press the "Discover" catch, highlight "WAYPOINTS", press "ENTER", to raise the waypoint list. Press the "MENU" catch to get to the waypoint chief screen, highlight the "erase" alternative, press "ENTER" and afterward select "all images", press "ENTER". The unit will inquire as to whether you truly need to erase all waypoints. Select "Yes", press "ENTER". To erase tracks and courses from the unit, go to the primary menu screen, highlight "Tracks", press "ENTER", select "Clear" on the track page, press "ENTER", the unit will as though you truly need to clear the track log. Select "Yes", press "ENTER". Any spared courses can be erased by deleting the segment waypoints.

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Map Creation Process Send the required information set to the GPS utilizing the "send to" catch. Keep in mind to turn the unit on. With the unit on, open up the DNR Garmin augmentation program. It will naturally scan for a GPS unit appended to the PC by means of an open port. Utilize the track, course or waypoint alternative to download the comparing record. This will raise an information list in DNR Garmin. Send to Arcmap by means of the spare capacity under the document symbol.

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Map Creation Process (Cont.) Send your information set to the GPS from MapSource utilizing the "send to" catch.

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Map Creation Process (Cont.) With the GPS on, open DNR Garmin and download from the GPS, utilizing the right symbol.

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Map Creation Process (Cont.)

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Map Creation Process (Cont.)

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Map Creation Process (Cont.)

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Map Creation Process (Cont.) The waypoints have now been moved into Arcmap and have in this manner been mapped. This procedure can now be taken after from the begin to add more elements to your guide. The consistent elements of Arcmap can now be utilized to create a guide of publishable quality (including a legend, lattice, north bolt, title and so forth.) Arcmap ability building is another workshop. On the off chance that your Arcmap aptitudes are growing great it may appear as though this exertion.

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Map Creation Process (Cont.) Note that in the event that you are delivering a guide in light of a clear page the projection utilized is not critical. The default of WGS (World Geodetic System) 84 is OK. On the off chance that you are utilizing a basic raster information set layer, or satellite picture you should coordinate projections and possibly compute position blunders and alter the information in like manner. Hyperlinks to other advanced information can be incorporated into the guide projection for every information set. This is a helpful component for advanced presentations.

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The first GIS venture at Columboola depended on mapping a little plot of area utilizing advanced maps and satellite symbolism. Out at Columboola (Miles), quality computerized maps and satellite pictures are beside non-existent, or they cost a ton of cash to get. This made it by difficult to convey the aim of the first venture. There must be an approach to inexpensively and viably utilize GPS in the field and show the information as a quality guide. The arrival of the DNR Garmin interface for Garmin GPS to Arcmap has reformed the way of producing maps from field information, and its free accessibility implies that even elementary school understudies can now record the consequences of their field fill in as a quality guide. Contrast that with pencil and paper mud maps! The Dulacca SS venture required a term for the whole work out, and just the guide delivered has been utilized here. The understudies created a leaflet including photographs, data and the guide for the encompassing significant vegetation sorts. Around 6 hours of class time was spent figuring out how to utilize the GPS units, a day of field work, 1 entire day to make the guide and 6 weeks of timetabled class time to research and make the leaflet. The store guide is the consequence of around 3 days of serious field and Arcmap work. The outcome is boundlessly superior to the old hand drawn guide and valuable as well. I can now extend orienteering focuses onto the computerized guide and print singular course maps! The understudies utilize their GPS units to locate each stacked waypoint in a rogaining style occasion and screen the guide screen to guarantee a "find". The GPS units track the understudies for each progression that they take, and when this is downloaded to MapSource on their arrival, I can see the definite course gone up against screen, as well as whether a waypoint seemed to be "found". I can even print out the careful track that they strolled on the guide as a record of their accomplishment! The GPS units and programming have additionally been utilized as a part of GPS orienteering in Yr 8, 9 & 10 HPE at Miles SHS, and in senior maths An in the mapping and looking over area of the educational modules. Columboola EEC now "possesses" a geocache and storing is incorporated into our educational modules. GPS and spatial ICT\'s have reformed the way geographic data can be utilized as a part of the HPE, Maths, Science and SOSE educational modules ranges over here in the Miles Cluster. The Final Word

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