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GPS = Global Positioning System. Gives consistent, all-climate, continuous position, speed, and time data, anyplace on the planet. ...
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GPS On The Motorcycle: Tool or Toy? Dwindle Jones - DGPS Guy July 14, 1999 BMW MOA National Rally Rhinebeck, New York

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Peter Jones - DGPS Guy U.S. Coast Guard for a long time. Previous enrolled helicopter flight mech/SAR group and aeronautics specialist. Initially authorized billet: U.S. Coast Guard Navigation Center, Alexandria, VA Command & Control of DGPS & LORAN DGPS Management and a few operations.

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GPS On The Motorcycle GPS 101 User hardware examinations Waypoint & course administration Software instruments and Internet assets Neat aides Discussion

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GPS 101 GPS = Global Positioning System Provides persistent, all-climate, ongoing position, speed, and time data, anyplace on the planet. Gives two levels of administration: Standard Positioning Service: 100m (95%) Anyone with a beneficiary - sign is for nothing out of pocket Precise Positioning Service: ~22m Authorized clients just (DOD) - Protected by crypto

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GPS 101: User Base Traditional guides (marine & flight) Surveyors & graph producers Agriculture Utilities (timing) New advances and applications "Shrewd Transportation Systems" Self-steering autos You name it...

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GPS 101: Satellites 24 satellites in 6 orbital planes. Right now have 27 satellites in circle. Three extras are online and transmitting. Semi-synchronous circle at 11,000 miles. Controlled by USAF Space Command. USAF has focused on giving a ceaseless GPS administration without intrusion to the common client.

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GPS Satellite "Birdcage"

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GPS 101: Tech Stuff Each satellite transmits route signals on 2 L-band frequencies, L-1 (1575.42 MHz) and L-2 (1227.6 MHz). Position is computed from separation and time estimations to satellites. 3 estimations expected to decide accurate two-dimensional position. Client must give elevation. 4 estimations expected to decide precise three-dimensional position. The likelihood that 4 or more GPS satellites are in perspective anyplace on or close to the earth (over a 24 hour time frame) is no less than 99.9% (w/complete group of stars).

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Selective Availability (S/A) DOD\'s purposeful debasement of the sign to deny the terrible person exceptionally exact situating for weapons conveyance. S/An is the thing that keeps SPS precision at <100 meters (95%). S/A can be changed gradually; breaking points are characterized. USAF has focused on constraining S/A to 100m, 95% Typically around 50m for last couple years. PPS has S/A sifted through by crypto gear.

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S/A (cont.) On March 29, 1996 the President reported arrangement on GPS, with expectations to stop the utilization of S/An inside 10 years. Starting in the year 2000, the President will make a yearly assurance on proceeded with utilization of SA. Post-S/A GPS ought to give correctnesses like PPS. Clients will most likely see superior to anything 20m routinely (can hardly wait!).

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Velocity Accuracy Generally exceptionally precise with the exception of S/A. S/A restricted to 4m/sec by sign spec. Commonly a great deal less Most current collectors measure speed utilizing doppler shift estimations not position by and large an extremely exact speedometer

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Enhancements/Augmentations Differential GPS (DGPS): Maritime (Coast Guard) Aviation (FAA) Commercial Provider Private/Local Hobbyist (Amateur Radio) Enables very precise situating by giving mistake redresses through information join. Coast Guard framework regularly gives correctnesses superior to anything 2 meters.

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GPS Outages Simply Put: It Doesn\'t Happen. Web based notices are worth what you paid for them. The Reality: Very restricted range ECM testing could influence clients. Unrealistic to have genuine influence since government organizations (FAA, USCG, and so forth.) are keeping an eye out for clients (hello, we\'re here to offer assistance!).

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End-of-Week (EOW) Rollover GPS Epoch taking into account weeks from 0000 to 1023 (standard 10-bit advanced counter). GPS week counter will move over at 23:59:47 UTC on August 21, 1999. Not a GPS outline imperfection! GPS beneficiaries not worked to distributed measures may crash or neglect to track satellites at the season of rollover. Most cutting edge beneficiaries are not influenced by the EOW rollover. Beneficiaries that are influenced will most likely work again in the wake of being reset. Clients ought to contact the processing plant for more data.

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Consumer Hardware Garmin Seem to have the best programming bolster Popular among specialists Diverse product offering Lowrance/Eagle Competitively valued Some slick elements Perhaps not as much programming Both have fantastic client administration rep.

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Garmin GPS-III+ Small & light Street level uploadable maps from CD can hold around 1 medium sized metro range in 1.4 MB however no POI\'s. Great battery life (18+ hours) Garmin StreetPilot Large frame element Street level uploadable maps from CD or ROM can hold up to 16MB of information incl. POI\'s. Poor battery life esp. for ColorMap (2 hrs). Recipient Comparisons

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Receiver Comparisons (cont.) Eagle MapGuide Pro More RAM than Garmin GPS-III More adaptability in selecting segments to transfer Lower cost Some say UI not as natural...

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Consumer Software Commercial: Street Atlas by DeLorme Precision Mapping by Chicago Map Microsoft Expedia/Streets Shareware Waypoint+ G7TO GPSy (Mac)

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Waypoint Naming Techniques Many collectors restricted to 6 or 8 characters. Thought of a framework that sounds good to you! Shortened names for area waypoints. Three characters for every 50% of a street change. I95231 = a turn from I95 onto Hwy 231. MOHOLD = a turn from Mohican St onto Old Bridge Rd. Use remarks field!

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Building Routes Create a waypoint for every street change. Including waypoints for noteworthy heading changes (extremely awe-inspiring streets) makes your guide less demanding to take after and registered times more precise. Can utilize collector console (moderate) or programming: Waypoint+ G7TO - or-G7TOWin Street Atlas

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Street Atlas Routing Create waypoints at every street change utilizing stops. Try not to utilize vias. Each waypoint *must* have one of a kind name. Rename utilizing mouse and right-click. Not basic with StreetPilot. Before processing course, transfer it! "Transfer Directions to GPS" Must choose GPS  Initialize first or menu decision does not show up (moan).

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Street Atlas Routing (cont.) Can in any case use auto-directing to choose course. Minor change to course expels pointless waypoints. Rapidly fabricates great courses. 30 waypoint limit for every course (recipient impediment). On account of obscure IBMWR President for this strategy. Flaky with StreetPilot Can even now utilize this system to fabricate waypoint rundown and after that heap physically or with shareware.

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Track Logs Most units record bread-piece trail. Capacity differs with unit. Biggest might be in Garmin GPS-III/III+. Garmin units have customizable determination. Download utilizing shareware (Waypoint+ or G7TO), then import into Street Atlas. Downloading into Street Atlas less adaptable. Limits number of records got Doesn\'t separate track lines or focuses

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Track Logs

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Internet Resources Everything under the sun on GPS. waypoint store. situated waypoint database. Motorcycle situated GPS pages. Complete U.S. BMW merchant waypoint document!

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Neat Adjuncts: APRS Automatic Position Reporting System Automatically transmits position, pace, and heading Receives from kindred voyagers Position accessible by means of shareware and WWW Requires Amateur "Ham" Radio License

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