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Great Administration. Idea, Arrangement, Hone WITHOUT Limits Prof.George Manliev , Bulgaria . Fundamental inquiries. Great administration as an idea Standards Primary approach angles Viable usage Great administration - basic for supportable development and welfare in worldwide world.
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Main inquiries Good administration as an idea Principles Main approach angles Practical usage Good administration - basic for reasonable development and welfare in worldwide world

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The crumple of welfare state and Bureaucratic Public Management Traditional bureacratic open administration: deficiencies in changing world:monopoly control; lease looking for lawmakers and civil servants; wasteful government and open area programs/acti vities The welfare state was gave way since governments were locked in two much with social issues and re-circulation of GNP. Government (Leviatan) reguired more charges, more obligation and more uses without achieving welfare for all ! The mission was unthinkable ! Therefore :) another financial and political consencus: first-development and individual welfare, second –social welfare through government redistribution and social progra m mes. B) division confronted: proficient private and wasteful open segment in 70-80 ies. It makes extraordinary weight for changes The development of New Public Management(NPM) idea blend of market approach rehearses from numerous nations (late 80-ies)

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The N PM as idea and strategy Main objectives of the NPM –increase proficiency in all administration exercises (esteem for citizens cash) N PM demonstrate: crushing the extent of government, privatazing government enterprizes; transfering the supply of open products to privately owned businesses; presenting rivalry where it is possible;learning from the administration of develop huge c ompanies(,change,HRM, perf .application l) NPM-got to be distinctly overwhelming political rationality for government administration amid 90-ies Positive yields: government establishments truly turned out to be more effective !The organizations got more space for market adjustment(deregulation).Incresing some portion of open administrations have been conveyed by private companies;Citizens matter more!Government administration turned out to be more expert Negative yields: open foundations turned out to be more commercilized ! Many individuals experienced cutting social programes;The administrators kept their rents; PPP make some defilement hones ;NGO-s were not genuine accomplices; General impression-showcase driven changes contributed for more productivity, yet made disappointment for some social gatherings (Pareto wastefulness) Main lesson: The crevice amongst governments and natives did not connect ! Individuals were not fulfilled from administration of their legislatures

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The change of idea : Re-designing government In seeking the more sufficient profile: governments dismiss the bureuacracy,but additionally the market ,as a fundamental main impetus for open part administration D.Osburn, T.Gaebler: Re-imagining government(1992) –the book which tested and changed the comprehension of present day government Re-thinking the old inquiries: what government ought to do, how and for whom ? The civil argument is not for huge or little state, but rather for a terrible or great administration of government ! Great government requires great governance.It is an administrative approach, intended to achieve productivity, manageable development and better fulfillment of subjects needs Good administration consolidates s h ort and me dium term strategy : A) more looks after comprehending the present needs of social orders (work, instruction, wellbeing) , additionally B) adapting to basic culture challenges (absence of assets, maturing populace, contamination, atmosphere changes, personal satisfaction, concentrated movement et cetera) Good administration modify nation improvement towards the evolving scene: dynamic mechanical progress, openess of business sectors, worldwide rivalry, higher residents desires for better life

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Re-imagining government: new parts Catalytic government: steering(policy and direction) as opposed to paddling (benefit conveyance) ; Community-claimed government: enabling instead of serving ; Competitive government: infusing rivalry into administration conveyance ; Mission-driven government: transformimg control driven associations ; Result-situated government: addressing the necessities of the client, not the organization ; Enterprizing Government: winning as opposed to spending Anticipatory government: avoidance as opposed to cure Decentralized government: from chain of command to investment and cooperation ; Market-arranged government: utilizing change through the market ; Good government-blend of all these new parts Government versus showcase: the old quandary in new light: government as a main impetus for society changes, including new open doors for individuals support in social life and aggressive business advancement !

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From idea to strategy: standards of good administration Rule of the law Openess and transperancy Efficiency: results ought to reflect mission and objectives? Efectiveness: inputs/yields Citizens as a customers of government Accountability (how we utilized citizens cash) Predictability and dependability Partnership with concerned gatherings Coherency in all administration activities Principles are drawn from great practices (confirm based !) Principles are controlling guidelines and benchmarks for good administration for everywhere throughout the world (contrast UK and Italy, Bulgaria or Romania !)

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Good administration : primary arrangement viewpoints Strategic administration: mission, vision, procedure, activity plans,innovations and changes Government authoritative structure, in light of the rule operator model(clear parts of all establishments) Bulding up ability to oversee as indicated by the standards( the new vision for open organization) Professional strategy making(pubcons,imp.assessment) Improvement of administrative strategies for business advancement (OECD book: Regulatory administration, 2002, Better managerial administrations for subjects Public-private partnership(scenario win-win) Human asset administration E-administration (community; Innovations,identification and scattering of good practices (

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From idea to practice How standards of good administration can get to be practice in short and medium term government activities: A) set up legitimate tenets and necessary requirement for all legislature actions(centralized approach) B) dispatch advancements ,decribe great practices and spread among others(decentralized approach) Botn alternatives are workable, depends from the national culture of legislators and bureaucrats,as well as NGO-s development;recommended path: begin with intentional approach and make lawful base for all(expl. Web website! Universal measurements: take in the accepted procedures from cutting edge nations: UK,USA, Danmark,Estonia and others ! Key components for achievement: A) Political definitiveness for changes: require instructed and inteligent legislators B) Professional,not politically controlled, organization C) Dialog and interviews with organizations and NGOs Always input from accomplices! E) Active part of different partners : voters, political gatherings in restrictions, NGO-s , weight of common society individuals !(Galbraith countervailing power)

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Good administration instrument for development and welfare in worldwide world Good administration now it is a predominant approach and practice in created popularity based nations Good administration part : however training, better business control and judicious social arrangement, to contribute for supportable financial development and social welfare of natives ! Great administration : i t is not mold, it is an efective device to oversee nation advancement and to serve residents in most ideal way ! Great administration in a worldwide setting: it is an idea, strategy and practice without limits ! Particular experience-China, present nearly a similar idea and arrangement : the part of government-to make harmomious society ! Alteration of worldwide idea to nearby Chinese con ditions and advancement arranges !

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Good administration in worldwide setting UN ,The Department of Economic and Social Affairs , Division for Public Administration and Development Management Making open organization and administration more receptive to the necessities of residents is a standout amongst the most vital points of the United Nations\' "Rehashing Government" program ! At regular intervals: Global Forum on Reinventing Government ; universal social affair of approach creators and experts;The discussion is overall research center for sharing new thoughts and arrangement improvement The seventh Global gathering ,June 2007,Vienna: managing fortifying trust, responsibility and support in government with the goal that it can serve residents all the more viably, proficiently and responsively. (Division for Public Administration and Development Management-worldwide gathering)

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Public administration: advancements and changes The old open administration – bureacratic style, incapable administration ↓ The new open administration : showcase driven approach, successful administration, social frustrations ↓ Good administration: new syntesis and development - intended to achieve maintainable development and open segment proficiency , and in addition subjects fulfillment and social welfare

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Conclusions The new, reasonable social thoughts and ideas have prompted to imaginative changes in government arrangements ; Global effect: when new practices affirmed its productivity, they got to be rules for changes in different nations ; The Good Governance a s a strategy alternatives depends on the idea for re-concocting government, genuine approach changes and number of good practices in most created nations (UK, USA, Danmark,Nl and so forth) From the begining of 21 century we have serious dispersal of good administration standards and practices everywhere throughout the world ! Today , there is full concensus among social partners : present day open administration requires implementa t particle of good administration standards Good goivernance is a strategy approach intended to increa

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