Great Visual depiction.

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Great Visual depiction. Great visual communication Says ONE thing Has a Proposal proclamation. Why Great Visual computerization?. Permits snappy data recovery Fortifies message Is stylish. Sort: Intelligibility. Alludes to that it is so natural to peruse The typestyle picked must be readable
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Great Graphic Design Good visual depiction Says ONE thing Has a THESIS proclamation

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Why Good Graphic Design? Permits snappy data recovery Reinforces message Is stylish

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Type: Legibility Refers to that it is so natural to peruse The typestyle picked must be neat Many typestyles are difficult to peruse; keep away from them at all costs There must be sufficient differentiation between shade of sort and foundation Yellow sort on white paper does not work Not all differentiating sort/foundation shading mixes work however

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Type: Legibility

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Type: Harmony Refers to the sort\'s attack with alternate components in the format Unless complexity is planned, the typestyle must match and strengthen alternate components (sort and workmanship) and the message

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Type: Communication

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Type: Communication Refers to utilizing sort as outline Think of sort as a visual component simply like a photo or a representation and utilization it to fortify the message

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Type: Creativity

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Vocabulary of Design Point (genuine or fanciful): Attracts the eye Line (genuine or nonexistent): Shows course and development Shape: Determines dimensions Tone: Provides weight and importance Texture: Provides feel

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Principles of Design Balance Proportion Movement Rhythm Unity Harmony Contrast

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Vocabulary of Design: Line

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Principles of Design: Contrast

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Most of all: Be considerably more imaginative

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