Green Squad 2008/2009 - Figuring out how to Prepare/Preparing to Prepare.

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Green Squad 2008/2009 - Figuring out how to Prepare/Preparing to Prepare Look at our the Green Squad Site: Green Squad Preparing Stock and Objectives Preparing Stock Dry Area Preparing:
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Green Squad 2008/2009 - Learning to Train/Training to Train Check out our the Green Squad Web Site:

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Green Squad Training Inventory and Goals Training Inventory Dry Land Training: Specific ski methods (ski strolling, ski striding and ski bouncing) Core quality improvement, quality preparing utilizing own body weight. Speed improvement amid different diversions/exercises (blasts of pace enduring 10 to 15 sec). High-impact limit building (climbing, simple running with shafts) Introduce the ideas of recuperation and recovery Discuss ideas around sustenance and carrying on with a sound way of life. Present essential basics around metal preparing and arrangement. Create adaptability, dexterity, equalization – system On Snow Training: Review all the essential ski procedures and refine them every practice Discuss fundamental race readiness Discuss different race strategies and methodologies Become acquainted with different occasion configurations (sprint, interim begin, mass begin) Review and talk about the ‘rule book’ of hustling Learn and create wax application and ski consideration Discuss legitimate garments and how to dress properly Introduce different preparing routines and their consequences for the body Double Pole Diagonal Stride One Skate GOALS Becoming Proficient in Diagonal Stride , Becoming Proficient in Double Pole, Becoming Proficient in One Skate Technique, Participate in All Squad Events, for example, the All Squad Hockey Tournament, Participate Local Races, for example, the Don Sumanik and Marsh Lake Loppet, Participate in the Territorial Championships (I.e. Yukon Championships), Participate in a Backcountry Adventure (I.e. White Pass Camp Out), Participate in a Ski Orienteering Event, Attend however many Practice Sessions as would be prudent, Learn Ski Preparation for Classic and Skate, Participate in an Introduction to Roller Skiing Session

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October 2008 – On Land Training

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November 2008 – Classic Month

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December 2008 – Skating Month

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January 2009 – Classic/Climbing Month

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February 2009

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March 2009 Spring Break – Informal Green Squad – SKI-SKI – SKI – SKI - SKI Canmore Ski Exchange – in Canmore ( March 16-22 ) Canmore Ski Exchange – in Whitehorse ( March 27-April 2 )

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