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CAMPUS GROWTH. Ashley Williams, Noel Wingers, Gabe Pean, Chris Quinones, Shae Rigg. FGCU GROWTH TOPICS. Enrollment Statistics On-Campus Parking Academic Facilities and Classroom sizes. FGCU ENROLLMENT. Florida Gulf Coast University is currently the fastest growing university in the state.
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Grounds GROWTH Ashley Williams, Noel Wingers, Gabe Pean, Chris Quinones, Shae Rigg

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FGCU GROWTH TOPICS Enrollment Statistics On-Campus Parking Academic Facilities and Classroom sizes

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FGCU ENROLLMENT Florida Gulf Coast University is right now the quickest developing college in the state. Surge of enlistment for the most part because of a 1990s command from the Florida Legislature. College president William Merwin predicts enlistment to reach between 12,000-15,000 in the following 4 years, with 3,000 understudies living on grounds in understudy lodging.

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FGCU ENROLLMENT CONT\'D. FGCU opened in the Fall of 1997 with 2,500 understudies selected. By Fall 2005, enlistment at FGCU had expanded by 20%. In 2005, a top was lifted that already constrained class sizes with a specific end goal to oblige enlistment development. FGCU has campaigned the state government for more than $46 million to oblige building extensions on the fundamental grounds. Jeb Bush ordered that FGCU get 2.2 million for enlistment development subsidizing in the 2006 Florida state spending plan.

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STATE UNIVERSITY ENROLLMENT STATISTICS Growth Percent (State Rank) Fall 1999-2000     Fall 2000-2001     Fall 2001-2002 FGCU       12.56% (1)      25.91% (1)      27.64% (1) UCF       8.54% (2)      7.90% (4)      9.10% (2) USF       5.25% (5)      4.24% (7)      7.08% (3) UNF       5.39% (4)      7.38% (5)      5.84% (4) FSU       4.20% (7)      3.07% (8)      4.91% (5) FIU       3.76% (8)      5.80% (6)      4.50% (6) FAU       5.13% (6)      12.44% (2)      3.67% (7) UWF       5.97% (3)      10.32% (3)      2.95% (8) UF       3.43% (9)      1.17% (10)      2.14% (9) FAMU       -1.03% (10)      1.77% (9)      1.96% (10) NCF                          1.53% (11) SUS Total E&G     4.69%           5.81%           5.24%

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Undergraduate educational cost & expenses (per credit hour) rate increments every year

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Parking charge increments every year *Fees through 2003 are altered for one year, after 2003 expenses are per credit, appeared here in light of a full-time understudy taking 12 credits/semester, 24 credits/year

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PARKING In 3 years of a $50 stopping charge, the school benefitted $150,000, with the cash being put aside for future repairs and upkeep to parking areas. The $25/year increment in 2002 expanded this benefit by another $80,000 every year. QUESTION: Could (ought to) the school have utilized this cash towards the parking structure to have cash sooner, then utilized later expenses to supplant the assets?

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Current and not so distant future parking spots (starting 2005) 2005 Campus Master Plan

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Existing Needs to park at FGCU, starting 2005 Campus Master Plan

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Parking Facilities on Campus There are as of now 4,891 parking spaces accessible on FGCU\'s grounds (starting 2005). 1,971 of these parking spaces are around grounds structures 1,730 of these parking spaces are in the Student Housing improvements 404 of these parking spaces are before Alico Arena 125 of these parking spaces are disabled spots all over grounds.

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FGCU ENROLLMENT IN CONTRAST IN AVAILABLE PARKING Roughly 6,000 FGCU understudies are suburbanites (which means these understudies don\'t live on grounds) There is a proportion of 3 understudies to each one parking space on grounds in the parking garages encompassing the scholarly structures. There are 1,730 parking spaces in Student Housing with more than 2,000 understudies living in the quarters (in addition to any guests occupants may have over)

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PROBLEMS WITH CURRENT PARKING SITUATION Due to the way that present stopping offices are lacking, understudies are compelled to stop illicitly (in the grass, on controls, in saved parking spaces, and so forth.) Consequences for unlawfully stopping on grounds include: $20 for general stopping fines (if paid inside the initial 5 days of accepting ticket) $10 charge is connected to general stopping fines if after the 5 schedule days Having at least two late unpaid references may bring about the immobilization of your vehicle, once immobilized all fines must be ponied up all required funds to discharge the vehicle.

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FGCU BOARD OF TRUSTEES: Proposed Board Action OCTOBER 6, 2004 With current enlistment, stopping accessibility on the FGCU grounds has gotten to be deficient, and stopping accessibility will progressively turn into a test because of future enlistment and other development needs. The present grounds end-all strategy extends the need to build stopping offices to oblige the requirements of a developing grounds with restricted accessible land. On September 1, 2004, the FGCU Financing Corporation Board of Directors endorsed a determination giving the power to back and develop a 500-space stopping office in the chief measure of $6,000,000, dependent upon the endorsement of the FGCU Board of Trustees. Stopping incomes are adequate to meet obligation and scope prerequisites. The Corporation\'s Board of Directors now ask for that the FGCU Board of Trustees affirm the encased determination approving the development of a 500-space stopping office and financing in the essential measure of $6,000,000. *Submitted and Prepared by Mr Curtis Bullock, Assistant to the President and Executive Director, FGCU Financing Corporation

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What do understudies/staff consider the circumstance? "I believe it\'s incredible," said one understudy, indicating his skateboard. "In any case, no, for the general population who live off grounds it truly sucks that they have no place to go and get ticketed for stopping on the grass." "I don\'t comprehend why the school is having such an issue. Don\'t they anticipate these issues before the school year?" –FGCU Senior Many employees are baffled with the measures of understudies utilizing the workforce/staff parts, as it doesn\'t leave enough spots for them in their constantly contracting parcel because of held spaces.

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FGCU Parking Garage (to be finished by December 31, 2006)

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FGCU PARKING GARAGE CONT\'D. The FGCU Parking Structure is the primary parking structure office the University has undertaken.  It will be found only south of the new Student Services Building and neighboring the future School of Hospitality Management. This office will lighten the present stopping circumstance by including 671 spaces inside a 60,000sf impression (Roughly the extent of a football field).  The genuine structure will comprise of 1 ground level + 3 raised decks.

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PARKING SOLUTIONS Parking Garage on grounds to suit more worker understudies at FGCU (still not accessible) Carpooling Parking in remote areas Public transportation Many understudies living near grounds well inside strolling/skating/biking separation Ben Hill Griffin Pkwy. has exceptionally available bicycle paths and cleared walkways on both sides of street Are these arrangements doable? What other conceivable arrangements could FGCU give?

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Academic Facilities

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CURRENT ACADEMIC FACILITIES AT FGCU Nearing the finish of the 2006 fall semester, there are as of now five scholarly structures on the grounds of Florida Gulf Coast University, including Ben Hill Griffin Hall, Reed Hall, Academic Building 3, Whitaker Hall, and Academic Building 5. As per the Fact Book \'03-\'04, the most as of late distributed release, the seating limit for the whole college surpasses 2400 seats and 35,000 square feet of space. That midpoints out to around 480 seats for every scholastic building. With the momentum populace of understudies at around 8100, there are sufficiently just seats accessible for short of what 33% of the understudies to be in a seat at any given minute. This absence of seat accessibility does not take into account numerous alternatives with regards to class booking and accessibility.

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BEN HILL GRIFFIN HALL Ben Hill Griffin Hall is the area of the College of Health Professions and Graduate Studies. It contains 15 classrooms, three PC classrooms, and two PC labs. It likewise has two levels.

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REED HALL The home to the College of Business is Reed Hall. The two level scholarly building contains the biggest second biggest address at the college seating 120 understudies. It likewise has two classrooms, 5 workshop rooms, and four PC labs.

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WHITAKER HALL Opened in 2001, Whitaker Hall houses the College of Arts and Sciences. The two-level structure has one expansive multi-reason room, 6 scholarly classrooms and 10 educating and investigate labs.

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ACADEMIC BUILDING 3 Academic Building III, which was the primary scholarly working at the college, was finished in 1993. It is home to the College of Professional Studies and the College of Education. This building has two levels and houses 14 classrooms, 8 showing labs, and 6 PC labs. Taking after its development, Ben Hill Griffin Hall and Reed Hall were both finished in 1997.

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ACADEMIC BUILDING 5 Completed in the mid year of 2006 Academic Building 5 is the most recent expansion to the developing college. The freshest structure is the initial three-story scholarly building that the grounds has seen. This building has one and only classroom, yet it is the biggest address lobby on grounds containing seating for 280 understudies.

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In expansion to the five essential scholarly structures on the grounds, there are additionally classrooms in the on grounds broadcasting building (WGCU Building), which contains one classroom. The Arts complex, which houses the greater part of the craftsmanship related classes, has one substantial platform classroom, five workmanship studio classrooms, a woodshop, execution and practice space, and two sound evidence rehearse rooms.

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PROJECTED ADDITIONS According to the Florida Gulf Coast University 2005 Master Plan Update there are arrangements for 15 extra structures that will soothe a portion of the stra

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