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CHIP Next Steps. Congrats to FFY 09 CHIP Recipients. Ben Hill CountyCity of CartersvilleDooly CountyCity of DouglasHall County. City of LaGrangeLowndes CountyCity of MarshallvilleCity of McIntyreRandolph County. City of RockmartCity of RomeCity of SandersvilleCity of Tifton.
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Group HOME Investment Program CHIP

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Congratulations to FFY 09 CHIP Recipients City of LaGrange Lowndes County City of Marshallville City of McIntyre Randolph County City of Rockmart City of Rome City of Sandersville City of Tifton Ben Hill County City of Cartersville Dooly County City of Douglas Hall County CHIP Next Steps

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Congratulations to FFY 09 CHIP Set-Aside Recipient City of Thomasville CHIP Next Steps

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Typical Hazards Not returning CHIP reserves drawn inside 7 days if unspent Spending under $1,000 in absolute CHIP extend stores Not returning "recovered CHIP stores" Double Dipping Not revealing system pay Not understanding the distinction between "recovered supports and program salary" CHIP Next Steps

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Typical Hazards Not spending program wage before drawing CHIP reserves Spending CHIP finances on ineligible property or candidate Not looking for DCA direction on irreconcilable situations Not taking after HOME controls including record maintenance CHIP Next Steps

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Your DCA Staff Michelle Lewis, Affordable Housing Programs Manager 404 – 679 – 0659 Kay Garrison, CHIP Consultant 404 – 679 – 0573 Rick Huber (Environmental, Other Federal Requirements) (404) 679 – 3174 Pamela Truitt (HUD Debar Clearance) (404) 679 – 5240 CHIP Next Steps

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Next Steps for State Recipients Carefully concentrate the general conditions and exceptional states of the CHIP grant Execute the Statement of Award Execute the General Conditions Execute the Special Conditions CHIP Next Steps

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Next Steps for State Recipients Set up partitioned non-enthusiasm bearing CHIP accounts (one for each FY grant) Complete the Authorization Agreement for Automatic Deposits Complete the Authorized Signature Card Return this bundle to DCA inside 30 days of the date of the honor alongside a "VOIDED" CHECK from the CHIP account CHIP Next Steps

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Addressing the Special Conditions Affirmative Marketing Plan Minority and Women Business Outreach Plan Environmental Plan Sub-beneficiary Agreement if utilizing a non-benefit to regulate all or part of the CHIP program Must be submitted to DCA and cleared preceding any draw down of assets Any other required unique conditions CHIP Next Steps

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New for FFY 09 DCA Addendum to Administrative Services Contract DCA Provided Sub-Recipient Agreements CHIP Next Steps

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What are These Agreements? Understanding must take after the posting of prerequisites in HOME directions at 24 CFR 92.504 Use of CHIP assets Affordability Program Income Uniform Administrative Requirements Project Requirements CHIP Next Steps

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Sub-Recipient Agreements (proceeded) Other Program Requirements Affirmative Marketing Requests for Disbursement of Funds Records and Reports Enforcement of Agreement Duration of the Agreement CHIP Next Steps

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Citizen Participation Requirements Within 60 days of honor, hold open listening to Discuss the proposed exercises and assessed financing for every action Discuss arrangements to minimize relocation and help, if removal happens Discuss notable conservation CHIP Next Steps

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Develop Your Local CHIP Program Policies and Procedures Lead section putting forward endorsed grant (measure of honor, exercises, grant date) Eligible Borrowers Eligible Activities Application In-take CHIP Loan Terms and Conditions Leverage Loan Requirements CHIP Next Steps

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Develop Local Program Policies and Procedures (proceeded with) Minimum Property Standards Written Rehabilitation Standards General Property Improvements Inspection, Work Write Up, Bidding Procedures Contractor Qualifications Loan Documentation and Loan Closings Progress Payments, Change Orders, Close-Outs Appeals and Complaints CHIP Next Steps

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DCA Issues Grant Adjustment Notice Clearing Special Conditions Up to 25% of managerial assets might be drawn when every single uncommon condition have been met and DCA issues the GAN clearing the unique conditions Must have current billable costs that equivalent or surpass greatest permissible No venture uses might be caused or any CHIP stores drawn down for any action (other than for allow organization, plan exercises and other excluded exercises) before receipt of a natural freedom letter discharging reserves. See Chapter 5 of the FFY 2009 CHIP Recipients\' Manual. CHIP Next Steps

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Before Getting Started on Your Program Review the "CHIP Homebuyer Guide" Review the "CHIP Rehabilitation Guide" Review CHIP Program Policy Memoranda Review the "CHIP Multifamily Guide" CHIP Next Steps

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Begin Program Marketing Implement the program promoting arrangement as put forward in the application All printed CHIP writing must have reasonable lodging logo CHIP Next Steps

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DCA\'s First Monitoring Visit Within 30 – 60 days of allow honor, DCA will meet with the nearby government authorities and the honor directors See Appendix C, Phase I Program Monitoring Review Program Policies and Procedures and different things recorded in Appendix C CHIP Next Steps

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Begin Application Processing Begin taking applications and take after the reasonable and evenhanded application in-take and process as put forward in your application Maintain candidate holding up rundown indicating determination of every application CHIP Next Steps

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Reporting and Monitoring Your Program\'s Progress First quarterly report is expected January 31, 2010 for the time of September 25, 2009 – December 31, 2009 All other quarterly reports due inside 30 days of the finish of each consequent quarter until all program movement has finished Final quarterly report due after all ventures finished and finished off CHIP Next Steps

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Project Completion Reports Project Completion Reports due inside 60 days of the last draw down of CHIP assets for every venture DCA won\'t dispense the last a quarter century percent authoritative draw until all venture fruition reports have been gotten CHIP Next Steps

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Reporting Contractor Data See Form No. 5 in Manual Final draw ask for every venture can\'t be handled unless joined by "Contracts and Subcontracts for Projects Completed Form" CHIP Next Steps

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Annual Assessments of Affirmative Marketing and Minority-and Women-Owned Business Outreach Plans DCA requires a yearly appraisal of how your group met the necessities First appraisals due on September 25, 2010 CHIP Next Steps

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Responsibilities of State Recipients Develop and embrace program arrangements and methods Program showcasing Application in-take Property investigations Bid archive planning CHIP Next Steps

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Responsibilities of State Recipients (proceeded with) Contracts Loan endorsements and dissents Progress installment examinations Dispute determination Compliance with all State and Federal laws and controls CHIP Next Steps

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Responsibilities of State Recipients (kept) Requiring all CHIP borrowers to keep up danger protection naming State Recipient as mortgagee incorporating surge protection if in FEMA assigned Flood Hazard Zone Builder\'s Risk Policy by general contractual worker if occupants need to empty premises CHIP Next Steps

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Responsibilities of State Recipients (proceeded) If State Recipient or sub-beneficiary claims amid improvement stage, they acknowledge danger of misfortune Maximize the cooperation by the private area Legal record and composed understanding readiness and execution CHIP Next Steps

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Responsibilities of State Recipients (proceeded with) Program wage assurance Compliance with HOME program prerequisites Evaluate every venture as per affirmed grant application and received program approaches and techniques CHIP Next Steps

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Responsibilities of State Recipients (proceeded with) Subsidy layering audit Monitoring and revealing execution Retention and access of records Prudent money related administration CHIP Next Steps

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The Seven Basic HOME (CHIP) Rules Definition of a Project Form and Amount of Subsidy Eligible Costs The Property CHIP Next Steps

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The Seven Basic HOME (CHIP) Rules (proceeded with) The Applicant or Beneficiary The Long-Term Affordability of Project Applicability of Other Federal Requirements CHIP Next Steps

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Activate Your CHIP Award Execute Statement of Award with General and Special Conditions Hold post grant Public Hearing Get DCA freedom of Special Conditions Develop Local Policies and Procedures Open partitioned, non-enthusiasm bearing CHIP account Disburse all assets inside seven (7) days of receipt Only at least supports ($100) can be kept in record past 7 days CHIP Next Steps

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Follow DCA Policy Memoranda Follow all DCA CHIP Policy Memoranda per Chapter 10 of the FFY 09 CHIP Recipients\' Manual CHIP Next Steps

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What\'s New for FFY 09 Still need to utilize old venture set up frame, HUD shape 40094, dated 2/2003 - Rental/Homebuyer/Homeowner Rehab Set-up Report, alongside DCA addendum – Form # 10 in manual CHIP Next Steps

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What\'s New for FFY 09 Still need to utilize old venture consummation report dated 2/2003, HUD shape 40096 – Homebuyer/Homeowner Rehab Completion Report, alongside DCA addendum – Form # 13 in manual Rental venture finishing report is 40097 dated 2/2003 at – HUD shapes CHIP Next Steps

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Remember Use "concede assention" for homebuyer extend conveyance expense Use "allow understanding" for lead costs Use homebuyer advance assention dialect if first home loan is FHA safeguarded See Chapter 10 reminder dated 8/15/07 CHIP Next Steps

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Contact Us All CHIP structures are accessible on the DCA site at CHIP Next Steps

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Challenges Ahead Credit Crunch Qualifying Applicants Soft Seconds Need Strong Counseling C

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