Group Paper Presentation #3.

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Are PC hacks genuine political exercises? Is it a decent way ... individual feud or simple vandal diversion. Hacking is the identical to a ...
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Group Paper Presentation #3 Leann Daddario & Chris

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Community Question Are PC hacks genuine political exercises? Is it a decent approach to express aversion or outrage regarding the activities of a legislator or government office, or is it simply commonplace vandalism, the likeness shower painting something on the mass of an open building? Is it common rebellion to bring down a site and is it powerful?

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IT assaults cost organizations and governments cost a large number of dollars. Fear based oppressors are assaulting under the name of: governmental issues religion Anti corporate convictions

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The Internet is utilized for business Cyber-psychological warfare just serves to build open incredulity and alert regardless of what the affirmed thinking of the fear monger might be. Fundamental data is being shared Social security numbers Credit card numbers Home locations Bank account numbers

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Hacking can be seen as a moderately safe technique for fear based oppression Air Tran/ValuJet hacking case Air Tran lost millions in light of the accident Hacking the site further weakened recreation Cyber psychological oppression is unsafe yet desirable over physical assaults

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Comparing Hacking Incidents RSA Security, Library of Congress and the Air Force were all hacked into Hacked our of individual grudge or minor vandal amusingness Hacking is the proportional to an irregular demonstration of vandalism Expensive to counteract and repair These expenses are passed onto the customer or citizen

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Internet Terrorism is powerful for dissent, striking back and annihilation, yet serves no cause Hurts purchasers over the long haul Hard to avert Will back off with the coming of more secure innovation

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