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Sorts of Firearms. . Sorts of Firearms. Handgun - a gun that is held and shot with one hand Rifle - A gun with a rifled bore, intended to be discharged from the shoulder. A big guns piece or maritime firearm with winding scores. Shotgun - a light, smooth-exhausted weapon, regularly twofold dashed,
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Gun Safety Firearm Safety Michael P. Hirsh, M.D., FAACP.

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Types of Firearms Types of Firearms Handgun - a gun that is held and shot with one hand Rifle - A gun with a rifled bore, intended to be discharged from the shoulder. A mounted guns piece or maritime weapon with winding furrows. Shotgun - a light, smooth-exhausted firearm, regularly twofold hurtle, extraordinarily intended for shooting little shot at short range, and slaughtering little amusement.

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Epidemiology Firearm Injury Statistics Everyday 11 individuals under 19 are killed by guns. 1968 to 1991 review, gun related passings in 1991 surpassed the quantity of engine vehicle related passings in the United States. Gun related wounds are the second driving reason for death for kids ages 10-14 yrs. It is assessed that the quantity of youngsters managing non-deadly gun wounds is four to five circumstances more noteworthy than the quantity of kids who bite the dust from such wounds every year. Handguns represent the lion\'s share of gun related wounds in the United States.

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Epidemiology Cont\'d Epidemiology Continued Firearm Prevalence Statistics Approximately half of all US homes have a gun. More than half of handguns are put away stacked or with the ammo . Keeping a firearm in the home expands the odds of a manslaughter by three circumstances and builds the odds of a suicide by five circumstances. A weapon kept in a family unit is 43 times more inclined to kill somebody that the family knows than to kill somebody in self-protection . 77% of rough passings in schools are brought on by guns.

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Firearm Facts in Children Firearm Exposure in Children watch a normal of 45 vicious follows up on TV every day. Playing with toy weapons may add to inadvertent shootings.

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Cost to Healthcare Cost to Healthcare In 1994, the mean cost per harm because of gunshots was roughly $17,000. The wounds because of shots in 1994 alone, created an anticipated $2.3 billion in restorative expenses over a lifetime. Of the $2.3 billion, $1.1 billion will be paid by citizens.

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Cost of Prevention Cost of Prevention Not having a weapon in the house $0 Trigger locks for guns $10 Lockable cabinet $30 - $50 Home gun wellbeing preparing $50-$100 Fire-safe safe $1500 Preventing a tyke passing . . . Precious

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Firearm Injuries are Preventable Firearm Injuries Are Preventable

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Firearm Safety Tips Keep Children Safe Parents and weapon makers need to assume liability for security. Look into demonstrates that advising youngsters not to touch firearms does not work.

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Firearm Safety Tips Firearm Safety Tips Don\'t purchase a weapon unless you know how to utilize it securely. Store it emptied and bolted up. Keep it out of youngsters\' span. Bolt up ammo independently from the firearm. Keep trigger bolts on your weapons for additional counteractive action, or dismantle your firearm totally.

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For Further Information Gun Buyback Programs Raise mindfulness about firearm brutality Demonstrate the requirement for home weapon security

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For Further Information For Further Information Contact: American Academy of Pediatrics at American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at

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References For Further Information Center to Prevent Handgun Violence. Kids & weapons: a deadly mix. Washington: The Center; 2000. American Academy of Pediatrics, . Stennies G, Ikeda R, Leadbetter S, Houston B, Sacks J. Gun stockpiling practices and kids in the home, United States, 1994. Curve Pediatr Adolesc Med 1999;153: 586-90. Cummings P, Grossman DC, Rivara FP, Koepsell TD. State weapon stockpiling laws and tyke mortality because of guns. JAMA 1997;278:1084-6. American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, . Harruff RC. Alleged incidental gun fatalities in kids and young people in Tennessee, 1961-1988. Am J Forensic Med Pathol 1992;13:290-8. Adequacy in ailment and harm aversion: passings coming about because of gun and engine vehicle-related wounds United States, 1968-1991. MMWR Morbid Mortal Wkly Rep 1994;43:37-42.

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