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Duplicate the feature clasp to the desktop. Open
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Gushing Media Audio and Video on the Web

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Objectives Discuss details of spilling media Convert a video clasp to .rm group utilizing RealProducer Basic Upload the .rm clasp to the spilling server Decipher the gushing server address

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Who can utilize the spilling server? All employees 25 gigabyte for every class per semester Three classes in Fall – 75 GB One class in Spring – 25 GB Chartered understudy associations Live spilling server space Full-time staff No understudy associations

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When to utilize gushing media Video/sound more than 10 megabytes Multiple sound/video cuts Numerous individuals viewing a sound/video cut in the meantime

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What can go on the spilling server? RM (bolstered by AU) SMI (Flash, RealPix, RealText, SMIL) MPG (video) MP3 (sound) MP4 (video) WMV (Windows video) RV (video)

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How to access the server E-mail HelpDesk ( ) with the accompanying data: Name AU username AU office or association You will get your data at the AU username you determined (

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RealProducer Basic 11 Limited to three target group of onlookers/bit rate streams Free

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Copy the video clasp to the desktop Open "My Computer" on the desktop Go to Seminar Files > Streaming Media Copy the chem_clip.mpg to the desktop

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Converting video to .rm Open RealProducer Basic Click Browse; a discourse box will show up Navigate to the desktop Choose the video source document

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Save as a .rm record Double snap document under Destination on the right board Enter a name for the document Enter your username (the part before for the record name Add the expansion .RM username.rm

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Converting video to .rm, cont. Click Audience to pick the three preset rates A decent blend is 56k/256k/512k

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Converting video to .rm, cont. Click Clip Information to enter any data you might want to be appeared: Title Author Copyright Keywords Description Rating

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Converting video to .rm, cont. Click Encode to start the encoding procedure Saves the record to the same area as the source video as default (vital for CD/DVDs) RealProducer makes two passes Analyze pass: a brisk go to break down the video Encode pass: a more drawn out pass which does the genuine encoding Please know about the time prerequisite when encoding any protracted video

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Uploading to the spilling server Two approaches to transfer to the gushing server Secure FTP (WinSCP from AU Download) Drive Mapping (just on grounds)

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Upload through Drive Mapping Right snap "My Computer" and select Map Network Drive Select a void drive letter and afterward enter the server address in the "Envelope" box \\\homes Enter your login data Username: imgtest Password: 1898Main

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Upload through Drive Mapping, cont. Drag the documents to the mapped organizer Works precisely like whatever other Windows envelope Again, just chips away at grounds

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Viewing gushing media real# is the server your record is on. OIT will give you this address IMG\'s is real6 Path is the way to the filename from the genuine volume IMG\'s is imgtest Filename.rm is whatever you named your RM record The rest is dependably the same

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