H1N1 Flu: Decreasing the effect.

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H1N1 Flu: Decreasing the effect Charge Paul MD, MPH, Chief Metro General Wellbeing Division H1N1 101 Indications like regular influenza Fever Cough Sore throat Runny or stuffy nose Body throbs Headache
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H1N1 Influenza: Lessening the effect Bill Paul MD, MPH, Director Metro Public Health Department

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H1N1 101

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Symptoms like regular influenza Fever Cough Sore throat Runny or stuffy nose Body throbs Headache Chills Fatigue Vomiting (25%) and loose bowels (25%) (Higher than for occasional influenza.)

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Spread Like Seasonal Flu Primarily through respiratory beads Coughing Sneezing Touching respiratory beads on yourself, someone else, or an article, then touching bodily fluid films (e.g., mouth, nose, eyes) without washing hands

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Respiratory Droplets

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Formerly Called Swine Flu Person to individual Not spread through pork or pork items

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Testing This fall all flu is H1N1 particular testing is not required for general wellbeing notice, for work or school notice, or for therapeutic treatment Rapid tests—limited quality

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Tamiflu Only works if taken inside 48 hours of ailment Shortens ailment FROM 4.3 DAYS TO 3 DAYS Decreases hospitalization, complexities, when utilized for sickness Highest Priority: Ill individuals with high danger of confusions

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Higher Risk of Complications People age 65 years and more seasoned individuals of any age with perpetual restorative conditions, (for example, asthma, diabetes, or coronary illness) pregnant ladies youthful youngsters

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Planning Assumptions Pandemic Wave in fall, for the most part H1N1 Illness like occasional influenza, not more terrible than it was in the spring Up to 1/3 of populace sick Peak disease 5-8% every week H1N1 joined with regular influenza in winter

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Personal Responsibility

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Cover your Cough Cover your nose and mouth with a tissue when you hack or sniffle. Toss the tissue in the junk after you utilize it Wash hands immediately

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Wash your hands Wash your hands frequently with cleanser and warm water, particularly after you hack or sniffle. Wash for 15 – 20 seconds Alcohol-based hand wipes or gel sanitizers are likewise compelling

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Stay Home on the off chance that You are Sick Individuals with Flu Like Illness ought to stay home for no less than 24 hours after they are free of fever without the utilization of fever-decreasing medicines 3 to 5 days as a rule Avoid contact with others This won\'t forestall 100%. Infection can spread before fever begins and after fever closes

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Be Careful Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth. Germs spread along these lines Avoid contact with wiped out individuals

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Enabling Personal Responsibility

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What can your association do to get ready for H1N1 flu? Arrangement for how your business can best: Decrease the spread of flu in your association Lower the effect of flu on your association and operations Protect individuals who are at expanded danger of flu related entanglements

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What Your Organization Can Do Develop or audit an Influenza Plan for your association Communicate with representatives, volunteers, specialists about your arrangement and about this season\'s cold virus Ensure tissues and cleanser/hand gel are accessible Keep generally touched surfaces clean Review leave approaches and permit wiped out individuals to stay home; suspect requirement for laborers to administer to sick relatives

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Continuity of Business Identify the fundamental parts, occupations, capacities, or different components of your association and how you can keep up these with abnormal amounts of truancy Think about changing work examples; telecommuting; working from diverse locales; adaptable movements

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Remember… H1N1 influenza may come in waves that may keep going for quite a long time Your representatives may hear bits of gossip and inaccurate data that may make them have trepidation and tension Keep them educated about what your association is doing and what the latest/exact data speaks the truth the flu—make them an accomplice all the while

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And dependably the basics… Cover hacks and wheezes Keep Hands Clean Sick persons ought to go home/stay home Clean surfaces/things destined to have regular hand contact

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Metro Response

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Metro Response Goals Reduce sickness and anticipate demise Sustain key group administrations Minimize social and financial disturbance

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Strategies Surveillance/Public Health Investigation. Correspondence Public Medical suppliers Vaccine Receipt and Administration

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Flu Shots Seasonal Flu Shot Now Widely accessible H1N1 influenza shot October-November Widely accessible Public influenza shot facilities

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H1N1 Priority Groups Pregnant ladies Household contacts and guardians for youngsters more youthful than 6 months of age Healthcare and crisis restorative administrations work force All individuals from 6 months through 24 years old Children from 6 months through 18 years old Young grown-ups 19 through 24 years old Persons matured 25 through 64 years who have wellbeing conditions connected with higher danger of therapeutic inconveniences from flu.

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Vaccine targets Priority bunches who longing to be inoculated will have got the antibody before the end of November. MPHD will inoculate more or less 130,000 persons amid this period.

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Objective: Ensure everybody in Nashville can get to H1N1 antibody Encourage private doctors, security net facilities, and other stroll in centers to give immunization to their patients. Vaccinate government funded school understudies utilizing groups of medical caretakers drove by MPHD staff. Inoculate tuition based school understudies through the group centers and potentially utilizing groups Open four group facilities topographically scattered around the group. Guarantee day consideration focuses access immunization Educate the group about H1N1 antibody

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Info Line (615) 340-7775 Web Site http://health.nashville.gov .:tslidesep.

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