Hardin Hilltop Wind Farm An Example of Community Wind in Iowa Kansas Community Wind Workshop Cloud County Community C .

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Hardin Hilltop Wind Farm…… An Example of Community Wind in Iowa Kansas Community Wind Workshop Cloud County Community College Concordia, Kansas October 31, 2006. Thomas A. Wind Wind Utility Consulting Jefferson, Iowa. Topics I Will Cover. Initial formation of project
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Hardin Hilltop Wind Farm… … An Example of Community Wind in Iowa Kansas Community Wind Workshop Cloud County Community College Concordia, Kansas October 31, 2006 Thomas A. Wind Utility Consulting Jefferson, Iowa

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Topics I Will Cover Initial arrangement of venture Electrical Interconnection Need for Incentives Key Issues Economic Feasibility Benefits of the Project

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Local Land Owners and Farmers who Own the Wind Turbine Project Initial Formation of Project All wind ventures begin with one individual… . the person who has the "insane thought" It was an insane thought for some reasons He bugs the other people who then reluctantly get tied up with the "insane thought" He turns into the "champion" for the venture.

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Greene County Hardin Township

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7.35 7.20 7.05 6.90 6.75 6.60 6.45 6.30 6.15

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Meteorological Test Tower Installed November 2003 Cost $11,000

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HHW Hardin Township Greene County Farmer-Owned Wind Farm Proposed in Greene County, Iowa

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Interconnection Photo by GE Wind -

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High Voltage Transmission System for the Upper Midwest

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High Voltage Transmission System for Iowa Little era around there… This assists with getting transmission get to!

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Interconnecting the Project to the Grid The primary interconnection issues for this venture are the power consider and working voltage levels at the Point of Interconnection There will be a 4-month time of diminished yield because of substation hardware delays. The wind ranch will likewise be liable to periodic shortenings over its lifetime New 34.5 kV Underground Line Existing 34.5 kV OH Transmission System Point of Interconnection

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About portion of the wind turbines were killed because of lacking transmission limit Buffalo Ridge Minnesota this Morning from 10,000 feet

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Key Issues Photo by GE Wind -

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The Major Challenge for This Project: - Wind turbine acquirement - It is a Seller\'s Market! Most significant producers have no wind turbines accessible for 2006 or 2007 Large wind cultivate engineers have obtained most wind turbines Earliest conveyance for major new undertakings might be in 2008 A couple of turbines get to be accessible as development timetables slip Three years prior, conveyance time was 20-25 weeks Manufacturers support bigger requests as opposed to littler requests since they profit In numerous cases, no makers may even offer on providing a solitary twist turbine To get a turbine sooner rather than later you may need to work through a bigger designer Avoid single turbine activities unless you have a considerable measure of cash!

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Power Purchase Agreement Local utility (Alliant Energy) was required by PURPA to buy influence All influence will be sold to the nearby speculator claimed utility serving in the range Fifteen year term contract Power sold at utility\'s long haul kept away from cost (around 3 ¢ per kWh) as required by PURPA Green labels are independently esteemed and sold Wind influence will be incorporated in with the utility\'s other influence supply assets Alliant likes wind influence, one of the biggest buyers of wind influence

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Financial Structure is LLC Flip Model Ownership structure in view of Minnesota LLC Flip model Outside Investor for using pay tax cuts ("Tax Investor") turns into an accomplice in your LLC and gives most of the capital Ownership flips at some point following 10 years from Tax Investor to neighborhood proprietor when the tax breaks pass and when the Tax Investor accomplishes his objective rate of return Seven USDA gifts were gotten averaging $247,000 each Reduces Production Tax Credit and devaluation reason for Tax Investor Iowa Energy Center $250,000 nine-year zero premium advance Local proprietors will have unassuming up front installment Long-term obligation in part from nearby bank and incompletely from outside obligation sources

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Need for Incentives to be Economically Feasibility Photo by GE Wind -

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The Overall Economics of Wind Generation is Determined by a Balance of Factors Financial Incentives Cost of Money Cost to Interconnect Price of Electricity Cost of Turbine Wind Speed Higher Values DISCOURAGE Wind Generation Higher Values FAVOR Wind Generation

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Selecting Specific Sites 7 6 5 M 4 3 2 1 Wind Turbine #1 M Met Tower Mean Annual Wind Speed In Meters every Second at 50 Meters 0.02 Mps for each Color Change

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7 N 6 5 4 3 2 1 Hardin Hilltop Wind Farm 3.6 Mile 34.5 kV Line to Center of Wind Farm 34.5 kV Point of Interconnection (West Side of WW Sub) To Jefferson & Scranton 161/34.5 Sub To Grand Jct. 161/115/34.5 Sub Jefferson Water Works Sub Legend Wind Turbine Alliant Substation Underground 34.5 kV Jefferson, IA Alliant OH 34.5 kV 1.0 Mile

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Foundation under development for 2.1 MW twist turbine close Jefferson, Iowa Economic Feasibility A little venture as a rule can\'t be cost aggressive on a for every kWh premise with a 100 MW wind extend Small activities require something additional to make them achievable: Higher offering cost for the power AND/OR Financial motivating forces.

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Completed establishment for substantial 2.1 MW twist turbine close Jefferson, Iowa Need for Financial Incentives Iowa gives a 1.5 ¢ per kWh tradable state impose credit for a long time Each nearby proprietor connected for a USDA Section 9006 give, which found the middle value of $247,000 Each neighborhood proprietor got a $250,000 nine year zero intrigue advance All of these were important to be focused in this lower wind speed territory.

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Benefits from the Project Photo by GE Wind -

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Plowing in underground high voltage links for wind turbines Locally Generated Power Reduces high voltage transmission framework misfortunes since influence is produced where it is utilized Tends to lessen blockage on the high voltage network if the wind era is in a range with little era.

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The view from top of one rancher claimed twist turbine in Iowa (235 feet high) Local Property Taxes Iowa permits the district leading group of chiefs to stage in and subside property charges for exclusive wind era extends The Hardin Hilltop venture will pay about $25,000 per turbine every a seemingly endless amount of time stage in period.

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Electrical Infrastructure The development of the turbines, electric lines and substations adds to the electrical foundation The built up wind site and gear will have esteem after the typical wind turbine lifetime of 20-25 years This esteem is regularly disregarded, yet it might be exceptionally noteworthy in the long haul.

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The proposed wind ranch would produce around 47,000 megawatt-hours every year Jefferson utilizes about that same measure of vitality every year The Proposed Wind Farm Will Be a Significant Supplier of Electricity to the County Paton Proposed Locally-Owned 15 MW Wind Farm Churdan Grand Jct. Scranton Jefferson Rippey

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Hypothetical Second Wind Farm Paton The entire province utilizes around 100,000 MWH every year Along with a second theoretical twist cultivate about similar size, the two wind ranches would produce enough vitality overall to give the majority of the area\'s power needs. Churdan Grand Jct. Scranton Jefferson Rippey

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Paton The 15 MW Locally-Owned Wind Farm Will Save the Equivalent of Enough Coal To Fill a Train 3 Miles Long Every Year Churdan Proposed Locally-Owned 15 MW Wind Farm Grand Jct. Scranton Jefferson Rippey

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