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hardware reusing procedure yielded ~ 1.3 billion pounds of recyclable materials ... Offers of convenient MP3 players anticipated that would surpass 10 M units in 2005 ...
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Hardware RECYCLING INDUSTRY REPORT – 2006 HIGHLIGHTS International Association of Electronics Recyclers

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For more data – including requesting, go to the site page at: http://www.iaer.org/correspondences/indreport.htm

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HIGHLIGHTS from IAER SURVEY (Conducted in 2005) Electronics reusing operations in the USA : over 500 Employees : ~ 19,000 Annual Revenue : ~ $US1.5 billion Annual Volumes handled : ~2.8 billion pounds (1.4M tons) including ~65 million units of PC gear gadgets reusing process yielded ~ 1.3 billion pounds of recyclable materials

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ELECTRONICS RECYCLERS in the USA (information from IAER database) Number of Recyclers excluding OEMs & NFPs 2005 2003

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Years in the Electronics Recycling Business 0-2 >10 3-5 6-10 Number of years

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Number of Employees Involved in Electronics Recycling Operations 51-100 >100 <10 21-50 10-20 Number of representatives

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Electronics Recycling Revenue Annual US$ (millions) >$10M $>5-10M <$1M $1-5M

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Total Volume of Electronics Processed Annual Volume in Pounds (millions) >20M 10-20M <1M 5-10M 1-2M 2-5M

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Types of Equipment Processed Average Responses Computer % of Total – by weight

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Sources of Equipment Average Responses % of Total – by weight

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Outputs of Recycling Operations Typical Responses Recyclable Materials % of Total - by weight

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Recyclable Materials Output Average Responses % of Total – by weight

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EXPORT % of Exports (by weight) Equipment-Working Parts

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WASTE STREAM DATA Consumer Electronics in Municipal Solid Waste - EPA Millions of Tons - Generated

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CONSUMER ELECTRONICS U.S. Deals Trends ( Consumer Electronics Association) Total 2005 deals to expand 11% to $126 Billion DTV deals expanded 78% in 2004 to 7.3M units Sales of convenient MP3 players anticipated that would surpass 10 M units in 2005 offers of advanced cameras anticipated that would be more than 20 M units Cell telephone deals anticipated that would achieve 90 M units in 2005 and Global shipments of level screen screens surpassed CRTs in 2004

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CONSUMER ELECTRONICS Average # of CE Products Per Household (CEA)

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HOUSEHOLD ELECTRONIC WASTE Estimated Replacements more than 20 Years Consumers Union Number of Units

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U.S. Offers of DIGITAL TVs (information from eBrain & CEA) Units - Thousands

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MP3 Player Growth (U.S.) CEA

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CELL PHONE TRENDS U.S. Supporters - millions CTIA Industry Survey

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FLORIDA BRANDS STUDY Product Types Collected Others Printers TVs Computers CRT Monitors % by weight

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FLORIDA BRANDS STUDY Product Types by Vintage Age in Years Oldest Avg.

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FLORIDA BRANDS STUDY Top Brands Collected All Products by Units Sony HP Dell OTHER Panasonic Apple Compaq IBM Packard Bell

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EPA PLUG-IN PILOT PROGRAMS Good-Guys Materials Recycled Plastics Glass

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COMPOSITION of RECYCLED ELECTRONICS UMICORE % Composition – by weight TV Boards PC Boards Cell Phones

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GROSS METAL VALUE of Recycled Electronics UMICORE US $ per Ton

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CHALLENGES confronting YOUR gadgets reusing operations Cost of operations Sources of gear Markets at yields Capacity Costs for materials & parts Other

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CHALLENGES confronting the hardware reusing INDUSTRY Legislation/directions Logistics/transportation Consumer/private hardware Product reclaim programs Plastics reusing Recycling innovation Other

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INDUSTRY PERSPECTIVES Most Respondents Felt That: Regulations have helped the business R&D is critical to hardware reusing There should be more interchanges It is imperative to accomplish some kind of confirmation

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IAER Web Site - http://www.iaer.org Email - Info@iaer.org

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