Harlow Shapley.

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Harlow Shapley November 1885 - October 1972 Noteworthy Disclosure: Smooth Way Universe exponentially bigger than beforehand trusted Spotlight on globular groups : monstrous spheroidal agglomerations of stars that circle the Smooth Way
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Harlow Shapley November 1885 - October 1972

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Major Discovery: Milky Way Galaxy exponentially bigger than beforehand trusted Focus on globular bunches : immense spheroidal agglomerations of stars that circle the Milky Way Before , the Milky Way was accepted to have a width of 15 - 20,000 light years Now , Shapley inferred that its measurement was, truth be told, about 300,000 light years with the Sun situated close to the edge

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Error: in spite of the fact that the Milky Way is much bigger than anybody envisioned, his appraisal of its distance across was too extensive by an inexact component of 3. Thus, his conviction that the Milky Way was enormous to the point that the winding nebulae must be insignificant satellites around it, winding partners of the globular…was false.

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“The Great Debate” Date : April 26th, 1920 Players : Heber D. Curtis versus Harlow Shapley Location : National Academy of Sciences in Washington Controversy : the way of winding nebulae and worlds; the universe\'s extent Shapley (left) : Sun not at focal point of Galaxy Globular groups and winding nebulae are inside of the Milky Way Curtis (right) : Sun close to the focal point of our Galaxy Belief in ‘external universes’ or the island universe theory

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Shortly after the extremely popular Debate, Harlow Shapley has the chance to supplant Edward Charles Pickering as chief of Harvard College Observatory. He lives up to expectations there from 1921 - 1952. Amid this some piece of his vocation, he contracts Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin - a lady who holds the recognized honor of being the first individual to procure a doctorate at Harvard University in the field of Astronomy.

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Recognition & Awards - Henry Draper Medal (1926) - Gold Medal of Royal Astronomical Society (1934) - Bruce Medal (1939) Henry Norris Russel Lectureship (1950) - Shapley Crater on the moon - Asteroid 1123 Shapleya - Harlow Shapley Visiting Lectureships in Astronomy - American Astronomical Society

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Harlow Shapley’s Fun Facts Shapley’s celebrated around the world hobby: myrmecology (also called the investigation of ants) Grandfather to Tracey Shapley, a top of the line creator and to Christopher Shapley, a Pulitzer Prize Winning Accountant .:tsli

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