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Hartman Rector Jr.
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Hartman Rector Jr. "As far as I can tell, I have found that it is, exceptionally unsafe to fly sufficiently high to miss the treetops. I put in twenty-six years flying the naval force\'s planes. It was extremely energizing to perceive how close I could travel to the trees. This is called \'level hatting\' in the naval force, and it is amazingly perilous. When you are flying sufficiently high to miss the trees and your motor hacks once, you are in the trees. Presently how about we imagine that the naval force had a decree—\'Thou shalt not fly thy plane in the trees.\' As an obvious actuality, they had such an instruction. Keeping in mind the end goal to truly be free of the rule, it gets to be essential for me to include my very own edict to the naval force\'s decree, for example, \'Thou shalt not fly thy plane nearer than 5,000 feet to the trees.\' When you do this, you make the naval force\'s charge of not flying in the trees simple to live, and the security variable is colossally expanded. In fact, the last precept is your own expansion, and care ought to be practiced that you don\'t get it stirred up with the law and elucidate it as the law . Or maybe, it is your own charge, expected by you for your own self-safeguarding ." ( Conference Report , Oct. 1972, p. 172)

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Spencer W. Kimball " Kissing has been undermined and has deteriorated to create and express desire rather than love, respect, and esteem. To kiss in easygoing dating is requesting inconvenience. What do kisses mean when given out like pretzels and ransacked of consecration? What is mistaken the \'spirit kiss\' is a horrifying presence and mixes interests to the possible loss of excellence. Regardless of the possibility that convenient romance legitimizes the kiss it ought to be a perfect, not too bad, sexless one like the kiss amongst mother and child, or father and little girl . On the off chance that the \'spirit kiss\' with its enthusiasm were disposed of from dating there would be a prompt rise in virtue and respect, with less ill-conceived babies, less unwed moms, less constrained relational unions, less miserable individuals. With the nonappearance of the \'spirit kiss\' necking would be significantly lessened. The more youthful sister of petting, it ought to be completely dispensed with. Both are evil entities in their own particular right. Unethical behavior does not start in infidelity or corruption. It starts with little careless activities like sex musings, sex dialogs, energetic kissing, petting, and such, developing with each practice . The little carelessness appears to be frail contrasted with the durable body, the solid personality, the sweet soul of youth who offer path to the principal allurement. In any case, soon the solid has ended up powerless, the ace the slave , profound development abridged. However, in the event that the main corrupt act is never given root, the tree will develop to wonderful development and the young life will develop toward God, our Father." ( The Teachings of Spencer W. Kimball , p. 281)

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Joseph Fielding Smith "These expressions of Alma as I comprehend them, don\'t mean to pass on the prospect that all spirits backtrack into the nearness of God for a task to a position of peace or a position of discipline and before him get their individual sentence. " Taken home to God," basically implies that their mortal presence has arrived at an end, and they have come back to the universe of spirits." ( Answers to Gospel Question , 2:84-86)

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Resurrection Begins with absolute best ( Christ ) Ends with most exceedingly bad ( Sons of Perdition ) First Resurrection (or Resurrection of Just) Morning Celestial individuals from Adam to Christ Celestial individuals from Christ to second Coming Afternoon Terrestrial individuals from Adam to second Coming Celestial individuals conceived amid the Millenium Last Resurrection (or Resurrection of Unjust) Telestial individuals from Adam to end of Millenium Sons of Perdition

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