Head of Corporate Acquirement and Client Administrations Empty.

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CPU Consistence Group DACS Head of Corporate Obtainment and Client Administrations Empty LES DRS/President/FS Instruction SWS Corporate Acquirement Operations Chief M McKechnie Advantages Following Officer Empty/Adv Outer Bodies SPD/Scotland Exceed expectations/ABC Class Mngr/Vital Secondee
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CPU Compliance Team DACS Head of Corporate Procurement & Customer Services Vacant LES DRS/CEO/FS Education SWS Corporate Procurement Operations Manager M McKechnie Benefits Tracking Officer Vacant/Adv External Bodies SPD/Scotland Excel/ABC Category Mngr/Strategic Secondee Jean Henderson Category Manager G Gallagher Corporate Procurement Compliance Manager E Martin Data & Technology Analyst R Gallacher Purchasing Executive M Mallon Purchasing Executive Laura Shaw Purchasing Executive A McDowall Purchasing Executive M Fitzpatrick Purchasing Executive K Connor Purchasing Officer J Scoullar Policy Administrator P/T M Palmer Business Change Officer M Smith Purchasing Officer D Dougan Purchasing Officer Vacant Purchasing Officer D Balfour Purchasing Executive M Robertson Purchasing Officer G Stewart Purchasing Assistant C Connell Catalog Administrator Vacant/Adv Supplier Adoption Officer F McInnes Purchasing Admin Support Vacant Purchasing Admin Support Vacant Purchasing Admin Support Vacant Purchasing Admin Support Vacant Department Admin Support Vacant

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SPD/Scotland Excel/ABC Category Manager G Gallagher 0141 287 6401 Light Vehicles/Hire Heavy Vehicles buy Construction Consultancy DACS LES DRS/CEO/FS Purchasing Executive Marion Mallon x76426 Construction consultancy Commonwealth Games obtainment CSG Riverside Project Purchasing Executive A McDowall x76420 Constructions & Trades Contractors PPE Purchasing Executive Laura Shaw x76421 Stationery CSG Riverside Projects/Commonwealth Games acquisition Purchasing Officer x76427 D Balfour Plant Equipment Plant Hire Vehicle Parts & Services Plant Equipment Impress Stock Tools & Equipment Purchasing Officer x76424 D Dougan Construction Consultancy & CWG (bolster) Domestic Appliances Rental – Dust Mats Purchasing Officer Vacant Purchasing Admin Support Vacant Purchasing Admin Support Vacant

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SPD/Scotland Excel/ABC Category Manager/Strategic Secondee J Henderson 0141 287 6402 Social Work SME/Sustainability SWS Education External Bodies Purchasing Executive x6409 K Connor Professional Services Financial Services Legal Services Temporary Labor Purchasing Officer x6404 J Scoullar Lab Equipment Post & Courier Confidential Waste Special Waste Franking Machines Purchasing Executive x6406 M Fitzpatrick Learning & Development Occupational Health & Employee Assistance Print & Reprographics Marketing & Promotion Advertising Purchasing Officer x6403 G Stewart Photo & AV Teaching Aids Books & Pubs Removals Hygiene Units Purchasing Assistant x6405 C Connell Sports & Rec Equipment, extras & supplies Std Furniture & Fittings Linens & Fabrics Purchasing Executive x6417 M Robertson Taxis Travel Safety & Security/Cash Collect Coach Hire Events Equipment/Structure Purchasing Admin Support Vacant Purchasing Admin Support Vacant

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Corporate Procurement Compliance Manager Elaine Martin 0141 287 6428 Catalog & Compliance Administrator COMPLIANCE Vacant Catalog & Compliance Administrator P/T POLICY M Palmer x6443 Supplier Adoption Officer SUPPLIER ADOPTION x6442 F McInnes Data Analyst TECHNOLOGY x6441 R Gallacher Business Change Officer BUSINESS CHANGE x6429 M Smith Dept Admin Support SUPPLIER ADOPTION Vacant

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BUSINESS CHANGE/COMMS POLICY TECHNOLOGY COMPLIANCE SUPPLIER ADOPTION Michelle Dougan PROACTIVELY SUPPORTING & DEVELOP COMMODITY TEAM SA BUSINESS CHANGE PROCESS & APPROVER OF GENERAL CPU COMMS (INTRANET, INSIDER, and so forth.) Business Change As Is To Be Impact Assessment Departmental & Corporate Comms Users distinguished Co-ordinate division Training Business Change support for other Procurement Projects Procurement Intranet general comms planning Ross Gallacher TECHNICAL DEVELOPMENT, TESTING, TRAINING, MARKET RESEARCH – BEST PRACTICE (IN CONJUNCTION WITH MGMT TEAM) Technical Development and group bolster e delicate e Vendor e Auction Kewill PECOS change motivation System advancement (through DACS IT support) ePS Technology Sharepoint CMS Procurement Internet Procurement Intranet Develop vital CPU Performance and consistence Reports. Elaine Martin Technical associations - business relationship proprietor Margaret Palmer DATA ENTRY/CUSTODIAN OF SYSTEMS AND GENERAL COMMS Procurement Manual overseer & standing requests sway Custodian & upkeep of acquisition approach Custodian & support of acquirement toolbox (layouts) Procurement enactment & new arrangement including Development. Comms eg Corporate Mailbox and CMS Mailbox Custodian of Register of Procurement Officers Establish CPU appointed power for acquirement methodologies, tendering & Award Elaine Martin Policy Development (in conjunction with all mgmt Team & Legal). In charge of strategy redesign Comms to Dept champions/ROPO’s Approver for all other group comms Vacant AS REQUESTED BY THE COMMODITY MNGRS – SYSTEM UPDATE Header format acceptance Catalog – accept by means of Reqio, distribute and Maintenance Catalog corporate consistence e.g. non-contract spend Vetting new CPU SAP suppliers/FMS suppliers Liaise with SSC/submit upgrades to merchant expert information documents Request evacuation unsuccessful suppliers after contract recompense Elaine Martin Legal and Audit relationship Pre-review sort consistence report (test group reviews) Fiona McInnes PROACTIVELY SUPPORTING TEAM SA MGMT, BRING VALUE ADD TO SA PROCESS, MEASURE PROGRESS AGAINST SA PLAN Ongoing advancement of turning point tracker Monitor progress against Milestones by thing Monitor supplier execution against reception breakthroughs Support supplier eProcurement gatherings Interface with specialized improvement group Liaise with Commodity Owners Attend Commodity gatherings .:tslidesep.

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