Helen M. Plum Commemoration Library PC Classes for Apprentices Fundamental Mouse Abilities.

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The screen is the principle show gadget for the CPU. It shows the VGA signals that it ... The Internet is an overall system of PCs joined in ...
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Helen M. Plum Memorial Library Computer Classes for Beginners Basic Mouse Skills

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Bits and Bytes 01000001=A 01000010=B 01000011=C 8 bits=1 byte 1=ON 0=OFF K(Kilo)=1024 bytes The word PLUM is 4 bytes in length. MB(Mega)=1,048,576 bytes GB(Giga)=1,073,741,824 bytes A floppy is 1.44MB A CD-ROM is 650MB A DVD is 2.6GB A byte is a solitary character!

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CPU Central Processing Unit Intel or AMD Microprocessor Memory Hard Drive "The brains of the PC."

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Monitor The screen is the primary showcase gadget for the CPU. It shows the VGA signals that it gets.

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Ethernet permits two or more PCs or gadgets to interface and offer data. Regular uses include: LAN (Local Area Network) DSL Modem – High Speed Internet Cable Modem – High Speed Internet

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Internet The Internet is an overall system of PCs associated in different ways: Common uses: Web Sites Email Data Interchange Voice over IP Sound Video Modems Routers Fiber Optics Satellites

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Boot When you begin or restart a PC you are booting the CPU. Chilly Boot – Powering the CPU on. Warm Boot – Restarting the PC by the reset catch, "Ctrl-Alt-Del," or "Shutdown – Restart."

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Shutdown It is essential to the wellbeing of the PC that the framework be shutdown appropriately. It would be ideal if you recall not to simply push the force switch when wrapped up the PC. DO A "Begin – SHUTDOWN."

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Mouse Terms and Techniques Point Click Double Click Right Click Scroll Drag Drop Highlight

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Windows Terms and Techniques Icons Buttons Desktop Title Bar Minimize Maximize Close Menu Bar Tool Bar Status Bar Start Menu Task Bar Quick Launch

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Laboratory Let\'s start by booting the CPU…

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