Helicopter Site Visit Hawaii June 2011 .

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Helicopter Detailer Brief. Upgraded Jul 2013. Plan. BUPERS/NPC Diagram Flight Vocation Ways Enumerating Process Itemizing Courses of events and Choices Aeronautics Reward Determination Loads up FITREP Composing questions and answers. What We Do. Support Maritime Flying labor necessities
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Helicopter Detailer Brief Updated Jul 2013

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Agenda BUPERS/NPC Overview Aviation Career Paths Detailing Process Detailing Timelines and Options Aviation Bonus Selection Boards FITREP Writing Q&A

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What We Do Support Naval Aviation labor prerequisites Execute labor conveyance arrangement Analyze/moderate labor deficiencies/overages Provide FITREP & vocation advising direction Provide determination load up support & armada criticism We are YOUR labor asset – USE US! Enumerating Charter: Match each officer with a billet that equalizations proficient advancement AND fulfills a legitimate, need armada necessity…

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Aviation Manpower Today 10,242 WINGED NAVY OFFICERS 7,253 NAVAL AVIATORS 2,989 NAVAL FLIGHT OFFICERS 4,046 TACAIR/3,227 ROTARY/2,943 MARITIME/2,127 STUDENTS Helos a development industry… half of all Pilots by 2017

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Promotion Zone Forecast

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0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 28 Aviation Career Path DC MAJ FRS DH 2 nd SHORE FRS XO CO FLT TRNG FRS 1 st SEA 1 st SHORE 2 nd SEA SHORE/SEA SHORE/SEA SHORE/SEA SHORE SEA/OVER-SEAS Acft/Tactical Quals Production Masters USNA ROTC PEP Ship Sea Staff Sqdrn DC JOINT Staff Navigator Amphib Air Boss Staff Edu/JPME Afloat Staff Ship DC Staff DC JOINT Staff JPME MSR O-4 ADHSB ACSB O-5 AMCSB O-6 STATUTORY BOARDS: LCDR – 70% CDR – 70% CAPT – 57% ADMINISTRATIVE BOARDS (add up to vocation opportunity): ADHSB – 60% ACSB – 40-45% AMCSB – 40-45% MSR: Minimum Service Requirement Pilot – 8 yrs NFO – 6 yrs This course of events is just surmised and changes as screen gatherings move! 6

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Community Values first Sea visit Tactical execution EP breakout first Shore visit Production sources are exceedingly esteemed Important to contend and soften out up an extensive synopsis amass second Sea visit Broaden your viewpoints Earn a capability if accessible Competitive EP stunningly better Post-DH visit Best entertainers definite to requesting take after on employments, inside/outside the group All Post DHs are vital to the NAE OVERALL SUSTAINED SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE Diversity of assignments; escape your customary range of familiarity Do the hard occupation

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Detailing Process Detailer: Represents the necessities of the Officer, be your promoter Answer your inquiries, wipe out deception Provide choices and direction with the goal that you can settle on an informed choice Goal is to keep all Aviators on track for O-5 Placement: Represents the requirements of the charge Goal is to keep the summon kept an eye on at the ideal level Placement Officer CO/XO JO Detailer versus Placement What\'s the distinction?

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Detailing Process Triad of Detailing Big picture Your obligation Our duty Writing requests Officer\'s Desires Career Progression Needs of the Navy

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Detailing Timeline 12 - 15 months out Start pondering your inclinations COC gives alternatives and direction Realistic desires in view of execution, employment accessibility, needs of the Navy 9 - 12 months out Communicate inclinations to your Detailer (work, area, flying, non-flying) ; email is favored Ask addresses with the goal that you can settle on a good choice We will react back to you, in a perfect world in under 1-2 weeks. If it\'s not too much trouble be tolerant as a few inquiries require research and need goes to those working requests nearest to their PRD. Return in the event that you aren\'t getting a reaction. 6 - 9 months Commit to an occupation We will propose you to a summon as required for nominative employments Coordinate preparing track, isolate and report dates 2 - 4 months Orders discharged on BOL and message activity Confused or wavering? Call us and we will clarify your alternatives. No contact by 6 months is awful!

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1 st Shore Tour - Flying FRS, WWS, NSAWC, HSC-84/85, VX-1 , HTs, VTs : (generation slide to take after) Station SAR: China Lake, Fallon, Key West, Whidbey, Pax River, Lemoore; filled by detailer, timing touchy PEP (Pilot Exchange Program): checking process, some require DLAB, timing delicate, some are ocean obligation DCMA: Stratford, CT and Owego, NY; reviewing process C-12/C-26: GITMO, Misawa, Atsugi, Okinawa, Kauai, Naples, Sigonella; filled by detailers, timing delicate TPS: (slide to take after)

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PRODUCTION 4 Selection rounds/year February (June, July, August PRDs) May (September, October, November PRDs) August (December, January, February PRDs) November (March, April, May PRDs) Work with your XO to present an assignment bundle Fill it out to the maximum degree handy One opportunity to apply BUPERS takes the contribution from your CO and the CO of the picking up summons (FRS/WS/NSAWC/HSC-84/85) and makes a slate in light of those sources of info and BUPERS prerequisites

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TPS 2 Selection loads up/year (Feb and Aug) 5 Major Programs US Naval Test Pilot School (Patuxent River, MD Pilots & NFOs from all groups – 2 classes/year) US Air Force Test Pilot School TACAIR just British Empire Test Pilot School RAF Boscombe Down, UK 1 "best qualified" pilot/year French Test Pilot School 1 "best qualified" pilot each ~3 years French dialect preparing gave before announcing Naval Postgraduate School (NPS)/USNTPS Cooperative no longer a choice Upon fruition of TPS, expect a 24-month visit at HX-21

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TPS Considerations • Quality time in Fleet squadron is basic – Demonstrate supported predominant execution – At slightest 1 focused EP – Earn all quals accessible (e.g., NATOPS Instructor, FCP, and so on.) • Strong specialized undergrad record helps • Consider timing precisely – Leave Fleet squadron NET EP FITREP & completely qualified – Must have enough time to finish TPS and 24 month take after on venture officer visit • Be tireless – Quotas, load up enrollment, rivalry change from load up to load up – Failure to choose does not really mean not qualified

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1 st Shore Tour Non-Flying Flag Aide Community wing (few flying billets) Naval Recruiting District Naval Postgraduate School USNA NROTC (slide to take after) DC: most occupations are nominative (OPNAV, OLA, SPAWAR) Major Staffs (CONUS, OCONUS) Olmsted Scholarships (~5 every year)

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ROTC If you are intrigued, contact your detailer 9-12 months out, be set up to present your school transcripts. Most schools require a 3.0 student GPA. We will give all of you accessible schools that fit your PRD +/ - 3 months. School openings depend on the pivot of the present pilot on board that school. We have an Aviation NROTC load up 2-3 times each year relying upon the openings accessible. The board is included all the Aviation detailers and considers your scholarly and military record, inclinations, and PRD to build up a NROTC slate. Taking after the board, we will propose you to the school and they will audit your record; they may do a telephone meet. When we have positive affirmation from the school, we will discharge your requests.

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2 nd Sea Tour Options AMPHIB: Air Boss or Fuels Officer (LPD), LHA/LHD AIR DEPT/Safety Officer Staff: Air Wing, CVW, MCMRON, DESRON, ESG, PHIBRON, Numbered Fleet CV/CVN: ANAV, OPS ADMIN, Shooter, Asst Air OPS, TAO, Asst Strike OPS Super JO, Squadron SWTI PEP HSC-84/85 (by means of nom choice process) FLAG AIDE/LT ** Some employments by their inclination won\'t consider a capability **

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Pre-DH Tour War College (O-4 chooses just) USA (Jan/Jun) [no Masters In Res] USMC (Aug) USAF (Aug) NPS (JPME I choice… take it) Aide Type Wing DC GSA Bahrain JPME I & MASTERS

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FY13 ACCP – The Bonus Aviation Dept Head Retention Bonus – 5 year contract Intent: Retain pilots for DH visit Eligible: FY before MSR lapse and the FY of MSR consummation $$ sum in view of T/M/S and Pilot versus NFO FY13 sums moved in view of rotational wing T/M/S HSC - $15k/year; HSM - $15k/year; HM - $15k/year At-Sea Bonus – No longer material Aviation Command Bonus – No longer relevant http://www.public.navy.mil/BUPERS-NPC/OFFICER/COMMUNITYMANAGERS/UNRESTRICTED/PAGES/AVIATIONOCM.ASPX

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ACCP & ADHSB Long Term Bonus members who don\'t serve a DH visit lose reward qualification Intent of the long haul reward is to hold pilots for a DH visit A pilot is rendered ineligible for ACCP if: Declines thought (stop and 100% recover) FY13 ACCP takes into account ace appraised recoupment Fails twice to screen (stop, no recover) FY13 ACCP takes into account reward maintenance Declines fruitful DH screen (stop and 100% recover) Two-time inability to choose for flying DH is no longer ACCP qualified No future extra installments No recoupment of assets got Obligation is changed in accordance with reflect stores got to date Once commitment is finished the part may: Redesignate Separate

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Post-DH Shore Tour War College/JPME Business govern move to detail all #1 EP DHs that need Masters or JPME 1 to NWC Will permit #2 EPs in light of interest Senior course necessity to be Phase 1 finish and O-5 (sel) amid Curriculum All others require OPNAV N15 waiver #1 EP DH, Masters Complete, and JPME Phase 1 Complete Joint obligation Overseas joint (EUCOM, NATO, AFRICOM) CONUS joint - Select billet in view of area, not on occupant screening (DC (JCS), Norfolk (JFCOM-billet scene TBD), Tampa (CENTCOM, SOCOM),Omaha (STRATCOM), Miami (SOUTHCOM), Colorado Springs (NORTHCOM), St. Louis (TRANSCOM) Community occupations – NPC #2 EP DH (MO or OPSO vital for O-5) Major staff – Remain focused for O-5 Overseas – COMPACFLT, C6F CONUS – NPC (non-PERS 43), OPNAV, NAVAIR, USFF, CNAL/P, C3F Community billets – FRS DH, TYPEWING OPS, WEPSCOL DH Early notice of FITREP breakout secures the most aggressive/wanted billet for your DH

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Selection Boards Statutory Boards Promotions to next rank Board individuals from each group (Aviators, Surfac

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