Henry Portage Assembles the Principal Vehicles.

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Henry Ford Builds the First Automobile. Two Men On The Moon (1969) ... Patrick Henry Says,
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Henry Ford Builds the First Automobile

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Two Men On The Moon (1969)

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A Young Soldier Returns From World War II

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The Mayflower Brings William Bradford and The Pilgrims To Plymouth Rock

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Signing the Declaration of Independence

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A Child Is Escorted to School amid the Civil Rights Era

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Lincoln Issues The Emancipation Proclaimation

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The Louisiana Purchase Is Signed

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Patrick Henry Says, "Give Me Liberty, Or Give Me Death!"

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Paul Revere Warns That The British Are Coming

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"Rosie, The Riveter" Women Enter the Workforce to Keep Production Going While the Men Are away at War

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East Meets West: The Completion of the Transcontinental Railroad

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