HEPGRID and Advanced Gap WORKSHOP.

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Advanced Divide : Research in Brazil from FGV, Other L. A. - Digital ... Air Travel : All Companies flight to Rio. Inn Options: Novo Mundo, Hotel Gloria, ...
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HEPGRID & DIGITAL DIVIDE WORKSHOP February 16 - 20 - 2004 Rio de Janeiro - Brazil Outline I - Purpose II - What we require ? III - Financial Support, Cost,… Alberto Santoro

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HEPGRID & DIGITAL DIVIDE WORKSHOP Purpose: Talk about GRID for High Energy Physics in another Region of the World checking: a potential group to add to the few investigations of LHC offer encounters with Brazilian and Latin American Groups of HEP help the advancement of thoughts in this locale ruled by preference against HEP begin new coordinated efforts in HEPGRID discuss computerized isolate in one area that it\'s an Example of DD Also Europe (SERENATE) and Africa (after Trieste Workshop) so … .new thoughts are welcome Alberto Santoro

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WHAT WE NEED? 1. A Chairman : (Harvey Newman + a Co-Chairman) 2. A Secretary . (Will be given by AIAFEX) 3. An International Committee: People from : (CERN,CALTECH, FERMILAB, Russia, FIU, France, CMS, ATLAS, LHCb, ALICE, Italy, Germany, Chile, Argentina, Mexico, APS and SBF ) … 4. A Local Organizing Committee : People from UERJ, other neighborhood individuals… 5. A decent Staff to take a shot at PC amid the Workshop - on the off chance that it is in a Hotel, we can utilize the Real Presenter to distribute after on Web the discussions. - in the event that it is in University we can do on line transmissions like in 2002 Alberto Santoro

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WHAT WE NEED? 6. A Good Programm and a Schedule Topics to get talks: - GRID CMS - GRID LHCb - GRID ATLAS - GRID ALICE - Grid-empowered Analysis Environment (GAE) - Special Session Next Generation HEPGrid Session - International Projects: iVDGL, GriPhyN, PPDG, EDG, EGEE, Reports - Digital Divide : Perspectives; Several angles - International - Digital Divide : Research in Brazil from FGV, Other L. A. - Digital Divide : Difficulties ( Communities, Institutions, … ) - ONE general Talk about Grid for different branches - Posters Permanent in Exposition? - This is one approach to lighten certain weights. Alberto Santoro

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WHAT WE NEED? Number of Talks: 3 days (additionally?), Morning from 9 - 12 3 talks Afternoon 3 - 6 3 talks A discussion = 1 hour Max 6 talks for each day Total of 3 x 6 = 18 talks or 3 discusses 1 hour and 6 discusses 30\' = 8 talks for every day Or a course of action that way. Monday throughout the day + a mixed drink at night Tuesday Only Morning + Free Afternoon + Tour in Rio Wednesday - throughout the day + Workshop Dinner Thursday + Friday (?) the ICFA/SCIC Meeting Alberto Santoro

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WHAT WE NEED? 7. A Web page : We can do that at UERJ Something like that: See here the publication of HEPGRID AND  DIGITAL DIVIDE WORKSHOP Rio de Janeiro, July 16-20 2004 Brazil ATTENTION: READ HERE ABOUT HOTEL RESERVATION FOR CARNIVAL TIME HE Deadline for Registration:  January X  2004 The primary reason for this Workshop is talk about the connection between Digital Divide and the High Energy Physics Grid ProjectsCountries Participation, Network conditions thus on . TALKS:  If you are intrigued to give a discussion or present a publication, please contact the session\'s convener of the appropriated  subject.  The rundown of the Convenors are in the General Information page. All discussions are welcomed talks.  NEWS: THANK YOU Bulletin: ONE TWO WELCOME BULLETIN General Information Registration Travel Information Hotel Registration Participant List How to Get UERJ/Hotel Computer Accounts Useful Phone Number Program Contact us: Secretariat Chairmen SPONSORS Vendors (demos)… … ? CLAF  CNPQ  FAPERJ        UERJ Alberto Santoro

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WHAT WE NEED? 8. Nearby - A Hotel or in one University? 9. A mixed drink 10. A Workshop Dinner 11. A Free day around Rio 12. A Good Weather Air Travel : All Companies flight to Rio Hotel Options: Novo Mundo, Hotel Gloria, + Hundreds… Secretary for Reservations: Deise Monte Rego ( I will give addresses later ) Alberto Santoro

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Financial Support We have to know around the expense and assets. We have a plausibility to get the accompanying money related backing: From Brazil : (regularly 5K$US for every Financial Support Agency) I will attempt to get some air-tickets as well. FAPERJ CNPq UERJ … ? Privately owned businesses (If we do some Demo, Expo, … ) Perhaps we have an opportunity to get assistance from organizations. From… ..? : How much? Alberto Santoro

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cost A Secretary gave by AIAFEX/COGNITEC… … .US$1,000 A Secretary for … (6 months x 500$US/Mth) from Sep. to February US$3,000 Services for one week before and amid the workshop… … . 1,000 Coffee Break (for 5 days - extremely good:1000, great 700) ~ 850 (if under 50 people can be not as much as that) If will be in a Hotel… … .Rooms for gatherings… .. ~ 3,000 Materials (Office Supply mostly)… … ..… ... US$ 10. Supper (Today, including drinks… )… … ... 40. Recess… … . All out per individual… … .… … ..US$50. Alberto Santoro

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FEES? Charges? In the event that we choose to give money related backing to a few partners, we should be liberal with charges. In the event that we don\'t have expenses we positively won\'t have money related backing for anybody. In the event that YES : Suppose 40 members paying 300 dollars = 12,000 $US And assume all cost 3,000 $US Then we will have 6,000 $US for tickets + Hotel +… This will be Maximum of 4 - 5 people having grant. Alberto Santoro

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Financial Support The expenses can be assessed as: for Office Supply, Coktail & Dinner 65$US, 1. Supper… … 40 2. Mixed drink… … .15 3. Material… … .10 Total for every individual… … 65 $US Then, Grant per individual: 1. The three itens above … 65 2. Ticket from USA or Europe… … . 1500 3. Lodging… … ..(80/day)… (5 days)… … 400 4. Dinners … (60/day)… (5 days)… … 300 5. Visit… … . 15 Total for every individual… … ...2,280 Alberto Santoro

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Probing Hotels for Pricing around then. Lodging before the ocean Conference Room ~ US$230/day Aparts: Single: ~US$60/day Double:~US$70/day Video Conf. (on the off chance that) To be arrange Cocktail: ~US$10/individual (a hour and a half) Coffee Break: ~US$5/individual Alberto Santoro

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If you need to see these photographs in great size go to: http://www.rio.rj.gov.br/riotur/rioportu/menufotos.html Alberto Santoro

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Extra Slides http://www.mapquest.com http://dma.jrc.it Alberto Santoro

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