Hi8us Midlands Ltd Innovativeness and the Economy May 2007 Emma Wright - Ventures Director.

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Produce their own particular comic books, as opposed to a community book ... Going to San Diego (Worlds Largest Comic Convention to advance StripSearch Scheme) ...
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Hi8us Midlands Ltd Creativity and the Economy May 2007 Emma Wright - Projects Manager

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Contents About Hi8us StripSearch Project History Successes Future

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About Hi8us A national philanthropy built up in 1996 to deliver innovative media with youngsters in their communities, over the UK and inside Europe UK\'s driving expert in the field of cooperative professional media with young individuals Strong joins with the areas significant to young individuals and media the nation over and in Europe

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Our Core Aims To contact youngsters at danger of social avoidance to enable them to express their encounters, an opportunity to tell their stories To empower capable youngsters to utilize the experience of creating media as an impetus for change in their own lives and in their groups To make pivotal TV, film and new media through a special joint effort between expert filmmakers, web-creators and non-proficient participants

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Network association Hi8us is working the nation over through privately based substances. The firmly connected system comprises of: Hi8us Projects Hi8us Cornwall Hi8us Midlands Hi8us North Hi8us South www.hi8us.co.uk

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Benefits of our system association Operates and conveys ventures at a national, local and neighborhood miniaturized scale level Has demonstrated ability to oversee transnational organizations Influences approach at a national and provincial level Provides a pile of new inventive open doors for young individuals the nation over

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Hi8us Projects An enrolled philanthropy in charge of exploration improvement work and transnational tasks Beyond the Numbers Game An examination venture taking a gander at the viability of existing execution measures for participatory media work Successful transnational association

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Hi8us Midlands (1/3) An expressions and media generation organization in Birmingham Three strands of work Participatory people group based activities The creation of e-learning instruments Training and backing conveyed utilizing an extent of techniques

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Hi8us Midlands (2/3) Scheme that backings and sustains novice gifted comic artists in West Midlands www.stripsearch.org.uk An imaginative online multi-client pretending device

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Hi8us Midlands (3/3) An intelligent movement about tormenting www.stopbullying.org Gives a voice to groups situated in Stoke-on-Trent through the media of film www.projectingstoke.com

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StripSearch Project (1/8) www.animatix.org.uk Reacting to youngsters\' need StripSearch—one of a kind bespoke professionally drove comic delineation plan Offers chances to capable novice illustrators

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StripSearch Project (2/8) Originally open to capable beginner artists from Birmingham. Aggressive Process, in view of talent and capacity to succeed in the industry. 10 places available,100 individuals connected, 13 participated.

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StripSearch Project (3/8) Only 5% of candidates were from ladies. Just 1 female finalist on StripSearch scheme. Center of StripSearch 2 was to speak to and enlist more female members, through direct advertising.

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StripSearch Project (4/8) Second round of StripSearch almost half candidates from ladies, direct promoting worked. half of finalists were ladies. StripSearch has kept on pulling in consideration from female comic artists.

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StripSearch Project (5/8) third year: Produce their own comic books, as opposed to a community oriented book Business bolster modules Mobile display Birmingham and Bristol comic traditions Website

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StripSearch Project (6/8) Supported more than 60 craftsmen from the West Midlands and expanded levels of investment from Women Recognised and upheld by UK Comics Industry Nearly all members have picked up delineation work

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StripSearch Project (7/8) 3 Consecutive Female champs at IMAF Awards First Female member has manage Bloomsbury First Female Comic Illustrator (with own page) in the Beano is a StripSearch Graduate

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StripSearch Project (8/8) What Next? Attainability Study into UK wide Comic School and Franchise open doors. Going to San Diego (Worlds Largest Comic Convention to advance StripSearch Scheme). Raising assets to proceed with plan. Thoughts include: StripSearch Juniors Combining StripSearch and Animatix Transnational Crossover plan

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StripSearch Project For more data contact: Jemima Cattel Hi8us Midlands Ltd T: ++44 0121 753 7700 E: jemima@hi8us.co.uk W. www.hi8us.co.uk

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