Hidden treasures: Multifaceted Women s Treatment: Practicing Gender-Responsive, Trauma-Informed Treatment .

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Treasures waiting to be discovered: Multifaceted Women\'s Treatment: Practicing Gender-Responsive, Trauma-Informed Treatment Presented by Dee-Dee Stout, MA, CADC II; individual from MINT Sensiblerecovery@aol.com or ddstoutrps@aol.com (P): 510-919-9678 www.responsiblerecovery.org

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Walk Away Skill #1 "We ought to be lowered within the sight of our customers for they are the saints of their lives." - Scott Miller, PhD OK to duplicate completely just

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Before we begin… "Security" IPV v DV: Intimate Partner Violence v Domestic Violence Privileged Leaving Binary talking/supposing Empowerment Cannot be given Includes disappointments & accomplishments OK to recreate completely just

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Safety Defined as guarding you from the outside world, not from each other Women supporting other ladies Staff can display this conduct Involve inhabitants with educational module planning & runs OK to replicate completely just

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Trauma-Informed Trauma-educated (TI) does not equivalent injury treating Being TI intends to be focused on giving administrations in an inviting & survivor-accommodating way Accommodates vulnerabilities (think, ADA) Allows for administrations to be conveyed in a communitarian treatment setting Appreciates that injury/PTSD is an emotional wellness condition/COD OK to imitate completely just

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Trauma-Informed Means the organization/clinician comprehends the part brutality and exploitation play in the lives of our clts Means the office/administration comprehends injury drives the treatment Acknowledges tranquilize utilize/different not as much as solid practices are likely aftereffects of injury not bad habit verse OK to repeat completely just

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Gender-Responsive Gender-responsive does not mean ladies just Acknowledges and treats sexual orientations diversely on the grounds that: 1970\'s started female-centered research & treatment Began to decrease in 1980\'s and re-developed in 1990\'s (however Federal subsidizing streams still sporadic) OK to repeat completely just

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What is sex responsive, injury educated treatment? To begin with, some history & insights…

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Why Women\'s Treatment? Shame still extraordinary Further review required Need to support sexual orientation particular treatment (both men & ladies) OK to duplicate completely just

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Women\'s Treatment 59% of tx offices who treat ladies have no unique projects for ladies they serve – why? 19% offer kid mind 45% transportation 40% lodging asst Facilities that don\'t offer sex particular treatment: 4% kid mind 28% transportation 24% lodging asst OK to repeat completely just

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Consequences to Women more powerless physiologically, mentally, socially Women see their personal satisfaction as not as much as men w/SUD Health, rest, sustenance, work, self-regard, self-rule, love, stretch, disposition/influence, security, social nurturance, open support, environment, standpoint and all the more OK to imitate completely just

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Risk variables to Women Possible complementary relationship between antagonistic results and hazard components, prompting to an endless loop: Sex ambush at first identified with AOD abuse, prompts her to utilize more to enhance agony of attack (Kaysen et al, 2006 refered to in "Helping Substance-Abusing Women of Vulnerable Populations" by A Pyng Sun ) Conflict btwn lady & accomplice triggers a backslide, aggravating the strain (Sun, 2007) OK to replicate completely just

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Physiological/Health Conseqs The "extending impact" ETOH: more muscle to fat quotients/less water prompts to higher BAC Women\'s lower ADH (liquor dehydragenase) in GI tract (settles amid lifetime); more research required Health-related issues happen ahead of schedule in drinking; more liver,heart, cerebrum inconvenience notwithstanding men\'s drinking more; bosom tumor, regenerative brokenness, babies w/confusions; HIV/AIDS; STD/STIs; much higher death rate than male partners OK to duplicate completely just

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Psychosocial Consequences AOD utilize puts ladies at higher danger of sexual and non-sexual exploitation Women hold twofold standard for ladies\' AOD practices! Ladies seen as "frail willed; being sexually indiscriminate, and unreliable in bringing forth/looking after youngsters (regularly various) Leads to dismissal, disconnection, dejection, blame, bring down self-esteem(Finkelstein, 1994) OK to repeat completely just

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Psychosocial Consequences Intoxication of any sort can disable psychological capacity and engine capacity Men frequently observe ladies impaired as focuses for strike (neither tends to call it "assault") Women with SUD more prone to lose kids than non-SUD lady in tyke welfare framework Rates of guardians/overseers w/SUD: 40/half 80% OK to recreate completely just

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What is Trauma? An occasion or arrangement of occasions that debilitate you - maybe even with death – that causes physical or passionate damage or potentially misuses your body and additionally uprightness Trauma is unavoidable and life-modifying Trauma has been accounted for by 55-99% of female substance abusers (Najavits et al, 1998) OK to replicate completely just

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PTSD Symptoms - streamlined Re-encounter Recurrent and meddling memories of as well as bad dreams about the occasion Flashbacks, mental trips, or other striking sentiments of the occasion happening again Great mental or physiological pain when certain things (objects, circumstances, and so forth.) help them to remember the occasion. Avoidanc e Persistently maintaining a strategic distance from things that help them to remember the traumatic occasion Including contemplations, sentiments, or discussions related with the episode to exercises, places, or individuals that make them to review the occasion OK imitate completely just

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PTSD Symptoms (con\'t) General absence of responsiveness motioned by a powerlessness to review parts of the injury Decreased enthusiasm for some time ago imperative exercises Feeling of separation from others, a restricted scope of feeling, and additionally sentiments of misery about the future Increased excitement Includes trouble falling or staying unconscious, crabbiness or upheavals of outrage, trouble concentrating, turning out to be exceptionally ready or attentive, or potentially unsteadiness or being effectively startled Note: Folks w/PTSD are at expanded hazard for suicide OK to duplicate completely just

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More on Trauma sells out our convictions, qualities, and suspicions – trust – about our general surroundings: "injury of the spirit" Trauma can bring about taking part in less solid practices, helps us through our responses to occasions. Practices: Are an adjustment not a pathology What kept us alive to get you to us! Alright to recreate completely just

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Possible Responses to Trauma Intense dread; hypervigilance Feelings of defenselessness Anxiety Excessive stress Intrusive contemplations & recollections Flashbacks Depression OK to repeat completely just

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More Possible Responses to Trauma Anger or fury Nightmares & Night Terrors Detachment & Dissociation Substance Use & Misuse/Abuse Unusual sexual conduct Difficulty with connections Others OK to duplicate completely just

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Post-injury, ladies w/SUDs… Improve less Worse adapting capacities Greater trouble More positive perspectives of substance utilize (justifiably) PTSD does not leave with restraint: it deteriorates! Alright to replicate completely just

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Connections between SUD & Trauma Witnessing/encountering youth family savagery Childhood physical & psychological mistreatment Women in compound recuperation Typically have history of rough injury Substances used to numb or separate - therapeutic Violence regularly observed as "common" a portion of life Coping component for disappointment and outrage OK to imitate completely just

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Dissociation (finish desensitizing) Not said in DSM-IV as side effect of PTSD however sx of intense anxiety d/o PTSD really is a dissociative issue not nervousness d/o? Urgent to comprehend prepare – most serious outcome of PTSD/injury OK to duplicate completely just

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Women\'s Treatment: Getting Started Increase customers\' sentiments of prosperity Different RP: Help them figure out how to suspect, perceive, and viably adapt w/strife circumstances & negative feelings (inverse of men) Cope with stress! Screen for youth manhandle Screen for COD OK to repeat completely just

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Women\'s Treatment: Nuts & Bolts Incorporate adhering to a good diet, nourishment, and solid weight control Eating issue including disappointment w/self-perception Smokers youthful or overweight need additional consideration because of higher hazard OK to imitate completely just

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Women\'s Treatment: Nuts & Bolts To help diminish disgrace, AOD family hx/useless group of beginning exchanges are useful Doesn\'t disregard moral obligation Heredity components indistinct in ladies OK to recreate completely just

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Women\'s Treatment: Nuts & Bolts Women\'s just projects appear to be more advantageous than blended Easier talking about individual encounters re: sex, kids Reduced inappropriate behavior Reduced early drop out rates w/men met at treatment Lesbians, ladies with youthful children, and ladies w/adolescence hx of sex mishandle have a tendency to take an interest more in female-just projects OK to replicate completely just

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Features of Good Women\'s Treatment Case Management One-Stop Shopping Model Supportive Staff/Individual Counseling Counselor\'s honest to goodness concern Respect for/trust in customer Supportive, nonjudgmental mentality OK to duplicate completely just

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Trauma-Informed Services… Asks: Are our arrangements and methodology, program, enlisting hones, and so forth all in accordance with keeping the re-injury of customers? On the other hand Are we letting our standards – characterized as the requirement for "wellbeing" - really emulate any progression of an injury/harsh relations

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