High Efficiency Processing.

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High Efficiency Figuring . Windows HPC Server 2008. Why Microsoft in HPC?. Current Issues HPC and IT server farms consolidating: segregated bunch administration Engineers can't without much of a stretch project for parallelism Troublesome for clients to get to preparing centers and information . By what means can Microsoft offer assistance?
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High Productivity Computing Windows HPC Server 2008

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Why Microsoft in HPC? Current Issues HPC and IT server farms combining: segregated bunch administration Developers can’t effectively program for parallelism Difficult for clients to get to preparing centers and information How can Microsoft help? Situated to standard coordination of use parallelism Efforts in progress to empower parallelism extensively to the designer group Can grow the estimation of HPC by incorporating efficiency and administration apparatuses Microsoft Investments in HPC Comprehensive programming portfolio: Client, Server, Management, Development, and Collaboration Dedicated groups concentrated on Cluster Computing Unified Parallel advancement through the Parallel Computing Initiative Partnerships with the Technical Computing Institutes

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Microsoft Confidential 2008 Microsoft Investment in HPC >$150M complete interest in HPC in 2008. Stage Portfolio: Client: Windows Vista 64-bit (specialized workstation) Server: Windows Compute Cluster Server Development Platform: Visual Studio IDE with Parallel Tools Management: Systems Center for HPC Collaboration/Workflow: Sharepoint and Windows Workflow Foundation Windows HPC Server 40 engineers on HPC server instruments 40 brooding deals overall ( sales+technical ) 15 committed HPC showcasing leads 55 half-time local leads Parallel Computing Initiative 180 designers concentrated on parallel advancement devices Technical Computing Institutes

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HPC Technical Management Team

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Windows HPC Server 2008 Complete, coordinated stage for computational bunching Built on top the demonstrated Windows Server 2008 stage Integrated advancement environment Beta1 accessible from http://www.microsoft.com/hpc

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Windows HPC Server 2008: Ready for Prime-time #116 Top 500 30% change in effectiveness on the same equipment. Under 2 hours to convey

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Industry Focused Solutions Financial Services Geo Services Life Sciences Academia Aerospace Automotive Government

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Market Results Key footing in business and advanced education markets. Extensive bunches in budgetary administrations. National City, Lincoln Financial, Aegon, Clusters in instruction Arizona State, Holland Computing Center, NCSA, Univ of Minn, Univ of Arizona Many POCs in assembling, scaling out at this point. Honeywell, Callaway, 3M, Boeing Clusters >1,000 hubs in each significant locale. Genuine development in each geology. Anticipate that FY08 will concentrate on government as major new section.

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Microsoft HPC Strategy: Expanding to the Enterprise MOSS, SQL, System Center Productivity Common mgt and profitability stage Visual Studio 2008 Parallel Computing Initiative Common dev stage for desktop->cluster Dev Tools IO NetworkDirect for high system effectiveness Storage Scalable Clustered File System Support Key Partners Windows Compute Cluster Server 2003 Resource Mgt SOA-based; adaptable accomplices Key Partners Compute Windows HPC Server 2008 Rapid sending Turnkey application checking Ease-of-administration Technologies 2006-2007 2008 Markets Phase 1: Departmental Clusters Phase 2: Common Platform for Departmental to Enterprise Clusters

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What’s new in HPC Server 2008? New System Center UI PowerShell for CLI Management High Availability for Head Nodes Windows Deployment Services Diagnostics/Reporting Support for Operations Manager Support for SOA and WCF Granular asset planning Improved adaptability for bigger groups New Job booking strategies Interoperability by means of HPC Profile Systems Management Job Scheduling Networking & MPI Storage Improved iSCI SAN Support in Win2008 Improved Server Message Block ( SMB v2) New 3 rd gathering parallel framework document support for Windows New Memory Cache Vendors NetworkDirect (RDMA) for MPI Improved Network Configuration Wizard Shared Memory MS-MPI for multi-center MS-MPI incorporated with Windows Event Tracing

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HPC Storage Solutions Greater Sophistication Aggregate (Mb/s/center) IBM – GPFS Panasas – Active Scale HP - PolyServe Ibrix - Fusion Quantum - StorNext SANbolic – Melio record framework Windows Server 2003 Windows Server 2008 … Number of centers in bunch

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High Speed Networking Technologies Cisco Voltaire Qlogic Open Fabrics Myrinet, Infiniband, 10GigE NetEffect Bandwidth Myricom 1Gig Ethernet 100MB Ethernet Availability

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Improved Efficiency for the Systems Admin Simple to setup and oversee in a natural situation Turnkey group arrangements through OEMs Simplify framework and application sending Base pictures, patches, drivers, applications Focus on simplicity of administration Comprehensive diagnostics , investigating and observing Familiar, adaptable and “pivotal” administration interface Equivalent order line support for unattended administration Scale up Scale organization, organization, foundation Head hub failover Cluster use reporting Compute hub separating Better joining with big business administration Patch Management System Center Operations Management PowerShell Windows 2008 high Availability Services

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Parallel Programming Available Now Development and Parallel troubleshooting in Visual Studio 3 rd party Compilers, Debuggers, Runtimes and so forth accessible Emerging Technologies – Parallel Framework LINQ/PLINQ – regular OO dialect for SQL questions in .NET C# Futures – approach to unequivocally make circles parallel For the future: Parallel Computing Initiative (PCI) Triple venture with another building group Focused on basic apparatuses for creating multi-center codes from desktops to bunches

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Release Schedule Technical Preview – Private Release Beta 1 – Publicly Available at this point! Beta 2 – Coincides with Windows Server 2008 RTM – 90 to 120 days after Windows RTM Tech Preview Beta 2 RTM Beta 1 Aug 2007 Nov 2007 Summer 2008 Early 2008

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Resources Microsoft HPC Web website – download Beta 1 Today! http://www.microsoft.com/hpc Windows HPC Community website http://www.windowshpc.net Windows Server x64 data http://www.microsoft.com/x64/Windows Server System data http://www.microsoft.com/windowsserver Get the Facts Web webpage http://www.micro

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