High schoolers on the Digital Fringes .

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Teens on the Digital Fringes. Dr. Lesley S. J. Farmer California State University, Long Beach lfarmer@csulb.edu. Introduction. Quick! Imagine a teen techie! The Digital Divide The library’s role Fostering digital inclusion Starting with teens Technology issues: access and use
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Teenagers on the Digital Fringes Dr. Lesley S. J. Agriculturist California State University, Long Beach lfarmer@csulb.edu

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Introduction Quick! Envision an adolescent nerd! The Digital Divide The library\'s part Fostering advanced consideration Starting with youngsters Technology issues: get to and utilize Getting without hesitation

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Today\'s Teens College Class of 2010: They have dependably possessed the capacity to watch wars and unrests live on TV. Noriega has dependably been in prison in the U.S. What\'s a turn table, a , a 8-track sort, a Beta video? Proficient competitors have dependably contended in the Olympics. There\'s dependably been a screening test for AIDS.

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The Borders in Teens\' Lives Family and school Family and companions (culture, dialect) School structure that blocks taking in Emotions that occupy from learning Expectations contrasts amongst young men and young ladies Worldview about sexuality

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Groups on the Digital Fringes Homeless: hazard sex and medication mishandle Teens of shading: issues of wellbeing, instruction, brevity, diverse standards Immigrants: issues of race, eras National dialect learners Rural and detached/Migrants Gang individuals/Incarcerated/Dropouts: urban, poor, focused, estranged Teenage guardians Girls: male culture, generalizations Teens with physical and mental handicaps: more averse to have employments, leave home, create connections

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Information Poor Don\'t think they can help themselves Behave furtively/misleadingly to ensure what data they have Don\'t go out on a limb Don\'t think individuals outside their class would impart information to them May be fruitful inside their own way of life Technology can enable them and help them interface with different gatherings

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Physical Access to Technology Access: equipment, programming, availability Library get to: separation, year-round, hours, booking, consistency, period of time, remote get to Free Internet versus profound Internet

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Technical Access to Technology What is there to realize? mechanics, assessment How do teenagers learn innovation? messing around, companions, hands-on Instructional issues: inspiration, desires, intuitiveness, decision, assortment, pacing/steps, adaptability Venues for learning: library, group, business coordinated effort

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Intellectual Access to Technology The innovation world Information proficiency Media education Issues: dialect, literary proficiency, setting, significant reason

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Digital Content for Teens Relevant substance Local data Education Language issues: interpretation, non-English destinations, visual signals, important substance/setting Creating content

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Use of Technology by Teens Development of innovation utilize: self-interest>>interaction>>creation Speed knocks: mechanics, instable innovation, no email/talk, $$, time… Independent utilize: email, IM, shop, amusement, training Teen innovation use in schools Teen innovation use in libraries Teen innovation use in groups

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Factors that Foster Teen Use Teen space Internet network (speed!) Useful programming Tolerance of commotion, social perspectives Reasonable standards (and cost) on printing, email/visit, downloading, time on machines Opportunities for volunteering

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Technology and Life after School Jobs/vocation Information proficiency and innovation Communications innovation Programs for professions and innovation College/advanced education Citizenship/legislative issues

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Laying the Groundwork Interacting with youngsters Interacting with groups Action arrange: Identify the gathering of people and helpers Involve partners Develop and convey convincing vision and message Insure enough assets and bolster Follow-through and survey

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And, When in Doubt… . Become acquainted with high schoolers Include them Support them … and ADVOCATE for them!

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