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Higher Urban Edinburgh What I ought to know : Site and circumstance; The CBD – where and what ? Changes in the CBD; Internal City Change – Leith; Make a correlation in the middle of Edinburgh and a urban model; Activity issues and arrangements. Edinburgh's Site Port of Leith (exchange with Europe)
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Higher Urban Edinburgh What I ought to know : Site & circumstance; The CBD – where and what ? Changes in the CBD; Inner City Change – Leith; Make an examination in the middle of Edinburgh and a urban model; Traffic issues and arrangements.

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Edinburgh’s Site Port of Leith (exchange with Europe) Crag and Tail site …defensive. 2 profound troughs toward the North and South (protective). Crevice between Pentland Hills and the Firth of Forth ( exchange and voyagers )

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Edinburgh’s Functions Commercial , lawful and religious focus. Capital city , focus of Government. Worldwide/national banking,insurance & money related focus. Instructive & social focus. Business/retail focus. Universal visitor & gathering focus. Mechanical focus ( albeit declining ).

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Edinburgh’s CBD The old town & the new town. Incorporates the Royal Mile, Princes Street ,Queen Street. To the extent Holyrood Palace.

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Edinburgh’s CBD Shops ...expansive chain stores e.g John Lewis, M & S ( Princes St.) Shopping Malls ....Princes Mall,St.James’s focus. Substantial Banks, insurance agencies.( e.g Standard Life ) Government workplaces e.g Scottish Office , Parliament. Transport stations (St.Andrews Square) Main railroad station ( Waverley) Recreation...pubs (Rose St.),Theatres (Playhouse),cinemas,hotels (Balmoral),eating spots. Selective stores (Harvey Nics) Tourist attractions (mansion, exhibition halls, Dynamic Earth)

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Edinburgh’s CBD Taller structures Lack of open space Most costly land Route focus (streets and rail) Competition for area Most available spot Central in city

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Edinburgh’s CBD

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Edinburgh’s CBD Bus station Main Railway station Several Tourist attractions Tourist data. Network iron road design Many chapels Lack of open space Oldest piece of city

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Scottish Office moved to Leith. Development of bank HQ— RBS to Hermiston Gait and HBOS to Gyle. The Gyle strip mall fabricated, pulling in shops & clients. Bank structures changed over to pubs,restaurants and so on. Secured strip malls : Princes shopping center and St James focus Large extravagant stores assembled e.g Harvey Nics. New film/eating complex assembled. Plans for underground auto parks & enhanced shops in Princes Street. Numerous houses (George St, Queen St. Changed over to workplaces). Development of numerous workplaces out of city. Endeavors to draw in clients at Christmas with reasonable/ice arena/business sector Changes In Edinburgh’s CBD

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Changes in Edinburgh’s CBD Converted bank New silver screen complex German Market Former Scottish Offfice

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Easy get to – M8 & sidestep. New railroad joins – South Gyle and Hermiston/Edinburgh stop Easy stopping, space for extension. Less expensive area. Closeness to air terminal The Gyle & Hermiston Gait

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The Inner City Common internal city components include: Mixed area utilize A high thickness of buildings.limited open space. Much waste area (e.g hole destinations) Old , declining commercial enterprises. Structures of numerous ages & styles. Numerous abandoned structures. Low request shops. A declining populace. A higher than normal unemployment rate. By and large, a lower wage. Most inward urban areas now have urban recovery plans in which structures are being modernised,converted,demolished and replaced,with hole locales being filled.

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INNER CITY - LEITH Britannia Grid iron Scottish official Empty docks Now pads

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Leith ,pre - change Port exchange declined Loss of numerous commercial enterprises, e.g shipbuilding ;manures ;refining. Heaps of neglected area/structures. Numerous sustandard houses. Numerous void buldings. Restricted shopping offices. A declining, and maturing populace. 1960s tower squares

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Recent Developments in Leith Scottish Executive Headquarters (Victoria Quay) New Expensive Flats

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Recent Developments in Leith Real radio station. The Ocean Terminal strip mall. Regal Yacht Britannia. New lodgings. Private Health Club ( First Generation) Large eateries. Huge occasions e.g Tall Ships and MTV honors. Advancement of traveler delivery exchange. ‘Gentrification’ of old Whisky Bonds. Leith Walk – tree planting. Vast stores e.g Tiso .

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Recent Develoments in Leith

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Younger, more wealthy individuals pulled in to Leith. Increment in daytime populace. Pulled in individuals from all over to Leith to invest their recreation energy. Made a princely dock and riverside periphery. HAS IT WORKED ?

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Edinburgh - past papers 2005 a) For a city you have examined, clarify the courses in which its site and circumstance added to its growth. 4 b) Referring to an internal city scene in Glasgow, or in a city you have concentrated on , portray and clarify the progressions which have occurred in late years. 5 2001 “The Central Business District of significant urban areas experiences proceeding with change.” Referring to a city that you have contemplated in the Developed World, clarify the progressions which have occurred in the CBD in the course of recent decades. You ought to allu

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