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Backpacking 101. What you need to know about what to carry, wear and eat when out camping Stay safe – Have fun!. Backpacking 101. Getting outdoors Self-sufficient Great exercise Great fun Explore the world outside See nature and your friends in a different light Stay safe!.
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Exploring 101 What you have to think about what to convey, destroy and eat when outdoors Stay safe – Have fun!

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Backpacking 101 Getting outside Self-adequate Great practice Great fun Explore the world outside See nature and your companions from an alternate perspective Stay safe!

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Planning – before we begin RESOURCES National Camping School, Trek Leader Passport to High Adventure BSA, Venture Backpacking Boy Scout Handbook Guide to Safe Scouting Okpik: Cold Weather Camping Other individuals\' experience!

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Now Start to arrange for Where would we like to go Why (what will we do when we arrive)? What do we have to think about the range? At the point when will we go? What amount of will it cost? Who will we take? Ensure you have the fundamental licenses – from Council and the camp, stop, power you plan to visit. Permit a lot of time! Any High enterprise needs parental consent!

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Fitness What do we expect of our Scouts (and ourselves) on the trail Shakedown climbs Gym sessions Regular Patrol sorted out movement Medical counsel (for strenuous action, high experience, Philmont and so forth.)

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Equipment Clothing Backpack, pack fly Tent Sleeping sack/tangle Mess unit Cook unit Stoves Tools & embellishments

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Clothing, Winter Wear layers, it is less demanding to keep a decent center temperature Avoid cotton/denim, man made textures will keep out the wind and dry rapidly. Fleece is nature\'s protector. Innovative materials are lighter and more productive –at a cost! Beat layer must offer snow, rain and wind security. Ensure head and ears - HAT Chap sticks, cream

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Clothing, Summer Just like winter, layering attire keeps the wearer agreeable and permits quick changes as the day progressed. Wear gaiters or other security against ticks, weeds and prickly plants. Long sleeves and caps and/or sun creams are fundamental for reasonable cleaned trekkers Sun screen and after-sun medications

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Backpack Internal casing From $90.00 External casing From $75.00 How much would you be able to convey Adults 25% body weight Boys 25% body weight

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Camper\'s Load Map take Whistle, plastic sacks Top Compartment Tent, hardware Crew 1 st help unit Ground fabric, Frisbee O/S stash Rain adapt, pack cover, plastic sacks, repair things, Nalgene #2, pincers, compass Cup, bowl, fork, spoon, tissue, KP gear Sneakers, paper towels Flashlight, individual unit, Foot-tape, moleskin Lower Compartment Rope fragments, towel, warm cap & gloves, socks, shirt, shorts, pants, bandanna, creepy crawly netting Sleeping sack and cushion

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Leader\'s Load Map take Whistle, plastic sacks, tune sheets Top Compartment Tent, hardware Crew first guide unit Folding saw, Field guides Campfire material Ground material, Frisbee O/S take Rain outfit, plastic packs, sewing unit, contact focal point, repair things, aquapure, outdoors implies, religious books Nalgene #2, forceps, compass Cups, bowl, fork, spoon, bathroom tissue, KP gear Sneakers, fire-starters, paper towels Flashlight, individual unit, Foot-tape, moleskin, 50\' rope Lower Compartment Pack cover, rope sections, towel, warm cap & gloves, socks, shirt, shorts, pants, bandanna, bug netting Sleeping sack and cushion

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Tent – from around $130 Your troop or team will have tents and they will function admirably for generally events. There are new innovative plans that can spare weight and space however the conventional 2 or 3 man 3 season sort is fine for most occasions Remember – you need to convey it!

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Sleeping sack, tangle Like tents and other apparatus there are little picks up to be profited. I suggest a 20° sack for the winter and, for included warmth cool evenings or utilized alone for summer outdoors, a downy pack liner – from $40 to $$$ Spend as much cash as you can manage the cost of on a tangle, being agreeable is justified, despite all the trouble ($40 gets a decent one)

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Mess unit There is no compelling reason to spend vigorously on wreckage pack, I prescribe (under $10 to purchase) Spoon or spork (cut & fork are discretionary) Plastic bowl or dish (does strong and fluid) Drinking mug (plastic travel mugs are light and will keep temperatures hot or frosty)

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Cooking unit Most troops have aluminum cook packs, they are consummately OK unless you have a major spending plan. You will require (size of group changes) Big for pasta, rice, stews and water Middle measure for veggies and so on Shallow or Fry skillet, apparatuses and spatulas Secure handles for all pots and container Wash cleanser and scourers, & MATCHES!

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Cooking stoves Propane/Butane – from $25.95 Liquid Fuels – from $49.95 There are an extraordinary number of alternatives extending that will address your issues, see a site like www.msrcorp.com or possibly take a gander at www.rei.com or visit your most loved store to get a few thoughts

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Tools, adornments Compass – clear base guide compass $9 Pocket cut ($15.95) v. multi-apparatus ($60.00) LED headlamp ($20.00) v. spotlight ($6.00) Rope, nylon string Matches (waterproof 2 for $3) & arousing Fanny pack ($7.95) extremely convenient on the trail Hydration framework – from $60.00 v. Nalgene bottles – 2 for $16.00

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Scout Leader stuff Songbooks Rope for exercises Cord for running repairs Safety pins Religious material Games, relaxation material Wildlife, birding, tree books

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Food Specialist v. Store Plan the eating routine Enjoy the sustenance Water, water, Water channels Treatment tablets Remember, you need to convey it!

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Food thoughts Powdered drink blend Chocolate Mix Tea Canned meats Cheese of various types Crackers Peanut spread Raisins Soup Mix Chinese noodle soup Power bars Instant Oatmeal Instant Cream of Wheat Rice Pancake blend (no eggs required) Hash cocoa potatoes Granola bars "Cold" Cereal with natural product Cookies Jello NO BAKE Cheesecake blend Graham Cracker covering Many pre-made suppers function admirably Beef does not  ruin immediately Precooked chicken does not ruin Shish-kebab works: meat, onions, tomatoes, chime peppers Flatbread or Pita bread

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1 st Aid Kit At slightest 2 individuals from your team ought to convey an emergency treatment pack. The substance will fluctuate as per your movement yet ought to incorporate the greatest number of as you container of the things recorded on the following page Before you go, Consult & take a duplicate of the 1 st Aid Merit Badge handout

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1 st Aid Kit (recommendation) Tylenol, Advil Steak tenderizer for nibbles Pepto Bismol Di-Gel Ant-corrosive Exlax Throat Lozenges Pins: Safety arranged Plastic Gloves Thermometer Soap Paper & Pencil 1 st Aid Instructions (MB flyer) Lighter Micro-shield for mouth-to-mouth Practice mouth-to-mouth shield Ass. gauzes & cushions, 2x3", 3x3" & others 2 Ace Bandages 2" x 4" 2 Roll Bandages Triangular wrap Alcohol Swabs Tape for swathes Wide tape Scissors Good Tweezers Burns cream Triple anti-microbial Cortaid for nibbles

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Trek Safely Qualified Supervision Keep fit Plan ahead Gear Up Communicate, unmistakably and obviously Monitor conditions Discipline

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Qualified Supervision Leader #1 – min. 21 years old, prepared to comprehend risks,BSA approach & system Leader # 2 – min 18 years old. I suggest no less than three grown-ups for any high enterprise action with least 2 prepared in BSA strategy & system. Pioneer # 1 is in charge of incorporation of min. 1 individual with movement proper 1 st help preparing

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Keep fit It is indispensable that your trekkers ought to be "fit for the action" you are arranging. Consider and arrange a fitting preparing administration for your troop\'s needs. BSA Personal Health & Medical Record Start gradually and fabricate precisely Train with companions – it is more enjoyable!

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Plan ahead This is secured in a wide range of books, flyers and sites all through Scouting in the U.S. what\'s more, around the world, it is critical Local Tour allow – 30 days see National Tour allow – 90 days see never forget to have an option arrange – in the event that something goes wrong!

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Gear Up Get maps, street books & topographics to cover your course Have a troop assessment of ALL hardware to be utilized Demonstrate and prepare as a part of the utilization of new, new hardware Plan & direct no less than one squeeze to guarantee all trekkers are legitimately prepared

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Communicate Publish (email or printed gifts) every one of your arrangements and exercises Keep all gatherings mindful of new improvements or changes in your arrangements Ensure the pioneer has ALL contact points of interest for trekkers Leader ought to convey a mobile phone if there should arise an occurrence of making crisis contact Ensure everybody realizes what is anticipated from them, young people AND grown-ups!

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Monitor Conditions Keep an eye on the climate, streets and so on to ensure you can use sound judgment Avoid perilous/dicey conditions Use your arrangement ahead of time to give the best experience, as securely as could be expected under the circumstances, for your trekkers.

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Discipline Publish your troop arrangements Get ALL members to peruse, concur and sign to troop approach Be strict – play it safe with wellbeing Be reasonable – You won\'t keep regard unless everybody sees your reasonableness Be clear in your guidelines, stay away from any misconception

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Trail teach Set a lead and tail trekker ALWAYS stop at any change, break, alter in course on the trail The pioneer MUST check with the tail trekker BEFORE beginning again – at each stop in the trail Formulate your own particular schedules for what to do if any trekker is isolated, for both trekker and team. Take after BSA approach wherever conceivable.

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All the data and help you need can be found in Scouting and open air exercises distributions however the best wellspring of learning and encourage is to be found among your kindred volunteers, scout pioneers and the scouts themselves. Be readied!

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