Hillsborough Region Wellbeing Office.

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Body Piercing Salons. Drinking Water. Florida Healthy. Examinations ... pool security, clean drinking water, piercings and tattoos, the adjustment of ...
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Hillsborough County Health Department Kyle Brown Archana Murali Brian Lee Ashley Parlpyano Gilande Rousseau Project Leader: Tonja Kendrick

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Environmental Health Services Biomedical waste Body Piercing Salons Drinking Water Florida Healthy Investigations Food Hygiene Group Care Lead Program Migrant Labor Camps Mobile Home/RV Parks Onsite Sewage and Disposal (OSTDS) Swimming pools/Spas Tanning Facilities Complaints Epidemiology Disease Prevention and control Bioterrorism Preparedness Sexually Transmitted Diseases Prevention and Control Testing and Treatment HIV/AIDS Contraception Counseling Family Planning

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Epidemiology and Public Health Surveillance is accountable for checking and examining more than fifty reportable sicknesses or conditions in Hillsborough County. The staff at the division addressed us about their part in the study of disease transmission (e.g.- RN, ARNP, Microbiologists, administrative work, and so on.)

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Epidemiology (Cont.) Epidemiologists attempt to spread mindfulness about the potential threats of specific maladies and in what ways they can be anticipated. They test for concentrated territories of particular illnesses.

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Epidemiology assumes an exceptionally critical part in the field of general wellbeing since it keeps the general population safe from ailment. Illnesses: Hepatitis A, B, and C. Rabies Typhoid Fever Measles, Mumps, and Rubella Anthrax Tetanus Staphylococcus Epidemiology (Cont.)

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Environmental Health Tests were directed for the nature of the pool and spa at the Courtyard Marriot on Fletcher Ave. We tried for the chlorine substance, pH, and chlorine stabilizer (cyanuric corrosive) fixation. The nature of the channels and pumps was additionally checked.

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Environmental Health (Cont.) We found out about how concerns, for example, mineral focus in water and microscopic organisms in well frameworks can influence the general\'s wellbeing. Chlorine is an imperative concoction used to keep a pool alright to swim by executing the microscopic organisms

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Environmental Health (Cont.) Environmental wellbeing concerns everybody!!! This incorporates: pool security, clean drinking water, piercings and tattoos, the revision of wellbeing standard infringement, and so on

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HIV/AIDS-debilitates the insusceptible frameworks and it spreads amid sex or with contaminated needles-there\'s lone treatment-no cure Chlamydia-agony and release amid pee; can prompt sterility or other harm to conceptive organs-can be cured Gonorrhea-spreads amid sex-shows up a couple days after you get it; can bring about sterility – can be cured Syphilis-spreads through any sort of sexual contact; can bring about visual impairment and even passing can be cured Herpes-agonizing episodes of wounds and rankles; spreads through contact even without injuries; can\'t be cured – just treatment HPV-spreads through genital contact; causes warts and dysplasia-can\'t be cured-just treatment STD\'s

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Why Are STD\'s Important? Sexually Transmitted Diseases-genuine general wellbeing issues can bring about genuine harm to regenerative organs and sterility anybody having intercourse is at danger numerous STD\'s don\'t present with prompt indications, so it can spread effortlessly through any sort of sexual action and numerous individuals don\'t know they have it

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Abstinence is best for all cases Types of contraception all together of adequacy: ensure surgical cleansing more prominent than 99% yet does notagainst STDs the patch and the pill are 99% compelling; does not secure against STDs male condom-99% powerful and it secures against some STD\'s Health Care-Specialty Care Clinic gives both HIV and STD administrations for : Little or no cash Anyone more than 12 can be seen Provides drug with or without protection All administrations for patients above 12 are private Birth Control and Health Care

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HIPPA family arranging and high schooler pregnancy Epidemiology-spread of transferable infections Environmental Services-Pool assessments, septic frameworks and drinking water HIV and STD anticipation , insurance and treatment Lessons learned People of all ages or culture can get social insurance administrations Pregnancy and STD can be avoided furthermore it can benefit from outside intervention Immunizations ensure against infections Tests accomplished for security perils pools, septic frameworks , drinking water and so on. Outline

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How would we be able to have any kind of effect? Illuminate companions and companions about safe sex Help keep the spread of transmittable maladies with vaccinations How to keep your open pool safe Inform family and companions about private social insurance benefits No Love Without the Glove!!!

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How would we be able to a distinction in our expert future? Give subsidizing to medicinal services administrations Volunteer at wellbeing fairs to outfit individuals with the information and assets to secure themselves as well as other people against transferable sicknesses

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Acknowledgments We might want to express gratitude toward: Hillsborough County Health Department and its staff Mrs. Ellen Kent PHP Staff

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